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5 Oz. of Pain on Analyzing the free agency landscape in MMA

five2.jpgMy latest article for, entitled, “MMA Musical Chairs,” is now available for viewing.

With so much upheaval within the MMA scene, I decided to give my thoughts on whom I perceive to be the biggest free agents (or soon-to-be free agents) in the sport.

To find out who is on the list and where I think they will end up, just click here.

  • AG Silver says:

    I came across this article on before it was posted here and I must say… KUDOS to you, Sam.

    Nice summary of what can be a confusing situation for casual fans. Almost all the fighters you mentioned are names casual fans drop very easily. I wonder if some fake hardcore MMA fans can cover up some of the glaring errors in their “knowledgeable” statements by simply reading this article…??… Food for thought

  • Fight Fan says:

    Its a shame everyones not a free agent or non exclusive. Then fighters would have more control and superfights and official rankings could happen.
    But it looks like we are cursed to have the best 4 or 5 fighters in 4 or 5 different organisations.
    If some of these fighters are looking for a smaller venue, my backyard is available, about the right size and the clothes line is removable, it could also add an interesting obsticle.
    Fedor vs Barnett in a clothes line match sounds good. Tickets are free and it’s BYO. So you better both start training with a clothes line boys.
    Dreams are free…but fighter contracts are not.


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