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Coach Rampage sez “…a fighter’s either got it or he ain’t”.


Men’s Fitness magazine caught up with quote-machine Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for a topical interview as he promotes the season debut of The Ultimate Fighter 7. Jackson brings the ha-ha’s…

MF: Everyone knows you rule the Octagon when it comes to fighting, but how do you feel about your coaching skills for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter?
QJ: “Coaching skills? I shouldn’t even be allowed to carry a Coach wallet.”

MF: Can you recall your very first fight?
QJ: “My mom said I’ve been fighting since I was in Pampers. But the first fight I remember happened when I was 5 years old. I let this kid borrow one of my Hot Wheels cars. A few days later I asked for it back and he said he had lost it. I started walking home and I thought, ‘No, I can’t let him get away with that.’ So I came back and just whooped up on him. He was one of my good friends but I liked my Hot Wheels better.”

MF: (What do you say to) Old naked guys in the sauna who don’t mind letting their junk hang out?
QJ: “Get your old wrinkled ass out of the sauna. That’s why your ass is wrinkled. You spend all your time in the sauna and not working out. At least put on some Speedos”.

Here is the full interview.

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