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Melvin Guillard Returns at UFC 86 has officially announced that Melvin Guillard will return to the organization to battle Dennis Siver at UFC 86 (Rampage vs Forrest).

What? Dating back to his Baltimore Sun interview….

I’m going to take a few fights outside the UFC to get back some of my wins. Hopefully, it’s not any all-around chumps.

So one fight against a .500 opponent on a small show and you bring him back? What was the purpose of even letting him leave to begin with? This is one of the most classless guys in the sport that refuses to admit his loss to Clementi and even said he’d be “willing to do it in the backyard.”

Or how about during his old UFC Fight Club chat:

o4sheez says: do you wear your chastity belt before big fights?

MelvinGuillard says: do you wear yours when I come over to your house? Is this a hot chick? If not your gay

How immature is this guy? What punishment was this exactly? He was suspended several months for testing positive for cocaine last year. I won’t argue he has a name and entertainment value but if you wish to have him in the long run don’t you need to send a message?

Is he still out there stalking Rich Clementi hoping for a street fight in New Orleans just as OJ is stalking the “real killer” on a golf course somewhere? What kind of message does this send? If the UFC is looking for the betterment of Guillard and his future in the organization they should send a message here. Guillard is not emotionally mature enough to be coming back any time soon. I’m not saying it’s their responsibility to coddle him but this can only get worse. He called his cocaine suspension, “bad luck.” No, walking under a ladder is bad luck. Doing cocaine when you get tested for it is “bad judgment.”

Look at Chris Henry or Pacman Jones in the NFL, these guys don’t learn lessons until they need to do so. Let him fight in “Xtreme International Cage Fighting World Championship Combat Punishment Ironman League 326” until that lesson is slapped upon his face.

  • Marc S says:

    I’ll keep watching because I love fighting and the fighters, but I lose more and more respect for Dana and gang every day! I could envision, a few years down the road, all the bad judgement and business decisions they continue to make backfiring. There’s already a lot of organizations that are making a name for themselves, granted, thanks to the hard work by the UFC. However, at some point the gap will be closed, people like myself will be fed up and fans will be happy to start spending their money elsewhere (especially when the exodux of fighters blows up). I live in Fla and have been to all 3 events held here, travelled to UFC 76 (Anaheim) and 2 others in Vegas, and haven’t missed a PPV in over 4 years…BUT I’m getting so sick of Dana and the way Zuffa does business in general. This is just another example, not a huge deal, just another example of the type of people Zuffa Inc are, and the type of people they reward. Kick out other guys for losing a couple of fights, but bring this loser back. Just another dissappointment…but it certainly won’t be the last!

  • Brent says:

    FYI… chris henry hasn’t learned shit… the bengals cut him a few days ago…

  • Adam Morgan says:

    Can we please leave the Bengals out of this? My poor team. :(

  • Rln says:

    “What punishment was this exactly?”

    It was Guillard’s choice to look for fights outside of the UFC. Why exactly would the UFC be punishing him? I also love how you compare the situation to OJ Simpson. I guess I should stop reading Five Ounces of Pain and punish the site because your ridiculous analogy doesn’t meet my standards for maturity.

    I also liked how you skipped over this quote from the same interview:

    “I’m probably scheduled to fight again in the UFC late March, early April if they bless me with that.”

    Clearly a man being punished by his employer.

  • Ryan M says:

    I honestly hope Melvin Guillard never fights in the UFC again after this.

  • “It was Guillard’s choice to look for fights outside of the UFC. Why exactly would the UFC be punishing him? I also love how you compare the situation to OJ Simpson. I guess I should stop reading Five Ounces of Pain and punish the site because your ridiculous analogy doesn’t meet my standards for maturity.”

    I have to agree. Comparing an accused double-murderer to a punk kid with maturity issues is pretty ridiculous.

  • RustyNailz says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This guy is a clown.

  • Patrick says:

    Guillard doesn’t have what it takes mentally, physically, or spiritually to compete at the higher levels of this sport.

    He poisons his body, talks ridiculous trash that he can’t back up, is constantly acting up, is a completely one sided fighter, and he doesn’t train hard or put effort into what he’s doing other than spending the time to run his mouth (shown by the absolute BEATINGS Stevenson and Clementi put on this guy, it was like he’d never even stepped into a combat sports fight before in his life).

    He’s a hack, anyone from the place I train at could take him down and tap him out in a minute. I’m sick of this guy, he has no place in the UFC or any other top organization.

  • Evan says:

    I just can’t fathom why he is here again. Makes no sense to me but now I really have something to root against.

    And Adam Morgan…dude…man o man do I feel for you. I thought you guys had it together. You guys finally hit it right in so many areas and that franchise has just imploded.

  • mike wolfe says:

    There will always be controversial athletes in any sport at any given time. As annoying as they are, they do generate some level of interest with fans, who love to hate them or sometimes love them. Guillard may be an immature meathead, but most of what he does is talk, talk, talk. Sticks and stones, imo. It would be a bad precedent to get rid of him for exercising his right to freedom of speech. Just put him in the octagon with somebody like Clementi who shows him up. Wasn’t that one of the most gratifying wins you’d seen? It sure was for Clementi.

  • Vern says:

    I can’t find it on google but after his positive test for cocaine didn’t he say something about how he knew it would be in his system “because everybody knows that it stays for X hours”?

  • GeeM says:

    With MG, many confuse his athleticism with his fighting ability. There is no doubt he is an athlete, but frankly, his skills are sub par. Combine that with his attitude and lack of judgment, he should never see a UFC ring again IMO.

    He is a small show fighter, who can beat the average hack with his athleticism. Dana cannot seem to figure that out.

    I won’t buy a card with MG on it.

  • ArmchairFighter says:

    Melvin needs to go away. His fights are highlight reels for his opponents and his personal antics only serve to contaminate the sport. Babalu-zer got worse than Melvin, but certainly they should both be dumped back to the street, where they can pretend to be the best after getting kicked (literally and figuratively) out of the UFC.

    Then again, maybe Dana and crew are punishing Melvin in the way they feel will work out best in the long run: bring him back, let him get beat again, and again, and again, and perhaps he’ll either learn humility… or be so devalued that he has to go back to the street, where he (his words) “rob a bank or something.”

  • BJJDenver says:

    I can’t stand him, but my problem with the UFC bringing him back has more to do with the fact that he isn’t very good.

    Why he is in the UFC, I can’t figure out. And it isn’t fan appeal, because this is a non-televised fight.

  • russ says:

    I can understand to a degree why UFC brought him back,hes got good potential. I just think the UFC is hoping he turns himself around mentally,and psychologically..Hes a good athelet,but his maturity is that of a teenager.
    I think this should be his last chance in the UFC for now. If he wins fine give him another fight,if he loses or acts childish dump him. UFC don’t need this type of exposure or fighter amongst them..

  • king mah mah says:

    Wow! Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had employers who overlooked cocaine in our systems?!! It’s a goddamn joke to bring this retard back! I don’t know about anybody else, but if my boss tested me and found cocaine in my system i would be fired on the spot! And could everybody stop talking shit about the oj comparison?! He was just making a point. But I guess you guys like to defend crackheads and murderers!!

  • madman_nhb says:

    I saw melvin’s last fight he was oddly respectful. It’s on the web at, his opponet tried to hit him with a flying back flip kick.


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