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Gary Goodridge latest fighter to be pulled from YAMMA show

A planned “Master’s Superfight” between Gary Goodridge and Eric “Butterbean” Esch scheduled for YAMMA Pit Fighting’s inaugural show on April 11 in Atlanta City, N.J. is the latest bout on the show to be altered.

Goodridge was knocked out in the second round against Mu Bae Choi in Seoul, South Korea on March 30. When speaking with the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, ( was informed that Goodridge will not be approved for the fight vs. Esch due to concerns over health and safety.

The NJACB also informed this site yesterday that in spite of YAMMA’s public announcement, a match between Oleg Taktarov and Mark Kerr that is being advertised by the promotion has not been approved. Kerr is still under suspension in the state of Connecticut and will not be approved until he’s been reinstated.

  • Nick says:

    I love it, MMA now has a seniors circuit. Does anyone actually CARE about these fights? I was remotely interested in seeing Don Frye fight, but since he has been dropped, I could care less about this. I am sure I will see a fight or two on line after the fact. Bob, your too late, you bailed when you shouldn’t have, and you didn’t have the foresight to do the things that Zuffa has done anyway. Just sit back and buy the UFC payperviews like the rest of us.

  • Dan says:

    Im with Nick, Don Frye was the only one I really wanted to see fight. So….. Who cares?

  • zack says:

    im tired of idiot promoters announcingg fights they know will never happen. why not announce you’ve got Fedor fighting Couture? maybe 3 or 4 idiots would buy tickets and be dissappointed. $30 more for you, promoter idiot.

  • Jason Brewer says:

    This event is turning out to be a fiasco of epic proportion

  • Evan says:

    I have a feeling this will turn out just like that Bodog fight in New Jersey that ran about 6 hours long because of problems.

    They should have teamed up with HDnet Fights to get this done right instead of relying on PPV.

  • Matt D. says:

    I want to see the ring in action. I’m sure not going to pay for the pay-per-view to see what has-beens they find to replace the has-beens that dropped out, but I must say the description of the pit intrigues me.

  • Gygax says:

    There should be a contest as to how many PPV buys this show gets.

    I’ll take 2500 buys!

    This show is just brutal.


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