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Video: Gary Shaw and Nick Diaz address CSAC controversy

Here is video of EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw and Nick Diaz addressing the recent controversy of the California State Athletic Commissions’ decision to prevent Diaz from fighting on Saturday’s EliteXC/Strikeforce show.

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  • ranger1071 says:

    I put this on the other story but I think it works better here:

    Ok, forgive me but Nick is so full of it with this medical pot it’s amazing. I have ADHD as well, and I’m not talking about a minor case either. But they, Dr’s or whomever, give you SIMULANTS to treat it Aderall or Ritilan. The dopamine receptors in the head of an ADHD person are messed up so that you transport too much to start and then suffer a deficiency from it. So you need a stimulant to open up the receptors and produce more. Pot doesn’t do any of that. In fact studies done with pot users that claim to be ADHD think it’s harder for them to learn is they smoke. While it’s true that some shrinks are lobbying Congress to get it off the banned list it’s SO THEY CAN STUDY IT, not because they have any confirmed head shrinker value.

    Forgive my rant but it really really pisses me off when I hear so many people be like “I have ADHD so blah blah blah.” 3-4% of the world has it, it’s actually pretty rare in adults. Most kids that are told they have it really don’t, they are just kids.

    So, in short, you’re full of it Nick and as much as I enjoy watching you fight, I’m glad you aren’t getting away with this complete and total BS excuse.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    STFU Ranger.

  • Dan K. says:

    Thats not the point of the story. He has a LEGAL prescription whether or not you feel it treats ADHD. Its about time someone stood up to the California State Athletic Commission, which is widely regarded as the most corrupt athletic commission in the US.

  • I support Nick Diaz 100% and the CSAC should respect CA Law as well. Nick has a medical marijuana card approved and issued by the state for his medical disorder.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAssIsAnAss says:

    I don’t care about whether the PotVsADHD thing is legitimate, I don’t care about the medical=legal implications. The key here is that Diaz said that he fully intended to test clean (whether he would or not is another matter), surely that makes any such arguments irrelevant. Jumping the gun and pulling him just because he MIGHT possibly test positive is stupid, costs Diaz his payday, and ultimately benefits nobody (apart from perhaps Garcia and his god complex).

  • Jeremy says:

    Every time I read some story about the CSAC I wonder more and more about them. It seems like a very poorly run organization. That being said I do worry a little bit for EliteXC with Gary Shaw’s comments. While I tend to side with Shaw I wouldn’t have publically went after Armando Garcia like that. I disagree with many things he has done(Garcia and the CSAC) they/he are in charge and if you want a continual working relationship with them I wouldn’t be going about things like this because I don’t see Shaw’s comments changing anything.

  • ranger1071 says:

    What? Please. If I have a perscription for something that isn’t going to effectively treat the illness why the hell have the perscription? He couldn’t even explain it correctly in that press conference he’s talking about carcinogens which have nothing to do with his head. carcinogens are the negaitve effects of smoke anything. So, again, you need this why Nick? Oh that’s right you like to smoke weed and roll cause you think it helps you train grappling. You’re a liar, next.

    Furthermore, if he “planned to test clean” that means he’d quit using it to treat his illness at least a month out form the fight. So if he’s off his “meds” and he can function, why take it in the first place?

    That said I agree that CSAC is corrupt as hell and completely and totally screwed up. but this isn’t the issue to fight them on. I appreciate Gary Shaw’s position from a business stand point and if I was him I’d be pissed off too.

    Finally I could really give a rats ass if Diaz smokes pot or not. I could care less if anyone on the planet does it. That means jack and shit to me. But, Nick, don’t lie your ass off and talk about ineffective treatment of a controversial disease and think that we’re so dumb as to nod along with you like were stoned as you whine out your sob story.

  • Derek B. says:

    “Pot doesn’t do any of that. In fact studies done with pot users that claim to be ADHD think it’s harder for them to learn is they smoke”

    # 1 ranger1071

    I am diagnosed with level 1, 3, 4, & 7 ADHD. My physciatrist prescribed me with facolin xr for 3 months and it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. I went 3 days without being able to go to sleep the first week I took it. I could never go to sleep when I was on my medication and it made me very angry when I was at work. I would go on these rages when I was around my friends. I stopped taking the medication and went back to using medical marijuana…I have never felt better in my life. Marijuana is not for all ADHD patients. If you have hyperactive disorder then it is for me. Alot of people and even physciatrist get ADHD and AADD mixed up. If you are AADD then marijuana is not the treatment for you, but if you are ADHD then it is.

  • Ond says:

    CSAC needs to produce medical evidence that he is using drugs, or they need to let him fight. This is bullshit.

  • ranger1071 says:

    Derek B. When I was diagnoised they wanted to put me on Aderall or Welbutrin depending on the Dr. I also don’t have the same diagnosis as you. That said if you said it helped you out, I’ll take your word for it. But I’ve not read anything from a credible source and watching Nick try and explain it in the clip pissed me off.

    After reading Sam’s latest post I’m inclined to agree with him that we’re not getting this whole story right now. I’m sure there will be more to follow on this.

  • ranger1071 says:

    Edit: When I wrote “credible source” I was talking about a medical journal or the like. I want to be clear that I am in no way shape or form calling you a lair or questioning it worked for you. If you say it did I have no reason to disbelieve you.

  • Evan says:

    “CSAC needs to produce medical evidence that he is using drugs,”

    CSAC: Can we see your medical marijuana card prescription?
    Diaz: Damn…ok


  • Derek B. says:

    Ranger it’s not for everyone. I dont like to take medications that speed you up like ritalin. It fucks with you emotionally. Either way Marijuana doesn’t make you a better fighter. I say they legalize it and that would get people out of prison and gather alot of tax money!

  • ranger1071 says:

    Bro if it was up to me I’m all for it being legalized, I could care less on that point. I am just rubbed the wrong way by the way Diaz is tying to defend this and feel that, at the same time, there are a lot more things going on here than we know about right now.

    Also I have such a low opinion of the CSAC and think there needs to be a shake up there quick fast and in a hurry, but this isn’t the issue to try and fight them on.

  • truth says:

    Diaz has said he smoked during his run in the UFC and once he leaves all the sudden his piss tests start getting him introuble. Royce Gracie following the gracie diet, but taking steriods before the K-1 show in California. I just smell bullshit. This latest move shows Grarcia has a personal issue with Diaz, should the CSAC have this preemptive power ?


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