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Exclusive: Details start to emerge regarding first EliteXC show on CBS


While a press release promised by EliteXC Live Events President Gary Shaw regarding details pertaining to the promotion’s first show CBS never materialized on Wednesday, ( has learned key details through multiple sources about the show that we can now report.

The show is expected to take place on May 31 in New Jersey. While a specific location has not been finalized, the Prudential Center in Newark is considered the likeliest candidate to host the show. The Prudential Center is the same venue in which UFC 78 was held this past November.

It has been confirmed that the show will be headlined by Kimbo Slice against a yet to be named opponent. It is possible that the opponent has been finalized, but we have not be able to determine his identity.

While Slice’s opponent is not known, we do know that Scott Smith will be taking on Robbie Lawler in a five round fight in which Lawler’s EliteXC middleweight title will be on the line.

Gina Carano is also expected to make her return to the promotion on the show against a yet to be determined opponent. Shaw hinted as Carano’s involvement on the show while speaking during a Tuesday conference call to promote the March 29 bout between Frank Shamrock and Cung Le.

Based on the current configuration of EliteXC’s women’s division, Kaitlin Young and Cris Cyborg would have to be considered the leading candidates to oppose Carano on the show.

A swing bout featuring heavyweight prospects Brett Rogers and Jon Murphy is also in the works as well, although bout agreements by both parties have yet to be signed. It is believed that both fighters have verbally agreed to the matchup. The proposed match between Rogers and Murphy would serve as a swing bout.

We will have more details as they become available.

  • Matt says:


    You are the man. I’ve been waiting for this information all day. Lawler v. Smith has the potential to be an awesome slugfest. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Carano return against either Cyborg’s wife or Shana. Either could be great. Rogers vs. Murphy could be a great HW prospect match. Who do you see as the potential matchup for Kimbo? Do you think they might put up Ricco? Or just find another can somewhere?

  • Zack says:

    I don’t think Ricco and his ground game is the right way to showcase Kimbo. Buzz Berry makes more sense. Or someone like Randleman. Or hell, throw Shamrock in there. No one saw that loss to Buzz.

  • Tanner says:

    I thunk you for the info samwise.

  • Matt says:


    I agree that Ricco’s ground game could expose Kimbo, and that EXC probably wants to build up Kimbo’s W-L record before he fights bigger names, but as a Jersey guy who will go to Newark or wherever to see this card, I def. don’t want to see Buzz in the main event. Shamrock would prob. make more sense. I read somewhere that Randleman is headed to World Victory Road? Would be nice to see Eddie Alvarez on this card too, being that he’s a fairly local guy. Would love to see Renzo make his return on this card, too, as he lives only 2 towns away from me. I still would like to see a rematch between him and Frank but with the Cung Le fight only 2 months before this prospective card, it’s obvious that this could never happen even if Renzo agreed to it.

  • Genghis Con says:

    Is the KJ Noons x Yves Edwards fight still gonna be on this card?

  • Matt says:


    I believe that the Noons v. Yves fight is Sat., April 26.

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  • Brent says:

    “Would be nice to see Eddie Alvarez on this card too, being that he’s a fairly local guy.”

    Alvarez is in the DREAM GP – just beat Dida to advance.

  • Matt says:


    Thanks. I forgot that Eddie’s last fight was part of the Dream tournament.

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  • Sam Caplan says:

    Hey guys, just to piggy-back on what’s already been said… to the best of my knowledge, EliteXC is still scheduled to do a show on April 26 in Hawaii that will be headlined by Noons vs. Edwards for the lightweight title. Also, Alvarez is likely to fight again in early-May in the second round of the DREAM lightweight GP. I’m hearing he might be fighting Aoki.


    Aoki vs Alvarez? …. SAM….. NO. Not going to happen buddy. Alvarez just found his spot in the quarter finals, and if he fought Aoki, then this will get him into the semi-finals?? Doesn’t make sense…

  • Nick says:

    Sam, I heard Alvarez say on sherdog radio that he and his camp think he will be fighting Kawajiri next. I love that fight better than Aoki to be honest, both have awesome wrestling. I think Alvarez’s striking is lightyears ahead of Kawajiri though, I would pick him to take that fight, just my two cents.


    I agree with you nick that Eddie does have better striking, but as we all witnessed, Eddie can be knocked down and out as we almost saw in the Dida fight. I believe this is going to be a back and forth war, comparable to kawajiri vs melendez

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Nick, then it’s probably Kawajiri as opposed to Aoki.

  • William W. says:

    Thanks for the info Sam.

    I hate to say it but I think they should do Kimbo vs. Ken Shamrock for the main event. That will definitely be a bout worthy of a headliner, even if all the hardcores already know the end result.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i like watching Lawler fight when he’s in the kind of form that saw him demolish Ninja last year

  • Jim Allcorn says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority here, but I just HATE the idea of Shaw pawning off a Kimbo vs Shamrock main event on us. Sure, it’ll draw in viewers & ratings based on name value, but at the end of the day it’s a spectacle rather than an honest fight as Ken can no longer ( or isn’t willing to ) take even modest punishment anymore.

    So, how’s it going to look to the millions of viewers who tune into MMA for the very first time, only to see “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” go down & out from a jab again like he did against “Buzz” Berry?

    I think a whole lot of those viewers would be turned off by it big time, might assume it’s a work & make it the LAST time they watch MMA. Not to mention how badly the main stream press would savage the sport after seeing that offered as a main event …

    IMO Shaw has GOT to do better than a shot, timid Ken Shamrock as an opponent.

  • Davey D says:

    Jim #19, I’m with you. I do not want to see Kimbo vs. Ken Shamrock. I’ll watch it if it’s on but, yeah. Kimbo is on his way up and Ken has seen better days. If Ken were to win than everything they’ve put into Kimbo could be lost.

    Gina Carano vs. Christine Cyborg would be frickin’ awesome. I’d like to see that fight fo’ sho’.

  • woooburn says:

    #19 – i totally see your point. but would it really be that different than the ortiz/shamrock fight on spike that drew huge numbers? granted tito is not an “internet street fighter”, but i think most people knew what was going to happen in that fight. not saying it’s the most legitimate matchup, but i can definitely see why.

    and just from a personal standpoint… that night of fights (ortiz vs shamrock 3), was my introduction to mma/ufc, and i’ve been hooked ever since. i think if the undercard is impressive for the cbs show, it will help to balance out the spectacle of the main event.

  • mike wolfe says:

    Kimbo vs. Ken would be over in less than 20 seconds. Kimbo would bull rush Ken to the back of the cage and knock Ken out with the first solid punch. Ken’s recent loss indicates he doesn’t have a chin, at least not any more. If Kimbo is the main event, the org. needs to find somebody who can last a round or two, in theory anyway.

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  • JEFF THE DRUNK says:

    based on the buzz berry disaster, kimbo/shamrock would be a horrible matchup and another tomato can KO for the big man- berry/slice makes for a much more competetive fight. even a kimbo/gannon rematch would be ok, but PLEASE no more “world’s most dangerous man” mismatches. shamrock’s best days are behind him and a shamrock/kimbo fight would be nothing more than an exercise in futility in front of a national audience for shamrock and further tarnish his legacy.

  • Jiu-Jitsu Guy says:

    Kimbo Slice is a horrible way to introduce new MMA fans to the sport. Get a real main event.

  • Planet F says:

    I’d like to see Tonya get a rematch with Gina for the CBS gig. Tonya did an amazing sub of one of Gina’s fiercest opponents (Julie Kedzie), so a Gina/ Tonya rematch could be a frickin’ war.


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