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Combat in the Cage Returning to Delaware

What: Combat in the Cage’s “11th Strike.”

When: Next Saturday, April 12 @ 8:00 p.m. ET

Where: WKA-sanctioned amateur MMA and Muay Thai at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Newark, Delaware. Address is 109 Glascow Drive, Newark, DE 19702.


There are a lot of fights scheduled and I’m looking forward to seeing the Martinez brothers, Will and Jesus, as well as Robert Peach from Philly MMA all fight. Click here for the entire fight card. Hope to see you there.

  • Brent says:

    Going to try and make it to this one.

  • Bob Morgia says:

    If you are an Amateur MMA Fighter and ever plan on fighting in New Jersey – DO NOT FIGHT ON ANY UNSANCTIONED CARD, LIKE THIS, IN DELAWARE. If you fight on a Combat in the Cage event in Delaware and ever plan on fighting in New Jersey, you will not get sanctioned by the New Jersey State Athletic Commission. And the only way they will sanction you is if you get your pro medicals done and they cost around $650. And this comes straight from Nick Lembo, head of the NJ State Athletic Commission. They are doing this for every fighter that has ever competed in a Delaware show – NO MATTER WHEN IT WAS. A friend of mine had this happen recently, he fought in Delaware 10 months ago and then went to fight in NJ and Nick Lembo made his get his pro medical done. $650.

  • Ed says:

    Bob … did you ever learn to read? Read the article again , it says WKA sanctioned. dont you ever get your facts straight?

    And tell me is it fair to the fighters what the NJACB is doing?

  • rob says:

    Nick Lembo is the General Counsel for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB). He is one of the people responsible for taking the original no-holds-barred events and implementing unified rules that have transformed the once widely banned sport into its current widely accepted incarnation.

    Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), once the bastion of Professional fighters, has now become the playing field for many Amateur fighters. Just as Nick Lembo and the NJSACB have brought rules and regulations into Professional MMA, the focus has now centered on Amateur MMA. The rules, regulations and requirements of Amateur MMA in New Jersey have made the sport safe and fair. In fact, many people have called this a ‘true level of Amateur MMA’.

    In an effort to keep Amateur MMA in New Jersey safe and fair, Mr. Lembo has issued the following statement…

    “This amateur program in New Jersey was developed to provide a safe and organized environment for the competitors. The fighters are protected with examinations from qualified ringside physicians, the matchmaking is overseen and there is medical insurance for competitors who suffer an injury. The goal of the program is to allow amateurs to test and develop their skills in a supervised setting.

    This sport has evolved well past the days of unregulated unsanctioned or underground events. MMA, at the pro and amateur level, should be conducted under the rules of a state athletic commission and a recognized sanctioning body. I, along with many others, have worked for years to try and legitimize this sport and get it recognized and accepted. Those promoters who hold these unregulated unsanctioned shows are contrary to everything we have tried to achieve for the sport. It is shameful that they seem to be driven by personal greed instead of a love for the sport and respect for the fighters who are already competing without obtaining a purse.

    These unsanctioned shows do not report results to fighter database registries. They do not issue or list post fight medical suspensions or additional testing necessary. They do not utilize trained officials to referee or judge the bouts. New Jersey cannot risk a fighter being injured fighting here after he/she has competed in one of these renegade shows. We could face liability because of an undetected injury from an unregulated fight.”

    Effective immediately, as it pertains to MMA, ‘amateur’ fighters that participate in an unsanctioned or unregulated event can be excluded from participating in Amateur MMA in New Jersey. If ‘amateur’ fighters participated in these events prior to March 20, 2008, according to Mr. Lembo, “they may be able to participate in Amateur MMA in New Jersey as long as they fulfill the medical requirements of a Professional MMA fighter”.

  • rob says:



  • Ed says:

    matchmaking is overseen

    -just like how you can have a 5-0 fighter vs a 1-5 fighter in a title match this past weekend right? And of course the fight ended in 33 sec … thats fair matchmaking right …

    So how did a fighter fight 2 weeks agon on a NJ card that has previously fought on a KOTC show which uses FULL pro rules for amateurs?

    The rules used in DE are the WKA class C rules as well as the rules used directly by the Ohio State Athletic Commission as their Amateur rules.We have event insurance, have an MD and EMTS on site.How about the fighters fight fight in VA ,MA, The NYC underground show? Fighters that fight in Ohio?

  • Ed says:

    I’m done … this will all come to a head soon enough …

    Fighters that fight on our show know the safety involved.there will be a WKA rep at the event.We have over 15 fights scheduled including 2 title fights … we are presently working on our long Island show June 7th.

  • rob says:


    ASK AROUND!!!!!!



  • Ed says:

    Rob … if you have a beef with me call me here are my numbers:


    or [email protected]

    otherwise don’t hide behind screen names …

  • Bob Morgia says:

    Class C – Novice MMA, Rule Restrictions: no elbow or knee strikes to head grounded or standing; closed fist strikes allowed to the head while grounded. After 5 wins in class, progress to Class B.

    Are these the rules you are running your shows with? Because if you are then you are the only organization that is using these rules. It is pro rules without the elbows. Do your fighters have to wear shin guards? And what size are the gloves?

    Ed remember we are not the ones making the rules. I’m just trying to make people aware so they don’t get burned and have to pay $650 for medicals.

  • Ed says:

    its considered class C WKA … but the original rules were taken from the Ohio state Amateur rules.

    No, there are no shinpads worn.

    fighters will make their own decisions … we have 16 fights this weekend, 20 fight in May and already have quite a few guys signed up to fight in Long Island … I never asked anyone to pick and choose.

    And Bob , in regards to your friend … havent I always treated him with respect and dignity? He knew of the personnal and potential medical issues I’ve had this past months … I wont make excuses but it was a difficult time …


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