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Random Rants: Thoughts on Diaz/CSAC; Tim Sylvia’s reported departure from the UFC; and the WEC in the USA Today

I am in San Jose, Calif. right now on assignment and a lot of influential people in this business are just burying California State Athletic Commission executive director Armando Garcia. He wasn’t popular to begin with but now even some of his supporters have turned on him in regards to his decision to pull Nick Diaz from Saturday’s EliteXC/Strikeforce show.

Right now, I am going to hold off on making a comment. The reason is because I think it’s too early to jump to conclusions. We’ve heard EliteXC and Gary Shaw’s side, but I’d really like to hear Garcia’s side. The problem is, Garcia is being silent at a time he needs to be speaking up. CSAC is publicly funded by taxpayers in California and as such, there should be complete and total transparency in CSAC’s dealings.

During Thursday’s EliteXC/Strikeforce press conference, Diaz mentioned that when he went for his pre-fight medical exam that a female attendant looked at his record and brought up his past suspension for marijuana and that she warned him. According to Diaz, at that point he felt like the right thing to do was to be completely honest when filling out his forms and so he apprised the commission of his use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. He expressed that several other fighters getting their exams done did the same.

Shaw said that Diaz was punished even though he had not had a pre-fight test nor had tested positive for the fight. But when Diaz had his pre-fight medical approximately 2-3 weeks ago, did he submit any kind of blood sample? Is there any chance that Diaz somehow might have tested positive? I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but I just have a feeling we aren’t getting the full story.


  • BJJDenver says:

    Diaz vs CSAC–While the past actions of Garcia and the AC make me cringe, a couple of points stick out in my mind. First, just because something is legal in regards to the justice system, does not mean that it is ok by the sport’s rules. Ephedrine, for instance is still legal in many places. I can walk out of my house, go to the nearest gas station and buy ephedrine, the good old white 25mg tabs, not the supplement with the “natural” version. But guess what, if I then went to practice as a Denver Bronco and took a piss test, I would be suspended. It is against the rules of the sport, simple as that. Now, you can agree or not that marijuana should be banned, but at the current time it is. Anyone who argues that it is legal to use in these instances, should ask if they really want to go by the law where drugs in sports are concerned. Can you imagine if every athlete who fails a test, is then prosecuted in courts for breaking tha law regarding that drug? It has to work both ways, we can’t just have it work one way when it best suits us. Second, damn Nick, lay off of it until your done fighting. You have a huge fanbase that wants to see you fight. There are other alternatives out there that you can use in the mean time.

    Sylvia leaving–To bad, not a big fan, but he is a solid top 10 HW. It just seemed like he was starting to win over UFC fans as well. Probably not worth the money he will get, but this is the problem that arises when an org pays a ton of money to an unproven guy like Lesner. I think Lesner is worth it because of his drawing power, but then you better expect to pay your existing stars as much or more. I don’t mind him leaving, because the fights I want to see with him (Fedor, Barnett, Silva, etc) probably won’t ever happen in the UFC.

    And Sam I could not agree more that newspapers are a fading industry. They report the news that was already reported on the net the night before. As much as there is a sort of romantic nostalgia around newspapers and their colorful employees, it probably will die off as older people pass on. We live in an age where just about anything is available at our fingertips for free and I just don’t see the print media overcoming that. I still read the Rocky Mountain News, and i have been looking for anything about the upcoming UFN. Guess what I have seen? Yep, not a single thing. and there is no coverage of mma either local (which is big) or world level.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    It’s possible (I repeat possible) that Garcia’s failure to comment thus far is due to federal and state privacy laws about medical information. That having been said, Garcia could and should say that much–I can’t talk about the situation due to privacy issues based on state and/or federal law.

    With regard to Ritalin, it seems counterintuitive, but “speed” has always been a recognized treatment. Even when ADD or ADHD was called hyperactivity, treatment was a stimulant like low dose amphetamines. For some reason, medications with a tranquilizing effect don’t work that way for people with the condition. In fact, they can have the exact opposite effect, worsening the condition. I have no idea whether medical marijuana works for ADD or ADHD. I’m a little skeptical, however, because it’s not too difficult to get the necessary prescription. If Diaz is smoking it rather than taking it orally, that looks more like a habit/lifestyle than medical treatment. Smoking anything is bad for your cardio, and as professional athlete he knows it.


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