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Report: Spencer Fisher vs. Jeremy Stephens at TUF 7 Finale

MMA Junkie  is reporting that a lightweight match-up between Spencer Fisher and Jeremy Stephens has been confirmed for The Ultimate Fighter 7’s season finale on June 21st.

Fisher (20-4) comes to this fight after pulling out of a fight with Marcus Aurelio at UFC Fight Night 13 due to injury. His last actual fight was at UFC 78 where he suffered a unanimous decision loss to Frankie Edgar. In that fight Fisher was unable to defend Edgar’s takedowns and spent the majority of the fight on his back. If everything goes as expected, Fisher shouldn’t have to worry about working off his back against Stephens, who is very much stand-up oriented.

Stephens (13-2) also comes to this fight after pulling out of a previously scheduled match-up. Stephens had agreed to face Terry Etim on the undercard of the upcoming, UFC 84  but had to pull out due to a “minor legal situation”. Stephens differs to Fisher in that the last time he stepped inside the caged walls of the UFC Octagon, he tasted victory. He impressively dispatched TUF 5’s Cole Miller via a 2nd round TKO earlier this year.

This fight is the 5th “non-TUF” fight to be scheduled for the TUF 7 finale which is in stark contrast to last year’s TUF 6 Finale which, except for the main event and Jonathan Goulet, was entirely made up of fighters that participated in that season of the Ultimate Fighter.

The event will be headlined by a welterweight clash between Diego Sanchez and Luigi Fioravanti. Other bouts on the card include, Drew McFedries vs. Marvin Eastman, Evan Tanner vs. Kendall Grove and Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett.

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  • NickRE says:

    Not sure how I feel about all these non-TUF fights on the card. One side of me thinks this is freaking sweet with all of these awesome fights on free TV. It’s like a PPV minus the main event but with $55 (HD) bucks in my pocket. The other side thinks that this sucks for the guys on the show that dont make it to the finals. They receieve no money for being on the show but they usually get $8000 to show and $8000 to win at the finale. Now maybe a few will get that on the untelevised portion but other than that some guys just blew a couple months of their life for no coin. I guess TUF has become an all risk no reward event unless you make it to the finals.

  • Kelvin says:

    Fisher/Stephens is a great addition to that card IMO.

  • Kelvin says:

    “Now maybe a few will get that on the untelevised portion but other than that some guys just blew a couple months of their life for no coin. I guess TUF has become an all risk no reward event unless you make it to the finals.”

    I disagree…

    #1. It’s up to them whether they make it to the finals or not
    #2. They get ALL TYPES OF EXPOSURE from being on that tv show

  • NickRE says:

    I understand what your saying but think of the guys living fight to fight selling their car and stuff to be on the show. In two months time they were probably fighting 2-3 times and getting paid. Now after two months they get nothing. Plus the UFC is making money off of the show as is Spike so why shouldn’t the fighters get some money too. Do you know any sitcom actors that dont get paid? As for the exposure I agree that the oppertunity for exposure and bigger pay days outweighs what you would make in 2 small shows but what if these guys have to quit training and get other jobs when the shows over to make ends meet? Then they never get to cash in on the exposure. Its a weird situation it just seems to me like everyone is making money except the stars of the show other than the two finalist. Not saying its right or its wrong it was just nice to see them get some money on the finale to be able to keep training. Maybe I am wrong and maybe I am in the minority here but it seems to me like the fighters are getting short changed in this deal.

  • Kelvin says:

    NickRE…in the past the fighter’s HAVE gotten paid for finishing their fights on the show(whether that’s happening now I don’t know). However, the bottom line is..the UFC isn’t telling these guys to quit their jobs or sell their cars etc etc. It’s the sacrifice they are willing to make and I applaud them.

  • Jeremy says:

    Definitely alot of good fights being put on the card, but I am definitely surprised by all the non-TUF fights so far. I do hope they allow the other guys to fight on the show, there are plenty of guys that I would like to see fight.

  • NickRE says:

    Guess i forgot about the pay for finishing fights, assuming they still do that this year. Also maybe I am just being to nice this morning. Screw the whole deal, I get to see better fights and its free I’m going to shut the hell up.


    TUF Winner- C.B. Dollaway

  • Kelvin says:

    [email protected] NickRE…that’s the spirit!!

  • BJ says:

    Both of these guys are going to put on a good show. Jeremy is one of my boys – IA born and street raised. His dedication to MMA will show in the ring without forgetting his respect, where he came from, family and GOD. Regardless this fight is a great addition and they will most definitely bang!!

  • phyteguru says:

    I have confirmed that Jeremy and Spencer has made the main card and likely will be the opening bout of the night.

  • Jason says:

    Finally Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens is getting the respect and exposure he deserves! This will be a great fight and a huge, career changing win for Stephens.

  • Adam says:

    Looking forward to the comeout of Jeremy Stephens, when he shows Spencer Fisher whats up, Another fighter that would be nice to see is Chris “Mad Dog” Mickle, who has beat Stephens

  • Jason says:

    Yes, I concede that Chris Mickle beat Stephens…once. But if you happened to see the re-match, the one where Stephens totally dismantled Mickle, you can easily see why Jeremy is fighting on the main card at a major UFC event and Mickle is still trotting around small shows in the midwest.

  • BJ says:

    I would have to agree, not only that but i know both of them. Mickle is an odd character, and is not at the caliber of Stephens. Look for my company’s logo on Stephens shorts. Go Des Moines, IA and even more go Jeremy, show them what we are about.

  • jason villalobos says:

    I also sponsor lil heathen. can’t wait to see the fight. Unfortunatly I can’t make it. In Dallas for business but will definitely be watching. Should be a stand up war similar to fisher vs stout. I like our fighters strength and heavy hands but spencers hands are also heavy. If Jeremy defends the submissions of Spencer, I like his chances. I own Warren County Chiropractic look for the logo as well. Good luck Jeremy and god bless.


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