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Listen to 5 Oz. of Pain on MMA Rated Radio

bigfist.jpg I had the pleasure of joining editor-in-chief Ariel Helwani as a guest on MMA Rated Radio earlier this week.

Ariel and I touched on various hot button topics that currently pertain to the sport of mixed martial arts, including:

  • Is there any reason to watch YAMMA?
  • What is YAMMA’s plan for the future?
  • Was the Suganuma-Hamman ShoXC fight stopped too soon?
  • Marveling at the beauty that was Baszler-Tamai
  • EliteXC’s identity crisis
  • What does the IFL need to do to get noticed?
  • Will they survive 2008?
  • Where will Fedor fight next?
  • Is there any chance of him ever signing with the UFC?

You can here what I had to say by clicking here.

  • Jeremy says:

    Nice show Sam. You and Ariel covered a lot of things quickly, which is good. I used to listen to radio all the time but it’s become harder with their long shows and more of them too. Nice to see a quick interview that covers a lot of topics.


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