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Report: Kimbo vs. Thompson to be officially announced later this week

kimbo-vs-tank-03.jpg Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson’s opponent for EliteXC’s first show on CBS on May 31 will be officially announced by week’s end,’s Mike Chiapetta is reporting.

According to the report, the opponent set to be announced is none other than former PRIDE veteran James “Colossus” Thompson.

It was reported by ( following the combined EliteXC & Strikeforce show on March 29 that Thompson was in fact the leading candidate to face Slice after an attempt to finalize Ron Waterman as an opponent was unsuccessful.

Slice, 2-0, last fought on in February during EliteXC’s “Street Certified” show in Miami, Florida. During the card’s main event, Slice recorded a first round knockout victory over MMA pioneer Tank Abbott.

Thompson also fought on the same card, but lost to heavyweight prospect Brett Rogers after being knocked out at 2:24 into round 1.

Thompson, who trains out of Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, is 14-8 lifetime and holds notable career victories over Don Frye, Hidehiko Yoshida, and Dan Severn.

The debut CBS show, which is set to emanate from the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., will also feature Robbie Lawler defending his EliteXC middleweight title vs. Scott Smith, Gina Carano facing Kaitlin Young in a women’s MMA fight, and Phil Baroni taking on Murilo “Ninja” Rua.

  • Rln says:

    Kimbo fighting a 4th rate striker with a glass jaw. How titillating.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    better than ron fucking waterman

  • NoRegrets says:

    Who cares about Kimbo Slice the guy is a nobody in the world of mma and is getting more hype then veterans of the sport.I agree with Chuck Liddell on this one.Anybody can make videos of themselves going around and beating guys up on the street and put them online.When Kimbo actually beats a top ranked fighter I will give him some respect.

  • NoRegrets says:

    Who gives a shit about Kimbo Slice?The guy is a nobody in the mma world but a freak show.The guy gets more hype then veteran mma fighters who have 100 times more talent.I must agree with Chuck Liddell that anyone can make videos of them self going around and beating guys up on the street.When he beats a top 10 fighter I might at that point give this freak show some respect.

  • Rich S. says:

    thompson is the absolute worst opponent they could give kimbo..
    extremely weak chin vs. devistating power..
    are you serious??
    the only reason they did that is so the “fans” will get to see a “cool” KO..
    but, it was a bad decision and match-making at its worse..
    i can understand them building up Kimbo.. but, do they have to make it sooo blatently obvious??

    “Robbie Lawler defending his EliteXC middleweight title vs. Scott Smith, Gina Carano facing Kaitlin Young in a women’s MMA fight, and Phil Baroni taking on Murilo “Ninja” Rua”

    sounds like an amazing card..
    lawler and rua will pick up wins.. at least.. they should..

  • ttt says:

    go Collosus!

  • Fight Fan says:

    #4 NoRegrets I hear ya.
    Kimbo’s still not fighting grapplers eh, why?.
    Not ready?… then he’s not worthy.

  • xx2000xx says:

    Kimbo/Lensar chose this profession in the past 2 years. They aren’t young and couldn’t start at the age of 18.

    So fuck them, for wanting to join a sport they love and watched for the past 10 years?

    So they start it up, with the best trainers in the world, but people hate them? Bash the promoters, both of them are taking this seriously and aren’t like the fighters in Yamma and aren’t just here for the pay day. They are serious about training and for that, lay the fuck off of them.

  • Fight Fan says:

    Not hating Kimbo, hating the fact that he’s the main event of a sport he hasn’t proven himself in. Thats all.
    Would you bring a new team into the NFL, not have them play good teams and have them play teams that were shit ten years ago(Tank), or shit now(Thomson) without even…anyway you know what I’m getting at.
    P.S. put him against Lesnar if he wins I’ll give him respect.
    Oh my bad that would be a COMPETITIVE fight.
    All credit to Lesnar fighting Frank Merr, boo Kimbo for figting chumps.

  • Fight Fan says:

    You would have got to see that they’re feeding him easy wins wouldn’t you and you can’t think thats good thing can you?.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Kimbo is 2-0, cut the dude some slack. EliteXC is trying to build up the brand. To do that you need stars. Kimbo is a ready made star even though what he was made famous for is not the image MMA wants it doesnt really matter because if you like it or not Kimbo is an MMA fighter.

    Is it a good thing that Kimbo is fighting James Thompson instead of say… Antonio Silva? Yes. They are giving Kimbo some easier guys to give him some experience and you can’t exactly say they are wrong for doing it because the guy is only 2-0 and EliteXC is trying to build a brand.

    I understand there are people out there that want to see him tested because they think he is undeserving and whatever but there is nothing wrong for EliteXC to milk Kimbo for what his worth while giving the guy experience. The only people who are losing in this situation are the guys who think Kimbo is bad for the sport.

    The point about Brock Lesnar taking a risk straight away and fighting Mir while Kimbo is fighting chumps is stupid. The UFC already has an established brand and fanbase so they don’t really have a need to “baby” Lesnar while paying him a shitload. So they were able to throw Lesnar into deep water quickly. If Lesnar was fighting for EliteXC he’d be headlining the CBS card against Jonathan Wiezorek.

    The only qualms i have with Kimbo vs. Thompson headlining the CBS card is basically that, it’s the headline. This fight will probably go all of 30 seconds and wouldnt provide too much of a spectacle for the new audience. I would much rather this fight be the co-main event with Lawler and Smith headlining.

  • Zantetzuken says:


  • NoRegrets says:

    Hell id rather see Gina Caranos fine ass in the main event

  • lesner is a bitch he wouldent stand a chance against kimbo

  • NoRegrets says:

    R u kidding me of course lesnar wouldnt stand a chance on his feet with Kimbo but as soon as lesnar got him to the ground he would expose Kimbo for the bitch he is and destroy elite xc’s golden boy

  • Fight Fan says:

    Sam don’t you think that this is bad for MMA?.
    They’re making it a farce.
    They are trading the idea of earning greatness for telling everyone he’s great ,it’s just hype and marketing.
    I feel like the golden years of MMA are gone and the Don Kings of MMA are here.
    I don’t care about Kimbo because he just earning a buck but I do care when the sport I loooooooooooove sells out.
    Kimbo is 2 and 0 so why oh why is he main event?…Hype and marketing, not because he deserves it. That is the problem.
    Build an MMA organisation on established MMA fighters like Pride (RIP) please.
    P.S. Pride FC I’ll always love you.xxoo

  • Fight Fan says:

    I can’t beleive that you think giving Kimbo easy fights is good for MMA.
    Its the end of MMA sam, its no longer legit can’t you see that.
    “Building a brand” yeah a fake one!.
    Kimbo is an MMA fighter?. Stepping in the ring facing chumps who don’t grapple does NOT make you an MMA fighter.
    Grappling is a big part of it Sam, lets see him grapple.

  • revjames13 says:

    Kimbo hits pretty hard. If he can develop a decent sprawl and some GnP he could be a threat. Something tells me he can take a punch. Wouldn’t have him fight anyone too for real for awhile, but he can beat an Eddie Sanchez, a Cabbage, or some such established guy probably right around now. In the next year, he might be a challenge to a Tim Silvia type who likes to bang. Noguiera/Mir types will be his kryptonite. I wouldn’t write him off too until he proves otherwise. He strikes me as a potentially good athlete. Working with Bas doesn’t hurt. Let’s see what happens.

  • Billdo says:

    As soon as he fights someone, the UFC will sign him. Then everyone can see who’s right. Silvia, Nog, or even Lesnar would kill Kimbo right now. I’d rather see Kimbo vs. Kongo, Cro Cop or maybe Arlovski. He could pull off one of those. UFC Heavyweight division sucks. It’s only a matter of time before Kimbo is fighting in the octagon.

  • kimbo fan says:

    kimbo just TKOd thompson. it was a tough fight for kimbo, but he did prove his ground defense. good job kimbo! one area kimbo still needs work in is conditioning, he was all out of breath and could barely talk in the end. if he wouldnt have knocked thompson out, he could have lost by split decision. (from getting takin down)

    everybody is entitled to a chance, even black homeless guys fresh off the streets. hes still a noob so stop makin’ senseless comments about how top tier fighters would kill him. we all know kimbo has alot to learn, he even said it in tonights fight.

  • Sonny says:

    Kimbo Slice’s appeal is his street brawling. He was the first to do it, and did it well. By design? I don’t know, but with all the fights online these days, Kimbo’s stood out. That’s the hype of Kimbo. I’ve seen all of Kimbo’s fights since they first hit the internet. Most of the guys he’s fought were either oversized way outta shape, or just too small to stay with the big guy and just not very good at fighting. He did however fight 1 guy, Chico, who was in excellent physical condition, knew how to fight, and gave Kimbo a run for his money. Elite is simply trying to play up Kimbo’s phenomanal internet success, all the while trying to groom him for MMA. Feeding him over the hill, or scared opponants is the smartest thing they can do with him. He’s *not* MMA material yet. But give him 2 more years and a few more ‘low end’ fighters, and he’ll be ready for the better fighters. I’m absolutely stunned that so many of you here are wanting to put him in the cage with the best!?!? You just don’t do that. Lesnar lost just for that reason. Pro heavy weight boxers don’t start their careers fighting the likes of Lennox do they?? Give him time.


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