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10 things learned from YAMMA Pit Fighting


If you didn’t watch the inaugural YAMMA Pit Fighting then God has smiled upon you this day.

It was seriously terrible. There was a novelty value for all of about 10 minutes but once it wore off you found yourself watching some very sloppy and very unexciting MMA, with terrible, terrible commentary.

The show was a train wreck which I couldn’t take my eyes off. But in all great disasters there are lessons learned, so it is without any further waffle I provide, 10 things learned from YAMMA Pit Fighting.

10. John Peretti should not be a commentator.

If you remember back to the early UFC’s, John Peretti was the UFC matchmaker and would frequently be in the commentary box and would provide little to no insight. Nothing much has changed. Peretti’s commentary would consist of either saying Sherman Pendergarst was “built like a sprinter” (the relevance of that I have no idea) or he would either make disparaging remarks about the fighters appearance or what they were doing. The guy basically spewed negativity and showcased basically no knowledge of the sport. If YAMMA continues beyond this event, they seriously need to ditch Peretti. Beck and Blatnik are OK for nostalgic purposes but they really need a fighter in the booth to give at least some sort of insight. Let me narrow that down, a fighter who isn’t Ron Waterman. Was anyone else like “WTF?” when he just showed up randomly?

9. Butterbean should stick to boxing.

There’s that small part of me I try to hide that loves the “freakshow” aspect of MMA. That small part of me most likely got me to watch this event and it also keeps me interested in the career of Eric “Butterbean” Esch. However after tonight I can safely say I never want to watch Butterbean in an MMA arena ever again. His fight with Patrick Smith was just mean. There was something about watching Butterbean stuck on his back like a turtle, unable to get up while Smith just wailed on him that made me feel uneasy. Butterbean should either go back to boxing where he doesn’t have to worry about that aspect or just hang up the gloves.

8. Scott Ferrall is… just no.

Some of you will probably disagree with me and say that ring announcer Scott Ferrall was the best thing about the whole show and for the first 10 minutes of listening to him croak out the verbal diarrhoea he calls announcing I would have agreed with you. For that 10 minutes I was laughing along with the rest of you while shaking my head at the absurdity of it all but then after having to sit through the fights and then struggle to make out the clutter of words he was moaning I was pretty much over Scott Ferrall. The novelty had worn off and when he labelled the YAMMA heavyweight belt as the “big strap on” I was pretty much begging for a large hook to come in from off screen and pull him out of view. The only time I will ever watch anything starring Scott Ferrall again is if it is a deathmatch between he and Rich “G Man” Goins.

7. Ricco Rodriguez looked bad.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Ricco’s. I’m not a fan of the way he acts or carries himself but tonight I kind of felt sorry for him. The guy used to be the UFC heavyweight champion but now he finds himself fighting in this… thing. If he had won the thing there would have been some dignity in that but to go out in the second round after being laid on for five minutes was just sad. Add to that the fact he looked really out of shape and really slow and you have a very depressing concoction.

6. Mark Kerr looked worse.

Mark Kerr used to be the most feared MMA fighter in the world. Mark Kerr used to be a physical specimen. But as John Peretti so bluntly pointed out during Kerr’s walk in, “he didn’t use to look like that.” Gone are the days of the muscular frame and the ferocious ground and pound. They have been replaced my the lumbering shell of a former fighter. Congratulations to Taktarov for getting the knee bar submission victory, but really what else did Kerr have to watch out for?

5. Heavyweights probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

I know heavyweights are the marquee attraction in combat sports. The reason for this being that when you get huge, athletic and skilled guys fighting each other the stakes and scale seem so much more grander because the blows taken and received are so much more powerful. However heavyweight fights only work if the competitors are huge, athletic and skilled. Unfortunately there is a shortage of heavyweight fighters in this world who meet all the criteria. YAMMA didn’t have any of those fighters in their tournament and as a result we received a night of slow and sloppy action.

4. One five minute round is not enough time to determine the winner of a fight.

There was absolutely no closure in any of the fights in the first two rounds of the tournament (except for Sherman Pendergarst, forearm choke? WTF?!). I found it pretty hilarious in a sad kind of way that YAMMA was created on the premise that it was going to eliminate the wrestling/stalling tactics but in the end six out of the seven tournament fights ended in some form of lay and pray with the one five minute rounds in the opening stages of a tournament a major factor.

3. There is no place for 8 man tournaments in the modern day of MMA.

If YAMMA had their way I think we would have seen three 5 minute rounds for every fight in the tournament. However this isn’t the mid-90s. MMA now has to go through various athletic commissions that won’t allow fighters to fight more than 25 minutes each night. YAMMA worked with what they were given but you can’t work three fights into the 25 minute window without losing the spectacle. The audience just feels cheated when a fighter gets to proceed in a tournament after laying on a fighter for 5 minutes. There isn’t enough time for the fighters to work and in the end, the legitimacy of the title given to the eventual winner is tainted. MMA has moved on.

2. The Trump Taj Mahal was way too big for the YAMMA.

I don’t know what Bob Meyrowitz was expecting crowd-wise but he seemed to have pretty high hopes when he booked the Trump Taj Mahal. At the weigh-in on Thursday, Meyrowitz was expecting 1,000 people to show up… no one did. reporter, Josh Gross described it as, “depressing”. There was a crowd at yesterday’s event but I think they basically filled up the first few rows and were made up mostly of Ricco Rodriguez’s immediate family. The venue was lighted in such a way that you couldn’t see past the few rows but when the camera panned up and you got a flash of the rest of the seating in the building, you saw that the arena was pretty much empty.

1. The YAMMA Pit does more harm than good.

Finally, number one on the list of things learned from the inaugural YAMMA Pit Fighting event. The pit was designed in order to negate stall tactics by wrestlers. I believe that’s why the cast of fighters were predominantly wrestlers to try and prove this point. That may have been the theory but that is not how things played out. The “height advantage” the fighter was meant to gain from standing on the raised part of the pit was completely non existant. The raised part of the pit only aided the wrestler in being able to achieve a double leg much easier. Countless times, the bigger, stronger fighter pushed his opponent to the raised part of the pit and simply scored the easy double leg takedown. For a show that was claiming they had eradicated “lay and pray” with their new revolutionary surface, they had more decision wins from that very method than I had ever seen in any other MMA show. Also I can’t imagine what it would have been like for the 5 or so people that attended who were on ground level and could only see the head of the fighter laying on top of his opponent due to the raised sides of the pit. The YAMMA Pit and the whole event in general basically proves that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

That’s all from me. I hope to never hear from the YAMMA again unless its their dismal live gate and PPV numbers.

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  • Fight Fan says:

    “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.
    People should try new things because wresters(or anyone) negating offence from an opponent by pushing them against a cage sux.
    Randy coture himself said that it’s a lot easier to take people down with a cage and having watched Pride(a roped ring) its obviously true. That would be the main reason Randy would rather fight Fedor in the cage, to negate his offence by pushing him against the cage, take Fedor down and once their hold him against the cage to stop Fedor from reversing or submitting him.
    So MMA isn’t broken but what is wrong with trying to improve it by getting rid of a glitch in the system, the cage tactics. Because without that cage a lot of todays big name “fighters” would be pretty average.

  • Johnwall says:

    I have to agree with #1. I think it is so easy for “mma journalists”, as Josh Gross likes to say (and he calls himself one), that things “suck” after the fact. That is also the way many impatient mma fans are. It is a really shortsighted, narrow view of the world. I think Meyrowitz probably thought he had “let the UFC go”, so to speak, so he missed out on making money…he probably thought he could step in now to actually “ride it out”…the problem is that just because an idea worked for someone else in the past, does not necessarily mean a new idea will work in the future…maybe Meyrowitz thought he had something good here, and had planned everything out…or maybe he just wanted to trick the investors who paid for his spectacle…who can really speculate…but at least he tried something, even if “it didn’t work” in many “arm-chair quarterbacks” eyes…which brings me to another point, which is that “mma journalists” sometimes bug the hell out of me by speaking about fighters and fights as though they know more than fighters themselves…if you are standing back and watching, you never get as real an experience as the person actually doing the activity…so I think “mma journalists” need to lay off some of the things they say about fighters and fights…or step in the ring or cage themselves and then see how much they want to “spout their mouth”.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Firstly i want to state i don’t consider myself a journalist. To be a journalist i’d need to get paid, so I’m just an MMA blogger.

    I’m tired of the whole, you have to be a fighter to talk about fighting excuse. You come to FiveOuncesOfPain for MMA news and opinion. In my opinion the show stank and the new fighting surface didn’t work.

    Whatever Meyrowitz intentions were is irrelevant. I’m just writing what I saw from my perspective and as I have the means to post it on a blog I’ll post it.

    Feel free to state your opinion, it promotes discussion which I’m all for. I’m just stating my thoughts on the whole matter.

  • Soooo Johnwall, by that logic, journalists who give editorials abour the war in Iraq have to have seen combat to give an opinion on it?

    You don’t have to have fought to have knowledge about a sport and give comments or opinions on it.
    Just like you don’t have to be a field goal kicker in order to say one of them choked etc etc…

  • Fight Fan says:

    Its a shame if it dosn’t work.
    I guess I just miss Pride FC which, for me, had far better fights(and better rules) and I think part of the reason for this was there was no cage, more seperations and so, more fighting.
    I thought that just maybe this YAMMA would be some sort of a happy medium between Pride and UFC and would somehow catch on.

  • “I thought that just maybe this YAMMA would be some sort of a happy medium between Pride and UFC and would somehow catch on.”

    No offense meant at all but… really?!?

    You didn’t see this for the trainwreck it ended up being the second it was announced?

    I mean, I’ve held out hope for the near-impossible before (a wobbly and stunned GSP somehow turning things around at UFC 69, Silva slapping a triangle on Arona at Final Conflict ’05 with seconds to spare, randomly meeting Jessica Alba at an IHOP and running off to Vegas with her) but YAMMA reeked of disappointment and failure from day one.

  • Clint Koelling says:

    Thoughts on your List:

    10) Perretti = HORRIBLE, Definitly get rid of him…

    9) Bean = Agreed, But go with K-1 actually (Hangs well there, good names for him to fight – Hunt, Hong man, Sefo, Mo, etc)…

    8) I was the opposite, 1st 10 minutes I was kinda upset this was our YAMMA announcer, but after awhile (and a couple Bongs) We were ALL Laughing our ass off, and he kinda grew on us… SO, I’ll take him…

    7) & 6) Kerr & Ricco = Yes, they looked Bad… Felt Very Bad for them… They were Both Awesome back in 1999/2000, BUT its 2008… I think with the right people/trainers/gym in thier lives, they may be able to get back into fighting shape (Ricco has a better shot though)…

    5) Heavyweights do Suck, if you kind them at your local Krispy Kreme donut shop… I actually thought Bob thought OF this and went out and Found some BAD ASS Houston Alexander looking Dudes to make it exciting, Guess he didnt…

    4) TOTALLY Agree… 5 minutes is WAY to Short…

    3) Athletic Commissions Suck (Boxing can have 12 3 minute rounds (36 minutes, but not MMA?)… I Liked the Tourney Idea, seeing guysfight 3 times gets you to know them like Oleg, Ruas, Frye and others were Created…

    2) Venue was TOO Big…

    1) Still not sure about pit! Gets some decent fighters in there and it may be cool… Like when 1 of the guys sprawled with his feet at the top of the Slant, that was awesome…

    ***POSITIVES (Come on Caplan, you can find some)***

    1) Something diffent than the UFC and its Gladiator music at the begining…

    2) Pat Smith = Stand up looked Great against Bean… We Thought Bean would get a KO… And He didnt go down cause Pat took him down, he was OUTSTRUCK… BEST fight of the night… (was distubing to see bean just get pounded like that on ground, but what could Pat do, let up and chance the KO?)…

    3) Taktarov = Looked like he used to, gave me the Nostalgia Feeling…

    4) LAUGHS = From the Annoncer, to Gary Busey’s Illegitamate Bastard Son going to the Finals (we called him Busey all night), to My buddy saying “We’ve got Bush” when George was out there (Revenge of the Nerds Movie?) to Perretti saying “He gets in his Gaurd, and he Leaves”…

    5) I have Actually felt worse or Had a worse taste in my mouth after some UFC PPV’s… So, I have Score this event a 5 out of 10 (Pat Smith is one of my Favs, so that probably bumped it up from a 3)… And I was Looking Very Foward to this Event, Unlike UFC83… Curious about Serra/GSP, but thats it… Not paying $50 for that or Driving 1Hr & 1/2 to Friends to see for Free… Will I buy YAMMA2 in June for $35 = Depending on Masters Fight = YES…

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    lol god damn it , I’m not Sam Caplan.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Yes, #7 and to others, Sam Cupitt and I would really appreciate it if more people started paying attention to the listed author at the top of each article. While we have the same first name and our last name begins with the same initial, all confusion can be avoided by merely looking at the top of each article. Thanks.

  • Clint Koelling says:

    People probably werent all that impressed with UFC1 at the time (Royce just Boringly Choking out Gerard in Finals had to be Anti-Climatic)…

    1st EliteXC was LAME (Dragon Head Entance, Golderg Announcer, and He’s STILL there)…

    I want to see what this YAMMA midleweight Tourney is like… They may be able to balls out for those Short rounds & Yamma ring may come more into Play… PLUS: I heard Bob on a radio show being asked if Royce, Ken, Tank, Hackney, Ruas and a few others would be fighting, and he said we are talking to all the names mentioned…

  • Clint Koelling says:

    My Bad Caplan… Come on Cupid, I mean Cupitt, Where are the Positives, it Can’t be ALL Negative…

  • Clint Koelling says:

    Since you guys (Caplan & Cupid) are on here, what do you think about my post? Ppositives and Such… You guys have ANY for this Yamma Event?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I didn’t see it, so I can’t comment about the negatives or positives.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Positives: Good to see a Taktarov kneebar and at the start me and my brother pissing ourselves laughing when Ferrall became inaudible and then kinda yelled “electic chair”. Other than that… I’m struggling.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I seriously found the show inherently depressing for some reason.

  • Gong says:

    I gotta agree with Cupitt here. While watching the show last night my friend and I just couldn’t stop laughing and shaking our heads at the ridiculousness of it all. There was actually a point where we couldn’t pay attention to the show anymore and just talked about how it’d be hilarious to just change the Yamma pit surface thing into a cone. Screw the ‘incline.’

    Oh, and the amount of times we talked about shooting Ferrall in the throat was just… man.

  • Evan says:

    “If you didn’t watch the inaugural YAMMA Pit Fighting then God has smiled upon you this day.”

    hahahaha…indeed. And I have tried so hard to get into Ferrall on SIRIUS and the dude sucks just as bad their as he did last night.

  • okay… so the Yamma… more like SNORMA… I was falling asleep through the entire thing.

    I wish someone would have punched the ring announcer in the throat. What a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE EVENT!

    I think me fighting my wife would have been a better fight to watch.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Fennen’s wife by divorce.

  • TerribleT says:

    This was a complete joke and a mockery of MMA in general. I didn’t see one
    fighter that was in decent fighting shape. It looked like a battle of beer bellies throwing haymakers at one another after polishing off a couple of kegs! it was embarrassing for the sport of MMA and hopefully it will be the last YAMMA SHIT FIGHTING that we ever have to see again!!!!!!!

  • Brandon says:

    I would like to thank the author of this hilarious top ten list.

    I unfortunately watched this disaster but as like a few others it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth. I laughed probably ten times as much as I do when watching a Will Ferrell movie.

    Everything was a complete disaster and for the guy who said he would put down money for a Yamma 2 over GSP/Serra pay per view must be smoking rocks with the ring announcer.

    At least everyone scored a free t shirt regardless if they ordered the PPV or watched the Stream…

  • Matt D. says:

    My $.02

    10. By saying that Waterman showed up randomly you make it sound like he wasn’t an alternate.

    9. Butterbean weighed in at 40 pounds over his normal weight. I don’t know how big a difference there is between 380 and 420 pounds, but that might have contributed to his turtling problem.

    7. I am tempted to feel bad for Rodriguez, but every time those feelings begin to strike me I am reminded of his fight against Ben Rothwell where he spent half of the fight SPITTING on Rothwell! That kind of behavior is unforgivable.

    5. I agree completely that heavyweights was a problem. A tournament of this nature filled with overweight fighters was not the way to go.

    3. No place in MMA? That’s a very ethnocentric way to look at it. Just because the majority of U.S. athletic commissions won’t allow 1 day 3 round tournaments, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist.

    1. I agree the pit was ridiculously stupid. If they ever have another event (YPF 2, time for the middleweights baby!) they are going to have to do some major tweaking of the ring. I don’t think there is anyway they can go to the normal flat caged ring after hyping the YAMMA surface so much, but they are going to have to do something major.

  • JEFF THE DRUNK says:

    Here’s a quote from Jesse Holland’s blog over at MMAMANIA :
    “It will be interesting to see what the pay-per-view numbers are, and how that will affect the future of the organization. For now, we got a chance to see the new fighting platform and some decent fights.”
    I can’t believe that YAMMA would hire Ferrall to be ring announcer if they want to be taken seriously, he was trashing the event on his show all week. i think he even said that the only people that would be in the arena would be the fighters friends & family. thankfully, i had yankees/sox & devils/rangers to watch so i didn’t order this freak show.
    i am sorry i missed ferrall calling the HW belt “the big strap on”, i almost spit my coffee out when i read that- shshshshake it up

  • Rob says:

    Hey Fightfan, I’m sick of people pining for the glory days of Pride. Move on babies. I miss the days of Bird v Magic but its not going to happen. You probably watched Pride on Foxsportsnet or the internet and only saw the great fights. There were some stinkers in Pride. The reality is between UFC, Strikeforce, Elite XC, WEC,HDNet etc., we have the best fighters in the world going at it. It might take a while to shake off the bad promotions (Yamma) but a great system will inevitably emerge.

  • Rich S. says:

    i STILL think it’s hilarious that they designed “THE PIT” to eliminate the ground game/clinch work against the fence/boringness >>>>[which i think is completely ridiculous, i mean, if you don’t like the fights that get up on the cage, don’t watch the damn sport, same for if you only want to see a KO. The sport is MMA and you can’t just start taking certain aspects out of it. Eliminating cage-work is like taking the jab out of boxing.. it ruins different parts of a fighter’s gameplan]>>>> and more than half of the fights ended up in decisions..

    GREAT JOB YAMMA… not..
    oh, and until i saw that “yamma pit video” the other day.. i didn’t know that it [yamma] was actually a word.. i figured it stood for something.. like… Y(…) A(…) Mixed Martial Arts…YAMMA..
    idk.. just a side note..

  • Rich S. says:

    ok, i just saw the fights, and i have to say… DAMN! KERR WAS FAT! and so was BUTTERBEAN.. man, he’s getting unhealthy fat now.. like.. as if he wasn’t big enough… he’s officially TOO BIG… and although that fight was borderline garbage.. i have to say Pat Smith looked nice.. good foot work and head movement.. i wouldn’t mind seeing him mix up the HW division in a different organization… and the Taktarov fight.. was pretty lame as well.. he actually got knocked silly by Kerr at one point.. and.. there was a takedown around the beginning.. that a 150-year-old lady could’ve snuffed..

    in conclusion, BUTTERBEAN leg kicks = the slowest/most hilarious thing i’ve ever seen!

  • i dont agree with #7 on hunt. mark hunt needs to fight mma right now . mark could easily beat some of top notch heavyweights in every org.mark was actually getting better progressivley with each match.

  • Ryder Die says:

    i guess i basically agree with the author of this article. basically the Yamma gets maybe one more show and then it fades away for good. if it wants to make an impact for the next show a great deal of work needs to be done. i agree with all the opinions he shared.

  • Fight Fan says:

    #25 Rich S said “i STILL think it’s hilarious that they designed “THE PIT” to eliminate the ground game/clinch work against the fence/boringness >>>>[which i think is completely ridiculous, i mean, if you don’t like the fights that get up on the cage, don’t watch the damn sport”
    Its not all in a cage Rich! (Pride, Dream, Bodog, King of Rings, Pancrase, Shooto, IFL, all have used roped rings). Although since UFC killed Pride most of the good fighters are in the UFC or cage.
    Sports and rules have always changed to prevent spoiling or lop-sided tactics, and lets face it that is what cage tactics are most of the time, preventing an opponent, sprawling, reversing or attacking you. Besides look how much the rules have changed in the last 10 years.
    ” Eliminating cage-work is like taking the jab out of boxing”?? WHAT!!! no taking the jab from MMA is like taking the jab from boxing. Lol
    I just think flowing fighting is better than pushing and holding against the cage. Just like in all other sports I like attacking positive play, not stalling, boring and lop-sided negative tactics.
    I’ll always watch MMA but I will never like that sort of fighting or the fighters that do it constantly or rely on it for victory.
    All though YAMMA seems like it was a failure that dosn’t mean it is not a step in the right direction. What would of happened if Chuck vs Wanderlei or Randy vs Josh Barnett or any other top fighter had trained to fight in the YAMMA?. Would it still suck?…no it wouldn’t.

  • Rich S. says:

    i mentioned the cage because that’s what they were talking about in the YAMMA video.. they talked about how fighters get pinned in the corner.. or held against the cage.. that’s why i didn’t mention rings..

    “no taking the jab from MMA is like taking the jab from boxing. Lol”

    LOL.. i figured i’d get a comment like that..

  • Ryan M says:

    Ok, I’m w/ Sam and Sam. As Journalist, who “luckily” gets paid :) I knew this was a horrible idea and that’s all I’m saying. And you don’t have to fight in MMA to critique it or train in it. Although I personally have fought and trained. Only trained BJJ though–it’s a sport. I don’t play football so I can’t say Mike Vick sucks, or Brett Favre is a douche? Come on meow. Bye, bye YAMMA. Too bad.

  • THORAZINE says:

    Didn’t see the fight, but thanks for all the commentarty guys, I might get the next one! I guess that means Kerr is off the heroin.

  • Ronin says:

    Have to disagree with you Sam on “There is no place for 8 man tournaments in the modern day of MMA”
    I always loved the tourney format.
    Pride did a good job and Dream is continuing this tradition which I believe worked well just not in one night, it should be over a couple of PPV’s like Pride did.

    Agree on everything else.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    I love a tournament as much as the next human but a sanctioned tournament is just rather poo. I should have clarified it to 8 Man tournaments have no place in sanctioned MMA.

    There are too many restrictions put in place which stop the tournaments from being… good.

  • Ronin says:

    Agreed, I guess we will just leave the tourney thing to the Japanese..

  • Frank says:

    Not many people like the Yamma show i can see, I watched it enjoyed the show.
    I would like to defend it a little bit.
    The handful of top fighters is the main problem with this show, they banked on fast fights with only 5 min rounds.But the fighters seen a easy way to get into the 2nd round via 1 takedown.

    10. John Peretti was talking about Alexys Oleinik not Sherman Pendergarst, with the sprinter comments.It wasnt relevant to anything really, but if i can sit thru Joe Rogan random comments about Eddie Bravo Nipple rings i can live with this.His negativity showed the level of fighters on this show and lack of shape they were in, was dead on.You may be a journalist , but he(Peretti) has been apart of this sport almost since the start.Ive listened almost all his fights he has called, he does show a little biases towards strikers, but he does know this sport.

    9. Butterbean should stick to boxing or retire.

    8. Scott Ferrall was funny for a few mins, but he wasnt a bright spot for me.

    7-6 Both Kerr and Ricco, need to get in shape or let it go, and promoters need to stop hiring these guys to get a fast paycheck.I dont see anything wrong with fighters getting a payday , but you could tell they didnt train much going into the fights.

    5. 100% agreed

    4. 100% agreed

    3. I do want the 8 man tournaments back all the time.I dont think its a good idea for the masters or vets to compete.But for the lesser known guys you could be known overnight in a tournament.

    2. 100% agreed

    1. YAMMA Pit is a good idea in my opinion.I noticed that the incline helps with action alot, the lack of in shape fighters made this hard to notice.
    In the Wuif/Tuscherer fight , i could see them holding each other on the fence for half the time.The incline helps you get the takedown(which adds action), you can go alot lower ad pull legs from underneath.And it helps you get up off your back after being taken down(more action), i think it will require more events to show more people this.The heavyweights was a bad choice to showcase this pit, i hope the middleweights can show what this PIT was meant to do to the fights,keep it on a equal playing field,and provide more action.

    I like all forms of MMA . I hope Yamma can stay alive for a few more shows.They need to improve alot of things .
    I dont think the production was looked at until the day of the event, it was 2nd rate at best.

  • Ryan says:

    I want the 8 main tourney back.

  • Adam Miller says:

    As a ringside spectator at YAMMA (yes, I got free tickets), I can tell you this…it was not one for the record books. It was a spectacle, nothing more.

    Any of the fighters there would’ve been owned in any other league, as they were giving thier backs numerous times and amazingly not choked out. Butterbean’s hailed appearance was just that…an appearance. He thre some really sloppy haymakers, hoping to connect, fell to the ground and got wailed on by Pat Smith (which is shame b/c the big guy was pretty beloved by the crowd). In fact, my only real highlight was watching Oleg Taktarov, one of my favorites from the original UFC days, win with a knee bar.

    Other than that, one 5:00 minute round is hardly considered a fight, and I didn’t see a single fighter gain an advantage by using the two foot “orange ramp” (I don’t know what else to call it). In fact, you hardly saw anything at all…as soon as the fighters hit the mat, the whole crowd had to turn to the big screens to see what was happening. Overall, it was fun, but I wasn’t impressed…thumbs down for YAMMA.

  • MPA says:

    You guys are a bunch of whiners. Yamma looks no different than when the owner produced the first UFC shows. Since does any new Organization start off with great anything.

    You people are spoiled. Like I said the UFC was originally owned by this guy before the US tried to ban the UFC for its tournies. Now he is back to reclaim what is his.

    This is what happens when a bunch of yahoos jump on the MMA bandwagon, but don’t have a clear history of how the sport began. So Yamma’s first show s*cked. So did UFC’s first show.

    One only need look at the first UFC show when Bill “Superfoot” Wallace couldn’t pronounce names correctly and even call them by the wrong fighter’s name.
    None of the fighters at that time were well known, and many were older guys who were former martial movie stars or kickboxing or some other champion back in the 1980s.

    As for attendance, the UFC could hardly fill the seats back then also.

    Now look at the UFC. It went from crap, to what every organization wants to be. If it wasn’t for the current producer of Yamma, who owned the UFC at that time, there wouldn’t be a UFC, WEC, PRIDE, EliteXC etc.

    So stop hating and at least support the guy who made everything you are seeing, including this website and others like it possible.

    My god you people can be some of the most ungrateful f*cks I have ever seen.


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