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George St. Pierre responds to Pete Sell

UFC interim welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre recently spent some time with Jose Rodriguez of the Winnipeg Sun to conduct an interview.

During the interview, Rodriguez asked St. Pierre not only about his verbal falling out last year with current UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra, his opponent this coming Saturday in Montreal at UFC 83, but also his response to Pete Sell’s claim that St. Pierre is a “mental midget.”

Q: After the last Serra fight you two had a falling-out and Serra called you a headcase. He said you respectfully took the loss, then made excuses weeks later about not taking Serra seriously and not being 100%. What is the state of relations with your opponent?

A: He has said what he has said. It’s too late to do anything about that now. I’m not mad at him. I’m going to fight with my heart and that’s how I do best. I think the last fight I had against Matt Serra made me grow up a lot. I had a lot of obstacles in my life. People have no idea what I went through before the Serra fight. A lot of things happened that I want to keep private because for me, as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, I have a public life and I accept that people talk about me. But there are people in my family and my entourage involved with what was happening at that time and I have to respect their private life. Someone close died, but it’s not only that, a lot of things happened at that time. It would not be right for me to talk about it, even though it would justify a lot of things. I can say I will never let things that happen to me in my personal life get inside my head.

Q: One of Serra’s proteges, Pete Sell, recently called you a mental midget and said “GSP is the type of guy that if they were in a bar, GSP would back down from a fight while Serra is down for whatever.” What are your thoughts on that?

A: Of course I’m not going to fight in a club. It’s just not my thing. If it doesn’t involve me personally or my family, I will avoid it. I believe if you’re a good person and treat people nicely, that incident wouldn’t arise. I think those situations happen to people who are uncomfortable with themselves. Or try to look tough or act like fighters. You attract what you look like. I don’t have anything to prove. When I fight, I do it for a living.

St. Pierre sounds like he’s in the right frame of mind. Then again, he always says the right things.

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

  • Evan says:

    What I find odd is how many people have made issue with him seeing a shrink. Sports Psychology is a big business.

  • Gabber says:

    Man, I find it hilarious a guy like Drago can call someone a mental midget. C’mon, this is Drago here “Uhhh, urrr, uhhhh, Go Matt…”

    The guy is a fringe fighter at best. At what point was this dude a huge mental force that just wreaks havoc on the 185lb division?

  • BadMonkey says:

    Bottom line: I can’t wait for Sat. nite!! This is going to be a hell of a rematch.

  • Wang Chung says:

    2 things:

    1-drago is by any standard a dim guy, and the fact he hasn’t done squat in mma compared with georges and the fact he’s looking to drop down in weight because he sucks at his own weight class is an irony that he obviously missed.

    2-this whole thing about st. pierre’s mind is so far gone and blown out of proportion it’s retarded. his explanations seem legit and to me would justify a terrible performance for any fighter, let alone civilian wannabe, that isn’t a robot. he sees a sports psychologist because he’s dedicated to becoming even better than he already is, yet armchair douchebags can sit back and bitch and moan about it(while they themselves have likely done nothing to achieve a goal). he fucked up, had some personal issues, and combined with the fact EVERYBODY thought he’d smoke serra, he crumpled. seems like a perfectly normal scenario to me. his comments leading up to it are canned answers from a young guy still figuring out his star status, so what, is he gonna say he had a shit camp and people close to him were passing away and seriously sick? he hasn’t crumpled against mayhem, trigg, sherk, and he sure didn’t crumple against penn. then he came back under main event status and torched his greatest competition and the so called greatest WW ever. the record just doesn’t equate to a guy with a serious mental problem, people are just looking for any chink in the armor of what’s unarguably one of the best guys to grace the sport.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Ever notice how the top tier fighters also seem comparatively intelligent? Franklin, Liddell, Hughes, Henderson and GSP are examples. Serra is a motormouth, but he’s no dummy, either.

  • Wang Chung says:

    ps-i really like serra alot, i think he’s hilarious and he’s obviously a badass. that said, every objective angle i look at in this fight he’s going to get completely worked. on the surface his big right hand should be fairly easy to see coming and circle away from, and on the ground, if it goes there, georges sub defense has proved to be good enough that bj penn couldn’t really do jack. from all the press and industry rumblings, it sounds like st. pierre is insanely focused and prepped for this fight, and as we’ve seen in the past, he has a habit of making badass fighters look like school children at their strengths. that sniggling bit of doubt serra planted from the first fight is certainly worth exploring, but honestly i just think it’s extremely unlikely this time around that he’ll be much competition. i expect serra will come out like fireball in the first couple of minutes of the fight, but once georges times him and gets into his riddum, it’s all over but the tears.

  • Mike C. says:

    I remember a Chuck Liddell interview where he was asked if he ever gets challenged while out drinking. He said it happens but he won’t take them up on it and just buys them a beer to calm them down. Does this make Liddell a mental midget also?

    Pete Sell is an ass.

  • Chuck says:

    I think GSP is the man … HOWEVER … he(we) can not “erase” the memory of getting KTFO !
    Yes, GSP has dominated EVERYONE … but you must admit that he will be cautious of SERRA and, imho, this fight could be a repeat of the first, SERRA is very confident, AGAIN, like the first fight, and SERRA just may have GSP’s number.
    Best of Luck to BOTH fighters …. can’t wait for the “rubber” match (tipping my hand at who will win this one)

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    I respect GSP as a fighter. Just seems odd how he says he doesn’t want to talk about what was going on his his life, yet he then talks about it and refers to someone passing away. Sounds like a guy saying he does not want to make excuses, then makes a bunch of excuses. Also, I have heard plenty of stories of people going all out to remember a person who died, so for him to make excuses seems inconsistent with many pro athletes who dig deep when that stuff happens.

    Needless to say I want Serra to win. I like GSP as a fighter, but I want Jiu-Jitsu to own a good MMA guy. Hopefully it goes to the ground so we can see some good stuff.

  • glock says:

    GSP has grown immensely and deserves all the accolades he gets. He was tentative in his 1st loss to Hughes but everyone could see that #2 would be different. And it was. I just watched #3 the other night and had forgotten just how dominant he was over Hughes.
    He’s an animal and will dominate Serra too. Do you remember how he tossed hughes aroung? How about Koschek?? That being said, it’s MMA and an errant blow could find it’s way in, but I think you’re gonna see GSP to the 2nd power this time.
    No one is gonna wanna be Matt Serra on Saturday night.
    I also happen to like Serra but GSP has always been my pick to win it all. He’s a freak-
    a smart freak at that… and my top PFP, too.

  • Nick says:

    “Needless to say I want Serra to win. I like GSP as a fighter, but I want Jiu-Jitsu to own a good MMA guy. ”

    You seriously think Serra has better Jiu-jitsu? GSP will dominate the fight no matter where it is.

  • “Also, I have heard plenty of stories of people going all out to remember a person who died, so for him to make excuses seems inconsistent with many pro athletes who dig deep when that stuff happens.”

    So GSP’s behavior is inconsistent with other athletes he has no relation to?

    Dude, seriously, stop acting like it’s still 1995 and BJJ is the end-all be-all and make some freaking sense whenever you post.

  • Mike Wolfe says:


    Now that’s the kind of post that earned you the “arch enemy” status with JJG. I gotta step up my game.

  • AH says:

    “Needless to say I want Serra to win. I like GSP as a fighter, but I want Jiu-Jitsu to own a good MMA guy. Hopefully it goes to the ground so we can see some good stuff.”
    So GSPs Brown Belt in BJJ means nothing? Good MMA guy?? GSP is one of the top pound for pound fighters.

    JJG please pull your 2 stripe white belt out of you ass.

  • =TaeKwon= says:

    [email protected] 2 stripe….good posts guys…George will win this fight. and he will dominate.

  • =TaeKwon= says:

    Ohhh…and being french trying hard to speak english…its hard to get your point accross in another language he clearly struggles with at times…go george go, I’ll be your tutor buddy!!!

  • Wow!

    Mike, just as soon as you place the crown of JJG Arch Enemy upon my head, AH ransacks my kingdom and takes his place at my throne.

    So I’ve been watching The Tudors, so what?

  • AH says:

    no way man. i just got lucky….. lucky that JJG posted another idiotic comment.

  • mike wolfe says:

    I’m not worthy.


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