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Photos from YAMMA Pit (pics)

Pictures taken ringside at YAMMA Pit Fighting, 4/11/08, Atlantic City NJ.
(click thumbnails for large image)

yamma-pit.jpg yamma-5.jpg yamma-3.jpg yamma-2.jpg yamma-6.jpg yamma-4.jpg yamma-7.jpg

Pics by freelance photog Andrew Gehman

Check out Results and Commentary for YAMMA here.

  • Jay says:

    3 words: Scott Ferrall Sucks!

  • Adam Miller says:

    As a ringside spectator at YAMMA (yes, I got free tickets), I can tell you this…it was not one for the record books. It was a spectacle, nothing more.

    Any of the fighters there would’ve been owned in any other league, as they were giving thier backs numerous times and amazingly not choked out. Butterbean’s hailed appearance was just that…an appearance. He thre some really sloppy haymakers, hoping to connect, fell to the ground and got wailed on by Pat Smith (which is shame b/c the big guy was pretty beloved by the crowd). In fact, my only real highlight was watching Oleg Taktarov, one of my favorites from the original UFC days, win with a knee bar.

    Other than that, one 5:00 minute round is hardly considered a fight, and I didn’t see a single fighter gain an advantage by using the two foot “orange ramp” (I don’t know what else to call it). In fact, you hardly saw anything at all…as soon as the fighters hit the mat, the whole crowd had to turn to the big screens to see what was happening. Overall, it was fun, but I wasn’t impressed…thumbs down for YAMMA.

  • Jay says:

    I watched it for free (thank God) and would watch it it again (for free) in the future.


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