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Report: Don Frye pulls out of YAMMA Superfight has learned that UFC and Pride veteran, Don Frye has pulled out of YAMMA Pit Fighting’s inaugural event on April 11th.

Frye was set to face fellow MMA legend, Oleg Taktarov in one of the two “Superfights” but he has now been replaced by 45 year old Patrick Smith.

Smith (14-13) participated in the first ever UFC event where he was heel hooked by UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock in the first round of the tournament. He returned at UFC 2 where he made it to the tournament final after winning three straight bouts. In the final he faced another UFC Hall of Famer in Royce Gracie who made Smith tap out to strikes in a little over a minute. Smith went 2-1 last year with his last performance being a TKO victory over David Tyner.

YAMMA Pit Fighting is an upstart MMA promotion setup by UFC co-creator, Bob Meyrowitz. The first show will take place on Aprill 11th at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In addition to the aforementioned “Superfight” between Smith and Taktarov there will be another “Superfight” between Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch and Gary Goodridge as well as an 8-man heavyweight tournament.

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  • mike wolfe says:

    Rumor I heard was that he severely strained his moustache.

  • Nick says:

    Sam, what about the rumor that Don pulled out of the Yamma fight because he was offered a fight against Kimbo on CBS. Have you heard anything about that?

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Nick I’ve only heard rumors from various websites. Nothing concrete at the moment but I wouldn’t be surprised if something pops up soon.

    Theres been no talk of Frye being injured so I’m pretty sure we’ll see him face Kimbo. I don’t fancy his chances but he’ll at least provide a new dimension of attack.

  • Tanner says:

    after Kimbo beats Frye they have Keith Hackney and Jo Son lined up as his next possible opponents

  • Genghis Con says:

    I would love to see if Keith “The Giant Killer” Hackney can live up to his nickname…

  • Zack says:

    Frye makes great sense for Kimbo. Very charismatic, funny guy who would walk across the cage and trade with Kimbo. Hopefully his chin would hold up and they would go at least 2 rounds.

  • Zack says:

    On second thought, you’d have to think that any new fans that tune in will think MMA is nothing more than sloppy boxing with small gloves.

  • Frye against Kimbo? We already saw, how that would end. (Frye vs. Thompson)

  • theickysticky says:

    Frye would be horrible for Kimbo. Flat out horrible. They need to look at “The Head Hunter” or just say screw it and throw him to the wolves and let him fight Ricco Rodriguez.

  • bubbafat says:

    “Frye against Kimbo? We already saw how that would end. (Frye vs Thompson)”
    Do you know something we don’t, or are you spouting off baseless rhetoric thinking it might convince us that you know something? But I agree with sticky, a ground guy would be a better fight to me. Buentello is a real standup test, but we know Kimbo can stand and trade. Ricco is the real ground test, that’s what I want to see.


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