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Exclusive: EliteXC signs middleweight prospect Paul Bradley


Elite Xtreme Combat has signed two-time All-American wrestler Paul Bradley to a contract, ( has confirmed through Bradley’s manager, Mike Camp.

Terms of the contract and a possible debut date for Bradley are not yet known.

Bradley, who is featured in’s MMA Prospects section, improved his record to 6-0 after recording a first round TKO over D.J. Watkins on March 15 during a Destiny Fights show in Florida.

Widely regarded as a top middleweight prospect, Bradley was even reported by,, and Yahoo! Sports to have been chosen as a cast member for the upcoming seventh season of “The Ultimate Fighter” reality television show on Spike TV.


  • Jeremy says:

    That’s an interesting piece of news. I would assume then he must have not made it past that first round fight to get on the show. Somewhat of a surprise, but a good developmental signing by EliteXC.

  • Dave says:

    Wouldn’t the UFC have some kind of clause in the TUF contracts that states that competitors on the show can’t sign/compete for rivals orgs during the airing of the program? That’s basically akin to full disclosure as to their performance, which is CERTAINLY banned.

  • Wnyguy says:

    Paul has trained with us at WNYMMA in prep for his last two fights and we are all really excited for him and this huge opportunity he has earned. He definately deserves it and is indeed a top prospect at 185. Look forward to great things from Paul.

    As for his xp on TUF (I won’t ruin anything for you as the show starts in a week), but I can say I don’t think we’ll be seeing him in the UFC anytime soon and I know he is much happier with ProElite. This is a org on the rise, with CBS deal Showtime and lots of other awesome orgs like KOTC, Rumble on the Rock etc.. Paul is in great hands.

  • d-train says:

    sounds alittle shady

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  • Ted B says:

    I think all of you are in for a show. This guy is extremely explosive and is becoming a well rounded fighter.

  • Rauhski says:

    And you wonder why Dana White hates you… Nice Spoiler

  • Sam Caplan says:

    First off, Dana White hates me? That’s news to me.

    Second, Paul Bradley fought on March 15 in a public environment. At that point, it became open season to cover him. The cat was out of the bag at that point. What am I supposed to do, forget that Paul Bradley exists until TUF 7 is done airing in June?

    The story has been up all day and nobody has contacted me to complain about me leaking a “spoiler” so I don’t think people have too big of a problem with it. If they do, they can feel free to contact me and I will hear their concerns off the record.

  • BHos says:

    Sweet! Screw Dana White, that arrogant prick. More and more fighters are starting to speak up about how poorly many UFC fighters are treated.

    EliteXC is on the rise!

  • DanaSux says:

    Dana is an ass. I know several fighters personally and they all say the same thing. Dana has done a good job of getting the support a larger following and bringing it to the masses, but he is losing the fighters since he is such an arrogant prick. Now that people are watching MMA on a regular basis I am hoping M1 or EliteFC can take out the UFC only because I know how much most fighters despise Mr White.

  • Brad says:

    Anything new on how Paul signed with a competing org? Does the UFC release fighters from the show at will? How long are the fighters on the show under contract with the UFC? (just for being on the show) Thank you and keep doing a great job covering the sport!


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