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Report: Tim Sylvia and the UFC part ways

Fedor Emelianenko is not the only top heavyweight in the world of mixed martial arts to have been involved in a high-profile divorce from a major organization. If a report by Tom Hamlin of is correct, former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia is the latest fighter to part ways from his employer.

Terms of the agreement were not listed in the report. It should be noted that Sylvia either has or had one fight remaining on his contract with the UFC.

According to the report, Sylvia’s divorce from the UFC was finalized earlier this week. He has hinted on his website that he will be making a major announcement in regards to his career on Friday.

It is not yet certain what Sylvia’s next move will be. However, neither the UFC or Sylvia’s agent, Monte Cox, have issued an official comment. However, MMA Weekly is speculating that Sylvia will likely join Cox and become a part of M-1 Global.

It is also interesting to note that M-1 Global issued a press release to announce their separation with Fedor Emelianenko but also revealed that they will be issuing a second press release in 24 hours. It is unknown if the promised release is simply a repeat of the Fedor announcement, an announcement pertaining to Sylvia, or something completely separate.

This turn of events is very interesting. When I spoke with Cox several weeks back he indicated that it was his preference to work out a new pact with the UFC.

More details as they become available.  UPDATE: Sylvia signs with new promotion Adrenaline MMA.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Tim was an ok fighter as of late but I am glad to see the gump leave. His fights have not been explosive since he fought The Peeettt Bull. He had the chance to take out Big Nog but could not finish…..SEE YA Later TIMBO. I am not going to miss him.

  • Dan K. says:

    I hate to see the UFC lose any heavyweights but if someone had to leave I’m glad its him. Ever since he won the belt the first time he’s just been fighting to not lose instead of fighting to win.

  • ufcfan says:

    i’m not really bothered about this…who really cares if sylvia
    goes to m1…he’s only hurting himself. that organization is beyond a joke,
    no one is going to respect syvlia if he starts beating up a bunch of cans.

    he hasn’t been the same fighter in years, which is a shame.

    hopefully, the ufc uses this money to sign arlovski, or in a perfect world

  • ctownhood says:

    Never been a fan of Tim and his style. Not going to lose any sleep over this whatsoever. So M1 has basically lost (or never had) their only signing, then replaced him with Sylvia. Quality organization there…..

  • Mr Winwood says:

    I’ve been watching the UFC for a long time and I have rarely seen an exciting Tim Sylvia fight.

    I’m glad to see him go.

    No more 3 or 5 rounds of boring clinch fights! Happy Days!

  • Daveykb says:

    Loosing Fedor but gaining Tim…not a good trade!!!

    Like most people here, i wasnt a big Tim Sylvia fan but i am still sorry to see him leave the UFC. He wasnt the most exciting fighter but if anything, he was certainely no pushover and gave champions/potential future champions a good test of their ability.

  • Zack says:

    I actually like Tim and hate to see him go.

    I wonder if EliteXc would be ballsy enough to sign him and stick him against Kimbo on CBS. They could really play up on the fact that he is the former UFC champ.

  • theickysticky says:

    hmmmm………Kimbo vs. Tim Sylvia? Id watch it!

  • Kelvin says:

    I’d rather they let Sylvia go and keep AA…which is probably what is going to happen IMO.

  • Gong says:

    Timmah v. Fedor! Admit it, it’ll be at least interesting.

  • Evan says:

    I wonder if this is more about the UFC wanting to part ways or Monte wanting him to risk Tim’s career by helping prop up M-1.

  • Dan K. says:

    Great point with the Kimbo Vs. Sylvia!! I think that would be a great fight for kimbo. It would be a stand up war and for once Tim wouldn’t be given the chance to clinch without being blasted by Kimbo more aggressive standup. Plus it would give kimbo more credibility by beating an ex UFC champion. It would be alot bigger test than Tank, thats for sure.

  • Matt D. says:

    How stupid would Tim be to sign with M-1? Maybe he saw the easy payday Fedor got when he fought that freakshow. I think all of the heavyweights should start moving to EliteXC. They now have a national audience, and if Sylvia wants to beat up a freakshow they have one of their own in Kimbo. On top of that, if the rumors of EliteXC’s contract offer to Fedor are true, their heavyweights could soon start to outclass the UFC’s.

  • Derek B. says:

    UFC is willing to rebuild their heavy weight division. I’m with Sylvia on his comments that Lesnar is making more then him and that to me is wrong. Thats like all these young kids coming out of college expecting to get paid more then me at my work. I laugh at them because they think they should be on top of the pyramid because they have a degree. You need to work your way up to the top….how can you be put on top before you’ve paid your dues?

    Lesnar hasn’t paid his dues…but it’s about the almighty dollar. He brings people to the seats.

  • Bradster says:

    M-1 is a joke of an organization anyways. . .let him go there. How many events does M-1 even put on? So far I’ve heard of one which was Fedor’s return & the opening event they had in Russia prior that. Oh well. . .if M-1 can even launch itself off the ground, they need to start recruiting known fighters. I think he’s better off talking to EliteXC/Strikeforce IMHO. Other than the UFC, Strikeforce/EliteXC are the places to be. M-1 can blow me!

  • Evan says:

    ” I’m with Sylvia on his comments that Lesnar is making more then him and that to me is wrong. ”

    Tim doesn’t sell tickets. You have to pay drawing power.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Agree with Evan #11. Tim ought to think long and hard about jumping to M-1, which looks like a sinking ship these days. You’d have to wonder about the conversation between Cox and Sylvia since Cox is an M-1 insider who owes simoultaneous and conflicting duties to Sylvia as his client and to the org. as an employee and/or owner.

    I know that Sylvia wasn’t especially popular, but he always came ready to fight. In contrast, AA seemed to lose his way. Hopefully he’ll stage a comeback and fight like he used to.

  • Danny says:

    Tim is lookin like a smart gut right now. He knows with all these new organizations popping up that someone is going to cough up huge dollars to sign a former 2 time HW champ.

  • Evan says:


    That’s all well and good. I want these gusy to get paid more but so far a lot of new orgs have showed a lot of instability. WFA, IFL, M-1 and Bodog were all supposed to be huge threats to the UFC. Now it’s affliction and whatever their going to call M-1 global that is supposed to be a paradise of paychecks. If I was a fighter I think I would want to make sure they can put on a series of shows (hell even 1 show) before I trust them to provide my income in the long run.

  • cyph says:

    Tim, you have no ground game. You’re a dinosaur. And you know what else? Tim is not marketable. The UFC doesn’t want to resign him because there may be a chance that he could retain the belt. That is something the UFC doesn’t want to happen.

  • Derek B. says:

    Evan I agree with you 100% I even stated that in my post.

    “Lesnar hasn’t paid his dues…but it’s about the almighty dollar. He brings people to the seats.”

    I see lesnars journey to the championship seems to be getting easier with Arvloski, Cro Cop, Couture, and Sylvia out.

    I’d really like to see sokoudjou move up to heavy weight.

  • […] Tim Sylvia leaves the UFC (prolly) I don’t understand the general dislike of Tim, I think he is a great fighter, and love to see his matches. I was very impressed with his fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, but I hate Nog’s fights….. […]

  • Jay says:

    C-ya Timster. Don’t let the door hit you on your flabby ass on the way out!!

    The UFC Heavyweight landscape will be fine. With the apparent resurgence of Mir. The champ Nogueira, The new blood Lesnar and Carwin plus Werdum, Vera and hopefully Arlovski.

    How many people bought a PPV simply because Timmy was fighting….excluding his fight with Couture?

    That would be a “never” for me.

  • slimm says:

    Tim is a fighter with a good record, the only fights i got excited with him in it were against Randy, AA 1, Big Nog, yeah all losses for the Maine~iac, not that he isnt any good he is just sooo goofy and slow and basically annoying, so best of luck to him somewhere else now resign AA pay da man his money…. Tim wont right Kimbo anytime soon because he doesnt want to take the chance of getting ko d by a brawler with a 2~0 record, it would be embarrasing for him, soo Tim go feel unappreciated somewhere else….

  • Tanner says:

    Whats with all this talk of EliteXC? If Fedor takes the 300-500K per fight plus PPV Bonuses (that won’t amount to shit because he’s proven he can’t sell a PPV in the states) offered by EliteXC over the 1.5m that the UFC offered then what the fuck is this really about for Fedor? EliteXC’s HW division is thin as hell and they aren’t going to throw him Kimbo or Silva for a while. So he’s not going to be fighting the best, he’s not going to be getting the most money, so what the fuck is this really about here?

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    No one cares about Silvia anyway.

  • Evan says:

    “# 26 Jiu-Jitsu Guy Says:
    March 28th, 2008 at 4:02 pm
    No one cares about Silvia anyway.”

    My theory…this is stage 1 of a 7 part plan for Sylvia to take on the 7th generation Gracies all at one time in one big pit on PPV.

  • slimm says:

    thats awesome Evan

  • Fight Fan says:

    Why are you glad to see Tim Sylvia go?.
    You never liked him?.
    Who cares who you like! I want to see the best fighters fight. Its not a popularity contest.
    Go watch American Idol to vote on who you like and who you think is cool.

  • mike wolfe says:

    At some point doesn’t somebody have to say they’re really mad and never coming back to this site?

  • Fight Fan says:

    Sorry about the agro.
    Tim is a two time champ of the ufc, he’s beaten AA twice, along with Vera.
    So why so pleased to see him go.
    Do people want lesser fighters that are more exciting?, or do we want to see the best fighters?.

  • Jay says:

    #31 Silva is none of what you are describing. He’s not that good and he sure as hell isn’t that exciting. He beat Vera… Who is Brandon vera? Who has Vera beaten other than a less than 70% Frank Mir? He beat Arlovski….okay. now what?

    Oh Yeah!! He beat Cabbage! He beat the guy with 1 pectoral muscle!!!



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