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Report: Fedor asking for $2 million per fight

The Lights Out Show on the TAGG Radio network recently had EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw on as a guest. One of the topics broached was the reported availability of former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko.

MMAjunkie has the following quote from Shaw available on its website:

“[Fedor] wants $2 million per fight,” Shaw said. “We keep going back and forth, but he has to fight soon. It’s been almost two years.”

So while a lot of people got excited by a report on last week claiming Fedor had received an offer from EliteXC that would have offered a base pay of between $300,000-$500,000 for his first two fights of a four fight deal, it doesn’t look like Fedor will be signing with the promotion any time soon.

But with a reported asking price of $2 million per fight, I don’t think think he’ll be fighting anywhere anytime soon unless his camp suddenly drop their financial demands.

This situation reminds me of Major League Baseball agent Scott Boras. Boras routinely prices his clients out of the market by coming up with cost-prohibitive asking prices for the players he represents. A lot of the figures he comes up with aren’t supported by logic.

In the case of Fedor, you’re only worth what someone is willing to pay you. He’s an incredible fighter but if no company is willing to meet his management’s financial demands, then what? At what point do they realize they have to reduce their asking price?

  • Kelvin says:

    [email protected] some company paying Fedor 2 million per fight…he and his camp are as Dana put it ‘crazy russians’.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    What a fiasco. Fedor’s management will be arguing and blustering and posturing for years. And as time runs off the clock and Fedor’s career reaches its conclusion, fewer and fewer people will care. The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.

  • Foojita says:

    Gary Shaw hasn’t always been the most reliable source of information.

  • Rln says:

    The best fighter in the world is only worth $300k to EliteXC?? Says a lot about their promotion, imho. Gary Shaw talks about having the best fighters fight the best but of course he won’t step up to the plate and pay them what they’re worth. He makes 7 figures + fighting for Japanese orgs, it’s an insult to offer him that little.

  • Kelvin says:

    “Gary Shaw hasn’t always been the most reliable source of information.”

    True, and could be posturing on his part.

  • Derek B. says:

    Seems like they are doing the right thing asking for 2 million a fight. They start off really high and then the bidding wars start. I’m sure who ever offers the most amount is going to be the company that Fedor will sign with.

  • JEFF THE DRUNK says:

    too much fedor “chatter”
    i’m in a fedor induced coma
    maybe we should start calling him FADEOR because the longer he sits collecting ring rust, the quicker he will fade into obscurity

  • jd says:

    If UFC signs Fedor, will Dana white start praising Fedor and say that he’ll smash Randy??

    What if Randy gets cleared of his contract — UFC signs Fedor.. then what? Will UFC really want to sign a new contract with Randy?

  • Derek B. says:

    I dont know if the athletic commission will let a cyborg fight in america though. That’s the first question I want answered.

  • seth b says:

    Why not give him $2 million to fight Randy in the UFC? UFC 66 grossed $41.95 million just in pay per view revenue. Sure that is the record, but would Randy vs Fedor not attract every possible fan there is to this event? Add another couple of noteworthy fighters and this could easily beat the record. I say get it done before Mark Cuban does.

  • Glock says:

    Well if you think about it on the world market, the 2mil is really only about 1.2 mil in EUROS (but 47 mil in roubles) so they can haggle a bit …

  • Rich S. says:

    “he has to fight soon. It’s been almost two years”

    why do people act like the Hong Man Choi fight wasn’t a sanctioned MMA match.. i haven’t seen a single person give him credit for that at all.. i mean, come the hell on.. it was an MMA match.. and he actually struggled for a while because every takedown ended up with him on bottom..

    yeah, it’s not really fair to have someone of Fedor’s calibur vs. an “Asian Freakshow” (as people call him).. but it WAS an MMA match and it did show problems for Fedor.. the guy fought.. and got a win.. that was ADDED TO HIS RECORD.. give the damn man his credit..

    and an added note:
    it IS pretty ridiculous that he’s asking that much for a fight..

  • CAP says:

    I know it is a high asking price but the UFC does pull in 200+ million every ppv.
    Win or lose he is a great storyline.


  • HexRei says:

    Rich: HMC was not a fair fight. it was a freakshow. entertaining, but basically meaningless to his career except in the paycheck.
    Maybe if HMC had another five years of serious grappling training and about five more MMA bouts it might be taken seriously as a credit to fedor.

  • Rich S. says:

    i just think it’s ridiculous when someone makes a statement like “he hasn’t fought in 2 years.” when he has.. no matter who the opponent.. it was a fight.. and it may not have been fair.. like i said, you have one of the greatest fighters in the world vs. an asian freakshow.. but.. the bout presented problems for Fedor at some times.. soooo.. don’t act like the fight never even happened..

  • Michaelthebox says:

    “I know it is a high asking price but the UFC does pull in 200+ million every ppv.”

    Woah sally, scale back there a bit.

  • Heatwaves says:

    Hey Rich,

    In Japan, they would have sanctioned an MMA bout with Fedor against a 12-year old handicapped girl. That doesn’t mean that everyone should credit it like he just took out Josh Barnett. That bout never would have happened here. My god, if the NSAC wouldn’t sanction Frank Mir against Tim Sylvia a year ago because they thought Mir was mismatched, they certainly wouldn’t have okay’d the world’s best fighter against a 1-0 Korean cuddle bear.

  • Echolocating says:

    I seem to recall a special rule in favor of Fedor for the Hong Man Choi match up… apparently Choi couldn’t use knee strikes. Yeah, Fedor had “special rules” made up just for him.

    You have to wonder, if Fedor had just signed with the UFC for a measly $500K per fight (plus whatever ridiculous amount from the PPV revenues), he’d be sitting pretty already with at least 2 impressive fights under his belt and a really good chunk of change.

    But hey… who cares, right? I mean, Fedor obviously doesn’t.

  • Rln says:

    “Yeah, Fedor had “special rules” made up just for him.”

    That “special rule” was requested by the Choi camp, not Fedor.

  • TerribleT says:

    Just like#13 CAP said,”Pay the man already!!!!!!” If they want to compete with the UFC and start showing PPV’s instead of free on TV then they’re going to have to anti up and it all starts with Fedor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now git her done!!!!!!!!

  • Fight Fan says:

    How much did Jordan get per season?
    How about David Beckham?
    Are they putting there body on the line like in MMA?
    Fedor can only fight 2-3 times a year at the most(4-6 million).
    So pay Fedor or he’ll go to Dream where he’s welcome.
    I think it is the best option for him because cage tactics suck.
    Pushing somebody against the cage and throwing cheap little elbows to win by cut is no way to beat a champ like fedor, and thats what Randy will try and do in the cage. Randy’s overrated, 16 and 8 isn’t that impressive to me.

  • ArmyGuy says:

    I will say it again – only hard core MMA fans care about Fedor. Under no circumstances should any promotion pay this guy $2M. That would be a TERRIBLE business decision. If Fedor makes $2M, then Couture, Liddell, and for that matter ORTIZ should make 10 times that, because, you know, they will actually DRAW FANS and sell tickets to someone other than all of us weirdos.

    Now is the point where everyone starts talking about how EVERYONE knows who Fedor is…

    Commence the ArmyGuy beatings…

  • BustYoFace says:

    in response to #21,

    Dude, record is meaningless, look at the people he has beaten. He has faced some competition. Fedor is beating up noobs anymore. Yes, to Fedors credit he has had some very difficult fights i.e Cro Cop, Barnett, Nightmare,..etc.. But SO HAS RANDY. I would rather see a mans record of 10-5 where the fights are exciting and with two good fighters than a 50-0 record where someone is just beating up noobs there whole career i.e Tito Ortiz…

  • CAP says:

    “I know it is a high asking price but the UFC does pull in 200+ million every ppv.”

    My bad, UFC ain’t banking that hard but they CAN pay Fedor if they want to.
    And that is where he should be, in the #1 MMA organization.

  • seth b says:

    No beatings for you ArmyGuy, you bring up a good point. You can’t pay everyone $2 mil, it is a dangerous precedent to set. I doubt that it would be Liddell and Ortiz pulling that in (they are both yesterdays news in IMO), but the next Lesner or GSP or Silva might demand something comparable and let’s not even think about what Rampage would ask for…

  • whats it hurt to ask?


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