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(Video) Bill O’Reilly questions MMA on CBS

Thanks to the gang at, I was finally able to see what the big hub-bub was in regards to Bill O’Reilly’s anti-MMA comments made on his nightly show, the “O’Reilly Factor.”

What he had to say wasn’t pretty but I don’t think his comments will have a positive or negative impact. I’m sure his core group of viewers support his viewpoint but are those the same viewers that would watch MMA anyway?

You can watch the video below but you’ll need to forward to the 2:15 mark as much of the segment is focused on discussing the biggest bust in network TV news history, Katie Couric.

Watch the video and then chime in with your thoughts about the following question: is negative press surrounding EliteXC’s deal with CBS good for the company?

I tend to think negative attention could help in this case because it’s not only going to get the word out, but it’s going to get people curious. A lot of people are going to tune in expecting a horror show. While they will see it’s a brutal sport, they will also see that it is not as bad as what they had envisioned.

At the end of the day though, the question as to whether MMA is viable on network TV won’t be answered by Bill O’Reilly. It will be answered by the number of people who tune in to watch the show on Saturday, May 31 at 9 p.m. ET. If a lot of people tune in, it we’ll see more MMA on primetime national TV. If not enough tune in, then it’ll be restricted to basic cable, premium cable, and pay-per-view.

If MMA doesn’t make it on national TV, it won’t be the worst thing in the world because the sport isn’t going anywhere like it did in 1997. It’s still going to be around and it will still be compelling. I still want to see it thrive on national television though and the reason is because of the fighters. They make so many sacrifices in their life to reach their full potential and put themselves at great risk every time they fight. I’d like to see the guys who get paid thousands of dollars per fight to start getting tens of thousands; I’d like to see the guys who get tends of thousands to start getting hundreds of thousands; and I’d like to see the guys getting hundreds of thousands start getting millions.

I think the only way we’re going to see the fighters start getting more for their efforts is if the sport continues to grow, and there might not be a better way to grow the sport than on network television.

  • Jesse Denis says:


  • Huckaby says:

    I didn’t know barbarity was a word. That’s my thing learned for the day.

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Same, tired, boilerplate mainstream piece about MMA. -yawn-

  • woooburn says:

    adam apparently can’t handle THE NO SPIN ZONE!!!!

    i dont think many people take this guy seriously, and if they do, i dont value their opinion anyway. he’ll move on to something else tomorrow, and unless the first cbs show results in some freak accident in the cage, i doubt we’ll hear too much more on it. probably just eating up airtime til the PA primary.

  • Patrick says:


  • Derek B. says:

    These guys don’t understand MMA like us hardcore fans do. I don’t watch MMA in hopes of something being killed…I watch it because it’s a very technical sport and I respect the sport and the people who are involved with it.

  • *sigh* Will Billy ‘O ever give up?

  • cyph says:

    Take two people who agrees with you on everything, put them on a show with only one point of view, and voila: a fair and balanced news reporting!

  • Davey D says:

    I’ve tried to watch O’ Reilly show a couple of times and he is just downright arrogant. He never let’s people say their piece when he disagree’s with them. Someone can’t have an opinion and explain themselves without his interuption. He just cuts them off and says they’ll be off his show if he can’t say what he wants, when he wants and/or how he wants.

  • Rich B says:

    #7 and #8:
    you just described Olbermann’s show.

  • Jay K. says:

    Adam M. hit the nail on the head.

    These people collectively suck. My first thought was “what do these old bitties know about MMA?”

    It’s kinda like askin’ the elderly about their myspace blog.

    It don’t make sense.

  • Ian says:

    Basic bloviations from ignorant blow-hards. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Goldberg upsets me most though, since he’s also a reporter for HBO’s Real Sports. MMA not for you? Fine. However, don’t wax poetic on a dead man’s perspective. There’s absolutey 0 journalistic integrity in doing so, and quite frankly is beyond amateurish.

    Need someone to help me out with Sam’s email. Thanks.

  • Rln says:

    I find it pretty naive to think that his comments won’t have any impact. It could very easily polarize his viewing audience into starting a campaign to have MMA removed from CBS. Just look at what happened when a few thousand people petitioned to get Jericho back on TV. I don’t think it’s unrealistic that if enough people of the same mentality put a significant amount of pressure on CBS and their sponsors, they would pull the programming. Greasy wheel and all….

    I wonder how well it’ll go over when he finds out that Kimbo and his porn entourage are CBS’ new MMA stars??

  • Fujin says:

    So douchebags don’t watch MMA? (O’Reilly’s core audience)

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Rich B.

    They’re both insufferably arrogant, but Olbermann is different from O’Reilly because Olbermann’s a complete smart ass and has a fraction of O’Reilly’s audience.

  • Pleau says:

    Notice that the majority of the negative press about MMA is coming from the major networks that aren’t yet covering the sport. They do this simply for the purpose of taking away viewership from networks that do: NBC and CBS.

    Why would FOX news dedicate an entire segment to talking about another network in CBS, and ragging on them about their lacking quality in television. There’s more irony here than I can stand. I’m gonna go be brutal, barbaric, and gouging….

  • Ronin says:

    Olbermann is the man..
    Olbermann has had Pat Buchanan on his show and let him speak without cutting him off and even thanked him for coming on the show.
    We all know rating equal greatness take American Idol the highest rated show on TV and who can say that show sucks?
    Maybe if he was more of an ass his rating be higher.
    I guess Bill has the monopoly in that area.

  • el feo says:

    how ironic that O’Dumbshit criticizes MMA, when his ridiculous network does a segment covering it called “Fight Game”.

  • bubbafat says:

    Funny, how O’Reilly and his puppets talk about lowered standards. I give him alot of credit for doing away with fair, objective and impartial newscasting.

  • mike wolfe says:

    O’Reilly makes his living by being perpetually outraged. If he wasn’t pissed off by something every night, I don’t think he’d have a show for very long. MMA was just one more subject for him to pontificate about. He won’t get much attention for talking about it, so he’ll move along to something else.

  • wolfmoon103100 says:

    Billo dosen’t know his head from his ass. Boxing has 2 guys hitting eachother in the head for 12 rounds. They suffer a mutch higher rate of brain damage than MMA. Billo’s demo is old white people. Olbermans is the key demo.


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