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5 Oz. of Pain’s MMA Prospects 2.0


After some time away, ( is back the version 2.0 of its MMA Prospects section in order to kick off our new partnership with Extreme Fighter Magazine.

The goal of this section is to highlight and chronicle new talent in mixed martial arts so that casual and hardcore fans can have an idea of what to expect from the future of the sport. Additionally, we want to increase the recognition of the prospects we’ve chosen for the relaunch of this section so that you will be more familiar with these fighters when you hear their names announced on upcoming fight cards.

Our definition of a prospect is simple: a fighter who is currently flying under that we strongly feel will develop into a superstar in the near future.

There’s plenty of good young talent that we monitor on a constant basis and we intend to update this area frequently. If you don’t see a fighter’s name on this list that you feel belongs, instead of crucifying us, please educate us by sending us a kindly-worded message about why you feel a certain fighter belongs. It would help if you included video links so that we could take a look for ourselves at the fighter.

Without further ado, here is the Five Ounces of Pain MMA Prospects Section 2.0.


  • Derek B. says:

    Sam why not put Kirill Sidelnikov on that list?

  • Andrej says:

    How about you add some Canadian content? TJ Grant, and I’m sure there are guys in MFC, HFC and TKO that could be on the list.

    Yes you have done a awesome job but they are mostly all american fighters with no international talent except for a couple of Brazilians. Still great list but I think your reaching on Eric Roberts alittle bit by putting him on a list like this. great job!

  • Joseph says:

    You are forgetting about Roger Gracie in WVR.
    You can’t have Jacare as a prospect without Roger.
    He is probably one of the biggest prospects for the HW.

    Also, Marcello Garcia is another great prospect in DREAM.

  • Reaser says:

    How are most of these guys prospects? What real MMA fan doesn’t know Jacare???

    I guess its subjective as to what you think a prospect is, personally people that I’ve seen fight multiple times, or the guys in UFC, or people that EVERY MMA fan already knows aren’t exactly prospects but I guess its my opinion.

    I was hoping to see guys from the various local shows or smaller promotions across the world, like above, MFC, HFC, Ax Fighting Championsip here in Washington State, and of course most states (also countries) have their own local promotions. THOSE are prospects to me, not guys that are already in the UFC or guys that are already fighting on top professional promotoins across the world.

    Oh well, the list isn’t aimed towards people like me, guess the prospect list is for people who don’t watch MMA or only watch UFC, EliteXC or DREAM, etc…

    Good job though on creating a one stop shop to read about “lesser known” fighters in the top promotions…

  • Ronin says:

    I guess it never hurts to partner up with other entities, but aren’t most combat magazines irrelevant in today market?

    You can read get more online in one day than what’s in a whole magazine and you not paying 8 bucks for a magazine that will probably be outdated when it hits the stands.

  • Reaser says:

    That makes sense Ronin in todays day and age…Its cool though for the 5 oz. staff to be featured in the magazine but really all I want is a TRUE prospects list, ha…


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