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Roy Jones Jr. responds to Silva situation

And sounds very complimentary, according to the New York Daily News….

Jones said he was told that White stopped the match because he didn’t want to embarrass the UFC if Jones were to KO Silva in the first round of a boxing match.

“I don’t see how it could discredit the UFC,” Jones said. “The guy has boxed before and he’s a tall, slick, left handed fighter. That gives everybody problems. It would be a good fight. As fighters we’re supposed to be trying to do things that amaze people and make history. This could have been something that people really wanted to see.

“I just think it’s wrong not to allow him (Silva) to get the opportunity to live out his fantasy to be in the ring with one of his heroes. That’s the kind of thing that boxing promoters usually do.”

All things considered that’s a very polite sound bite considering what he could have said about being called out and Dana White pulling the plug. He finished on a high note in regards to Silva:

“If I had a high school wrestling background, I’d be willing to try that stuff (mixed martial arts),” Jones said. “But I’m lost on the ground.”

“He’s got a lot of heart and I have nothing but respect for him for wanting to take on the best in boxing.”

This was a lot of class shown by Roy Jones Jr. as we all know he could have went in the complete opposite direction if he had so chosen. Just think if the situations were flipped. I liked the confidence of Anderson Silva, the kind words of Roy Jones Jr., and in the end the fantastic decision by Dana White. We can now all put this to bed thankful that it didn’t go where we were hoping it would not.

  • Evan says:

    I’m glad this didn’t happen. I just want to see MMA involved with MMA.

  • BJJDenver says:

    Good move by Dana and well spoken statement from Jones.

    Note to Silva: Be careful what you ask for, RJJ would have destroyed you in a boxing match.

  • cwc says:

    MMA rules now. If Roy wants to step in the cage, so be it. He will be paid.

  • Evan says:

    I would like to see RJJ at the next UFC PPV as a little positive PR move. Simply have him sit in the front row waving sitting next to Anderson..mention the possible matchup was talked about and squashed.

    I think this would show how the UFC isn’t threatened by Boxing and so forth…people can be a fan of both.

  • Jim says:

    Very classy by Jones. He impresses me more and more each time I read about him.

    I have to say, though, I’m glad this fight didn’t happen. I don’t think that Silva would get KOed in the first round or anything, but rather I believe he’d lose by DQ. I can easily picture him getting hit hard by Jones in a later round, the two clinching, and then — purely by instinct — Silva slams Jones with a nasty elbow that drops Jones and cuts him wide open. Silva would be apologetic, Jones would probably understand about a fighter’s instinct and all, but it would still generate a ton of “rule-less UFC and MMA fighters” stories about MMA, centering more on how the early years and vale tudo goes than anything we’re truly fans of now. Bad press indeed.

  • woooburn says:

    any idea how many fights are left on silva’s contract with the ufc? if he continues to dominate, and the ufc doesnt put up other high profile champs/contenders to face him (rampage, gsp, etc), i wouldn’t be surprised at all, if he takes a leave from mma, and makes the fight with jones happen. even if he gets his a$$ handed to him, he’d still make a ton of cash.

    not saying i think it’s a good idea, at all. but i wouldn’t discredit the guy for trying something different. he just wants to have interesting fights… not be some poster child for mma, and have to worry about tarnishing it’s image or whatever other stigma people have attached to this.

  • TD says:

    “We can now all put this to bed thankful that it didn’t go where we were hoping it would not.”

    Were we hoping that? I guess that’s just 5oz because I know that I, and most of my friends, were hoping it would

  • Dkit says:

    how about Roy Jones vs. Silva in the octagon with a gentlemans agreement to only box each other? Aside from smaller gloves they would still get to see who has the best hands which is what Silva wants anyway. It won’t happen but just felt like throwing it out there

  • Beef says:

    #8 The weight of the gloves would make a huge, impact on the force behind the punches.

    #6 Look up the UFC’s Champion Clause…

  • woooburn says:

    thanks. i wasnt aware that that was the cause for the bj legal wranglings. i figured he bailed on his contract or something. either way, doesnt seem like that whole situation worked out in the ufc’s favor. plus, i wasnt saying silva would abandon mma and the ufc entirely, but would like i said “take a leave” once his fight contract runs out, and come back at a later time. but whatever, it’s all semantics at this point. just throwing my opinion out there.

  • Jye says:

    #8 I thought about that one as well, I think it’s the only logical way for this thing to happen as Dana can’t have any objection to it. I don’t know why so many people have an objection to this fight……. Why not see where Silva’s hands are compared with that of a true champion boxer, I really don’t think he’d do that bad.

    For me this fight is way more interesting than Silva v Okami. The only other fights that I think make sense for him is vs GSP ( However he’s tied up with Serra and then Kos) or vs Hughes ( That’s just a personal choice, I know most people don’t agree but I think it’s a better fight then okami)

  • Jye says:

    Sorry I meant Fitch not Kos, my bad

  • sarco says:

    Wow, Jones is a real class act.

  • what pisses me off is the tards that keep bringing up what if jones fought in the cage. read it, soak it in, silva wants to box jones in his sport, have ya ever heard of other sports like boxing, one of the mixed martial arts that make mma so popular. jones showed a lot of class and i think it will be returned back the same. or i hope it is, please dana and anderson dont fuck this one up. if it did happen, my prediction, ref stoppage fourth round.

  • j-fid says:

    I admit i have a huge bias for boxing, but do have much respect for mma. That being said, not to be redundent, but there is a signifacant technical difference, mainly throwing and being ready to receive and the other end. Big advantage for jones, who has always been a great defensive fighter. And im sorry the hand speed isn’t even a debate, are you kidding me? Listen, likei said, I have much respect for silva. If your i mma fan please show a little respect and just watch a cple of jones’ fights, including recent ones. He still has some of the fastest hands on the planet, along with floyd jr. You combine that with maybe, smaller gloves, technical difference, and excuse me, but your fighting roy jones jr, no ground game to worry about…….GOOD NIGHT!


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