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Video: Goldberg Toe-to-Toe with Frank Shamrock and Cung Le

  • Dan K. says:

    Why does Goldberg have anything to do with MMA? He’s an idiot! He’s one of the worst color commentators out there. Even worse is when he does the after fight ring interviews. He constantly cutting people off and making stupid comments! He should go back to Bullrun and leave mma to people who actually know what their talking about….

    …Man, that was cynical…sorry…its been a long day!

  • woooburn says:

    what’s the haps on the elitexc/cbs announcement? wasn’t that supposed to be today?

  • jjdnb says:

    way to keep it impartial Goldielocks

  • bp says:

    Yeah, I got to admit, he is not that good of an interviewer, but still a cool guy. He never should have left the WWE, I use to enjoy watching him there.

  • bubbafat says:

    Alright. BP. You can honestly say that you would rather get dropped on your head for a living, rather than have a cushy commentary position? The guy’s not impartial or objective but you watched him anyway, right? At least admit that the guy has improved leaps and bounds compared to those first shows he did. I’m just happy that there are shows like this, at all. It’s just been the last couple of years that we’ve seen alot of “behind the scenes” stuff in MMA. Give it time. We will, someday, in the not so distant future, have an objective impartial ranking system. I think that will lead to the wider acceptance that MMA has waited for. Not to mention, sites like 5oz, Junkie, Sherdog. They are almost activists in our cause. Whoa! Did I go off?

  • dice says:

    I have a strange feeling that Frank is going to get his ass kicked. He underestimated Renzo and I think he is doing the same with Le.

  • slimm says:

    if Frank keeps on with his iwanna fight my brother/i want to fight Tito again, he will continue to look past Le, and that is going to be a very big mistake for Frank….. Frank is an excellent fighter i enjoy his fights, yet Le has been training hard with one thing one his mind and that is the chance to shock most people that say that Le doesnt have the mma experience to take on Frank, i personally think Le has a better chance the most who face Frank, just my opinion, cheers


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