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Report: Diego Sanchez to headline TUF 7 finale

Sources close to have confirmed that winner of season 1 of “The Ultimate Fighter,” Diego Sanchez will headline “The Ultimate Fighter 7″ season finale.

According to Sherdog, Luigi Fioravanti will most likely be Sanchez’s opponent with the two both having verbally agreed to the bout.

Sanchez (18-2) last fought at UFC 82 where he snapped a two fight losing streak by destroying David Bielkheden. The consecutive losses Sanchez suffered before UFC 82 came at the hands of top UFC welterweights, Josh Koscheck and Jon Fitch.

Fioravanti (12-3) also made his last appearance inside the Octagon at UFC 82 where he scored himself a lopsided decision win over Luke Cummo. Fioravanti has gone 3-3 in the UFC while fighting at both middleweight and welterweight.

Personally, I’m all for Diego Sanchez as the main event for the finale but Fioravanti as an opponent doesn’t really excite me too much. I would’ve thought that a third fight between Sanchez and Josh Koscheck would have worked perfectly as the main event. To me, that fight just seems logical in this setting and I remain hopeful to the idea that this fight comes to fruition.

“The Ultimate Fighter 7” will feature 32 middleweight fighters who will be coached by current UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and winner of the Ultimate Fighter season 1, Forrest Griffin. The show will air its debut episode on April 2nd directly after the conclusion of UFC Fight Night 13.

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  • hbdale309 says:

    I hate to be a negative Nancy but this sucks. This is a ppv prelim fight at best… or maybe an opening fight on a Fight Night, but DEFINITELY not a main event. Firovantanti is boring and he kind of sucks.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    As they’ve only “verbally agreed” I think that they may wait to see if Koscheck re-signs and then book it. Because really there would be people dirty on seeing this fight if it was on the main card on an ultimate fight night.

    No disrespect to Fioravanti but he hasnt really earnt main event status with his performances in the octagon.

  • GassedOut says:

    I don’t think Kos will do it. He’s the one that in an interview on this site said he was going to make Diego wait for that fight. However, if it’s a condition of his return to the UFC…well, I suppose anything can happen. I’m just not holding my breath.

  • Rich S. says:

    Luigi is in for a beasting..
    Diego is going to be all over him..
    this one might end in the 1st..

  • paddiosf says:

    That’s the UFC trying to reinvent the TUF fighters who I believe with the exception of Griffin there celebrity has lost some of his luster in my opinion..the UFC has benefited with the success of the show and there marque fighters like Koscheck,Sanchez and Swick haven’t had good success in there last couple of bouts, so what better way is to get them back on TV is to put them on the TUF show or UFN type shows…but I have to agree with previous comments it’s a HUGE step down from the Top Tier Headliners of the Past…….

  • Chuck says:

    wow ! we are talking about Luigi Fiorvanti, correct?

    i don’t think you guys are giving LF his due respect …. i did not see his latest decision over Cummo but i have seen him KO McFedreis and battle Leben …

    imho … this is a pretty darn good matchup (i won’t say GREAT)

    “fans” talk about people “stepping up” and NOT fighting “cans” … well, HERE YOU GO …. let the man “step up” and prove his worth …

    risk/reward = this:
    Snachez loses – HUGE RISK
    Sanchez wins, he “should” have – MINIMAL REWARD

    Fiorvanti loses – MODERATE RISK, as he was stepping up to fight “The Nightmare”
    Fiorvanti WINS – HUGE REWARD … he basically steps over Diego, and takes his place in the ranks

    i can see Fiorvanti taking this fight … Diego, eh, risky fight/outcome for him

    as far as an UFN main event …. ABSOLUTELY !
    now if you were talking about the “rematches” with either Kos or Fitch, that would be a PHENOMANAL ufn main-event … and it’s “damn-near” a PPV main event …

  • Rich S. says:

    hey chuck,
    Pete Sell once said (in his interview for his fight with Baroni)
    “if i lose, hell, it was supposed to happen. But, if i win, it’ll be the upset of the year..” – something along those lines..

    and he won..

    this is sort of the same situation..

    but.. i truly feel that diego can get the win..
    because Luigi lay and prayed with Cummo.. from what i heard [i haven’t seen it yet, either]
    you can’t lay and pray with Diego.. it’s impossible..
    he’s going to be rolling and contorting until he catches you in something..

  • AntonK says:

    I don’t really get this either… what’s in it for Sanchez(beside a headline)? If he loses, well, that’s a serious problem. If he wins, who really cares?

    I’d like to see Sanchez fight Marcus Davis.

  • Prophecy says:

    I would also like to see Sanchez fight Marcus Davis, it would make his come back more legit if he wins.

    Sanchez has improved but has he gotten smarter, to take a fight like this and loss would be real bad.

    Anyway; Marcus Davis and some other fighters possibly were scared to take this fight against the nightmare. (He may have had no choice but to fight Luigi Fiorvanti)

  • zach says:

    marcus davis is fighting swick soon

    perhaps that is why he isn’t fighting diego

  • andrew says:

    DIego sanchez by far. he has gotten alot smarter. and alot stronger. d


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