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Fedor Emelianenko officially a free agent


M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox has confirmed that former PRIDE heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko is no longer affiliated with the promotion.

The report comes from’s Greg Savage, host of “The Savage Dog” Internet radio show, of which Cox was a guest on this past Monday.

In addition to confirming Fedor’s departure, Cox stated that Sibling Entertainment still intends to promote mixed martial arts, just not under the M-1 Global banner.

“The group that formed M-1 Global is still together and we’re going to remain together and put on an MMA event,” Cox stated during the show. “It won’t be under the name M-1 Global because that is definitely associated with Emelianenko Fedor and the Russians, and we’ve come to an agreement that we’re going to part ways.”

Cox also confirmed a previous Sherdog report that Fedor never actually signed a contract with Sibling and that he only had signed a letter of intent that prevented him from competing outside of the promotion while negotiations were still ongoing. M-1 Global Vice President Brian Patton had previously disputed the Sherdog report.

Cox indicated during the show that the contract issues with Fedor cost a great deal in legal fees.

“We spent well into six-figures of attorney fees trying to get the contract written, let alone signed,” Cox is quoted as saying. “In the end, we could have went ahead and signed the contract and went off with Fedor, but I don’t think we would have been successful.”

According to Cox, Sibling Entertainment could promote its first MMA event as early as June, possibly in Chicago.

  • Cipher says:

    Hearing this really makes me wonder if Fedor is really interested in fighting the best in MMA anymore, I have no question that during his reign in Pride he was the best in the world, but if he wants to still be considered the best he needs to fight. I would love to see him in the UFC, but there are plenty other places to fight that could offer better fighters than a sideshow giant. And if all this money was spent on signing a contract with M-1 and they still could not get Fedor to sign, maybe the UFC was not as dumb as everyone thought in not signing Fedor at that time. All I know is I want to see the big man fight again.

  • Jeremy says:

    I kind of feel the same way you do Cipher. This whole thing has been a fiasco and if he can’t come to terms with his own promotion essentially, I wonder what it takes to actually get him signed. I just hope now we can get him into a meaningful fight soon.

  • ufcfan says:

    Hey Sam, have u read that report over about the rumours of golden boy walking away from the affliction partnership???

    everyone here knows that fedor SHOULD be in the ufc, but i doubt its going
    to happen. for some reason, i think he’s going to end up back in Japan
    with Dreams or WVR.

  • eazye says:

    Basically if he doesn’t end up in the UFC, his tenure as #1 P4P is done. The real question is what will it take to get him under contract. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did sign with the UFC if the UFC tried to place a “Cro Cop” clause in there. Not so much terminating the contract after 2 straight losses but dropping his pay level for 2 straight losses. I mean, this guy isn’t supposed to lose, right? As far as EliteXC goes, money won’t get him there since they don’t have much of a HW division. The UFC can get it done with less money b/c of more competition. If he really wants to be #1 P4P overall, then he needs to sign on the dotted line with ZUFFA.

  • BadMonkey says:

    So, after all the sh*t talking from Monte Cox about how big M-1 Global was going to be, they functionally don’t even exist anymore. What a joke.

    Like everybody, I hope Fedor gets with an organization that can actually put on some fights and I also hope this kind of pro boxing type crap out of M-1 isn’t a sign of the direction MMA is heading.

  • kevin says:

    Its time for Fedor to show what his real intentions are. All this squabbling over money is rediculous. If he doesn’t fight he doesn’t make money. Had he signed with the UFC the last time around he would have already pocketed millions.
    I honestly believe this guy is getting terrible advice from someone. Sitting out does not help his cause at all imo.
    If he truly wants to fight the best then he definately needs to sign with the UFC. If he does not want to fight the best then he needs to ask himself some serious questions. I have grown way too tired of this.

  • Evan says:

    From here on out none of us should believe any story about Fedor signing anywhere unless the UFC issues a press release or if its somewhere else and we see him standing in the ring/cage with gloves on.

  • ttt says:

    why is there a continual perpetuation that the UFC has a “deep” heavyweight division? they may have the most, but nowhere close to deep. who would fedor fight in the UFC first? randy won’t and you really want to see nog killed again?

  • Evan says:

    ttt…who has a deeper one?

  • slimm says:

    first fight for Fedor in the ufc can be and number of people: Big Tim, Frank, AA (if they were to re~sign him), hell let him destroy that Sanchez kid, Gonzaga, Werdum, Brock, Kongo, because of the depth in the ufc i can go on…. but i wont……. if he were to sign with Elite he has Bo, Big Foot, Kimbo… where is the depth there? not trying to pick on ya, u just opened that door…..

    Yet Fedor is most popular in Japan i guess, so to see him sign with Dream wouldnt be outrageous by anymeans, i doubt we will see him fight much of any “competiton” unless he signs with UFC, the only other fight that comes to mind that i would like to see him to do outside of the UFC is to fight Josh, o yeah and Randy too, cheers

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, Dana White has taken some criticism for suggesting that other orgs would come and go, but that UFC would still be the dominant force in MMA. This story makes him sound more correct than arrogant.

  • Echolocating says:

    Good point, Mike. This also helps confirm the difficulty Dana apparently had trying to sign Fedor, like Cipher mentioned in the first comment.

    “It won’t be under the name M-1 Global because that is definitely associated with Emelianenko Fedor and the Russians…”

    Those damn Russians! We can’t trust them, I tells ya! 😉

  • Grape Knee High says:

    “Hearing this really makes me wonder if Fedor is really interested in fighting the best in MMA anymore…”

    Here’s a hint: Fedor was NEVER interested in fighting the best.

  • JEFF THE DRUNK says:

    like sand through an hourglass the fedor saga continues like a long running soap opera that should have ended a long time ago….
    no matter what organization he ends up fighting with, regardless of how “stacked” the HW division is, his fights will never live up to all the hype this guy has generated over the past year or so
    so until this guy decides to get into a cage or a ring and starts mowing down the competition, he should be known as top HW drama king instead of top HW contender

  • BJJDenver says:

    Say what you want about the UFC (and you may or may not be correct), but they are the ONLY promotion that has been putting on matches between top HWs. Everyone complains about them not signing Fedor, Barnett and others, but no other promotion has either.

    Now, I don’t know if the UFC is the place for Fedor, but I DO know that is where I want to see him fight. Couture (no matter what he says, he would fight Fedor in the UFC), Sylvia, Arlovski, GG, Vera, Nog and others, would make for the most interesting matches.

    If Fedor were to sign with the UFC, I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the return of CC, Barnett somehow get worked out, Arlovski re-sign and so forth.

    While this speculation would make for great fights, I certainly think it would hurt other promotions and their ability to draw a fanbase. Like it or not, HW fights are always a spectacle that a majority of fans enjoy more than other weight classes.

    I think it is becoming apparent, that Fedor (and his people) is not easy to work with. M-1, Bodog and UFC may also be difficult, but I would guess that Fedor’s side is just as bad.

    It looks to me like he will sign with whatever promotion will allow him to do whatever he wants, including stacking cards with his Red Devil mates (EXC??).

    No matter where he signs, this and the Couture Saga really need to come to an end. These are the 2 stories that have dominated mma the past year, and i for one, am sick of it. Let’s have battles in the ring/cage/octagon and forget about the courtroom.

  • BJJDenver says:

    And to clarify, by other promotions signing fedor, Barnett, etc…, I meant no single promotion signing them to long-term deals and pitting them against each other in bigtime fights.

  • Evan says:

    Well said BJJDenver!

    As far as Cro Cop…I have a theory the UFC just adjusted his contract to allow him to do whatever he wants in Dream but they can yank him back at anytime.

  • Nate says:

    I cant wait to see Fedor fight.

    All the speculation on the political organizational infighting is just a bunch of distractions until someone gets him into a ring.

    Regarding the comment about the UFC heavyweight division being weak. Sure right now there arent any organizations that can compete with UFC yet, but compared to what Pride FC had, the division is very weak. What match-ups can you say you are looking forward to?

  • Thomas says:

    Fedor WILL come to the UFC if the money is right and if they allow him to compete in combat sambo. Ain’t gonna happend!

  • kris says:

    Look it’s simple.
    UFC is the biggest and at the best.
    Most of the divisions are the deepest.
    But there is a reason why some fighters don’t want to fight there (Mark Hunt, Matt Lindland, J. Hansen, Fedor etc.). Like the fact they must fight only for UFC while under contract. Its not that they’re wimps. Fighters who are as big as Fedor (#1 pound for pound on a lot of lists) don’t want to hand their balls to Dana. Look at the way Arlovski was treated, promised a title shot and the next thing he’s an under card fighter?.
    As for people saying fedor isn’t good or that he dosn’t want to fight the best, look at Randy’s stats he has lost one third of his fights. Is he the best?. Who has never lost apart from a cut from an illeagal elbow?. Who has beaten the UFC heavy weight champ twice, completely dominating both times?. Who has never backed down from a challenge from any fighter?. Fedor Emelianenko. Although people will deny it, no heavyweight will be considered the true champion of the world unless the fight Fedor. Randy knows it.
    27 and 1 baby, 27 and 1.

  • artur says:

    i agree with you kris.


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