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Diaz to fight Corbbrey on June 14

nick-diaz.jpgNick Diaz has officially been added to EliteXC’s June 14 show in Honolulu, Hawaii, according to a recent announcement by The web site has also revealed that Diaz’s opponent for the event will be ShoXC veteran Muhsin Corbbrey.

The two had been scheduled to fight in April on an EliteXC show that had been scheduled for Hawaii, however the card was ultimately canceled and Diaz was moved up to compete on the March 29 undercard for the EliteXC/Strikforce co-promoted event that featured Frank Shamrock and Cung Le in the main event.

Diaz’s opponent was changed from Corbbrey to Korean kickboxing specialist Jae Suk Lim, however, the match never took place after the California State Athletic Commission elected not to license Diaz for the event. According to published reports, CSAC’s position was that Diaz did not fill out all of his necessary medicals in time. Meanwhile, EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw stated otherwise, claiming it was his belief that Diaz was wrongfully prevented from fighting after he indicated on his medicals that he used marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Diaz was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following his upset victory over Takanori Gomi in February of 2007. Despite submitting Gomi with a gogoplata at 1:46 of round 2, NSAC eventually made the decision to declare the fight a no decision on grounds that Diaz’s THC level was too high.

He returned from suspension and made his EliteXC debut last September in Hawaii, where Diaz recorded a split decision over Mike Aina. He fought less than two months later in Corpus Christi, Texas this past November against K.J. Noons in a bout where the vacant EliteXC lightweight title was on the line. Diaz lost the fight after the fight was stopped following the first round when a doctor recommended that he no longer be allowed to continue to fight due to multiple lacerations to his face.

Corbbrey, who trains with both Din Thomas and John Blanken, made his ShoXC debut last July, where he defeated Lee Gibson via unanimous decision. He recorded his second ShoXC victory this past October when he rallied to submit Bobby McMaster with a rear naked choke with just one second remaining in round one.

  • Rich S. says:

    now, i love me some diaz bro’s…
    but what are the odds that a KNOWN POT-HEAD would use marijuana for “medicinal purposes”?

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    STFU Diaz haters. So ridiculous how you morons have a problem with weed. You would rather see some idiot kill five people drinking and driving rather than some guy smoke it in his house after training his ass off. Many people function at a high level chilling out with it so STFU.

    I likely own every f*cking one of you haters (writers mean nothing to me, wannabes mean nothing to me, try a real career with impact) and I used to do it sometimes. If not, explain why my credentials f*cking own yours? Not even close to down yet either, as I just got a call from a man who wants me bad. All you get though punks. You will be sitting on the sidelines while I, and many like me, make a difference in this world

    Anyone who attacks the Diaz brothers are a joke. They are great fighters, not the meathead f*cking losers some of you support who CHEAT by taking roids. You would rather support some f*cking roid head or nobody than a real fighter who just likes to chill out.

    And let me make myself clear, you aren’t sh*t to me or anyone else. If not, drop your f*cking credentials and prove me wrong. My title starts with doctor and I’m about to get another sick one in about four months. You aren’t sh*t to me.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    Rich, AH, and Sergio = OWNED.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i dont know Muhsin Corbbrey, i see he has a professional boxing and muay thai record tho. whats he like? any real threat to nick?
    i really wanna see nick diaz back on form again, im liking the diaz bros

  • Oh, Dr. Jiu-Jitsu Guy… you never cease to amaze me.

    “You would rather see some idiot kill five people drinking and driving rather than some guy smoke it in his house after training his ass off.”

    Actually, I would rather someone drunk NOT drive and kill 5 people. Why would I want that? That’s ridiculous.

    “…as I just got a call from a man who wants me bad. ”


    “And let me make myself clear, you aren’t sh*t to me or anyone else.”

    Then why spend your time making up ridiculous clams like you have a PhD in anything besides jackassery?

    Sigh… anyway, on to the post. Diaz is so talented and at the same time, so stupid. Seriously, guy, lay off the smoke if you want to be a pro fighter.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Nick Diaz is not a meat head. That would imply that there is something inside his head besides smoke.

  • Cobra Kai says:

    Oh and Dr. Jiu-Jitsu Guy. that was the most un-intentionally funny post I have ever read in my life.

    I can’t explain why your credentials own mine because you didn’t say what your credentials are. Except something about being a Dr. and another sick one. I don’t know what that means.

    Good luck with the guy who wants you. I hope that works out for you.

  • HexRei says:

    im not taking any sides in the JJG argument but i dont know what the big deal is with pot. alcohol is at least as bad and no one ever tries to tell a fighter he can’t fight because he got drunk a week before his bout.
    i realize its against regs but no one (armand garcia included) has been able to give a good reason why THC levels low enough that a fighter is probably NOT HIGH during a bout are banned.
    it almost always seems to fall back to “cuz its illegal” (and even garcia has stated this, although medical marijuana is legal in the state of california whose commission he works for), and sadly its only illegal because of a campaign of misinformation and racism back in the early 1900’s.

  • RustyNailz says:

    First off – I love watching the Diaz brothers fight. I think they are both amazing fighters.
    Second of all – Jiu Jitsu guy…it’s guys like you who give us potheads a bad name.

  • kobracom says:

    In regards to Cobra Kai.

    I find it funny what you think of Nick Diaz. The guy is one of the top BJJ fighters for his weight in the world. Who gives a rat’s ass if he smokes. He runs fkn mararthons. He is obviously in good enough shape to be fighting so who cares. I would like to see you try to comprehend the brain power it takes to fight like he does. If he can do it stoned then he is even better than those who don’t smoke and compete. It was just like the canadian who got his olympic metal stripped from him because of THC in his system. When are all you DUMBASSES going to realize it is not a performance enhancing drug?. The Diaz brothers bring it as well as having a lot of heart. They have good submission skills. Nick Diaz should not have got stripped of his win because of THC in his system. I CALL BULLSHIT.

  • Rich S. says:


    in reguards to comment #3… you OBVIOUSLY didn’t see the VERY FIRST SENTENCE in my comment.. which stated: “i love me some diaz bro’s”
    you then go on to imply that i hate the Diaz Brothers… which ALSO implies that you can’t read, and that i find hard to believe for a man with your “crudentials”.

    in reguard to comment #2… Every day you give me more and more reason to believe you’re not a doctor.. i mean, if someone had the “crudentials” that you speak of, they wouldn’t throw them out in every comment they post [childishly].. Plus, didn’t you say something about “testing people for hernias” the other day, without me even mentioning hernias.. i thought that was a LITTLE BIT fishy.. So, on that note, i’ll say that i’m glad i don’t have your “crudentials” because apparently, you fool around with male genetalia for a living [mr. tests people for hernias]..

    in reguard to comment #5,

    in reguard to comment #7,

    “that was the most un-intentionally funny post I have ever read in my life”

    agreed… mr JJG *ahemmm, dr. JJG [my bad], maybe you should stop checking guys for hernias and become a comedian.. you are one funny guy!

    “…as I just got a call from a man who wants me bad.”

    ohhhhhhhhh, no wonder you like your job soooo much.. you fool around with male genetalia in your off time too! i see….

    i have no problem with nick smoking pot.. he just needs to do whatever Nate’s been doing.. because Nate shows up to dominate.. and i can’t say i saw that in Nick’s performances with Aina or Noons… he looked extraordinarily sluggish and out of it in those fights..

    i can’t for Wolfe to check in…

    oh.. and kobracom, could you be the next JJG?? you seem hella agressive/defensive/offensive… and you’re throwing out words like “DUMBASSES”.. idk.. i’ll have to hear something wild about your “crudentials” or brilliant bjj skills before i consider you a candidate..

  • Diaz has a legal right to smoke. He has followed the proper channels to secure a medical card. This SHOULD matter. He is not fighting the commission to be able to fight high. This is just something he disclosed on his medicals. He was not even afforded a test prior to being removed from his last fight. I’m 100% positive that many other fighters would come up with pain killers and the like in their bodies, that are legally prescribed. If he has a legal right to smoke, why should it not be considered the same weight as a prescription pain killer or anti inflammatory. Or even an anti-depressant. Someone should be checking to see what Mac Danzig has in his system besides soy milk cause I bet he is (at least should be) on Lithium.

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  • GassedOut says:

    DR. Jiu Jitsu Guy owes me a new shirt. I laughed up coffee through my nose, man!

    On the topic of medical marijuana…look, if the guy provided his card, there shouldn’t be a hassle. I’ve never smoked the stuff, but I don’t have a problem with those who use recreational or actual pharmaceutical maryjane.

  • Shaun says:

    Nick Diaz is without a doubt is a tough & talented gracie jui-jitsu fighter. also very tall for welterweight as well. i think he’s just too inconsistent. his two previous fights at elite xc I was unimpressed with his performance. but if you watch him at his A game against robbie lawler or takanori gomi he has great ability stand up and ground. it just depends on which diaz comes to the fight. personally i think his brother nate will have more success than nick.


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