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Dion claims victory over Vera in contract dispute

Mark Dion, the former manager of UFC heavyweight title contender Brandon Vera, has released a press release through his website claiming victory in a heated dispute between the two regarding Vera’s decision to try and end his management services contract with Dion last year.

Among some of the allegations made by Vera was his public that Dion neglected to present him with an offer from the UFC.

Both parties had been involved in a protracted dispute that had gone to arbitration and was being heard by the California State Athletic Commission. Dion posted the following excerpt from a ruling by CSAC that was administered on March 7, 2007:

Vera has not met his burden of proving that Dion engaged in illegal conduct in violation of the laws and regulations of the Commission which would establish legal cause for issuance of an order terminating the contract or that Dion failed to act in a reasonable manner in discharging his obligations as a manger as provided for in the contract.

Decision of the Arbitrator
California State Athletic Commission
There was no evidence presented that Manager [Dion] would in any way have benefitted from the rejection of a bona fide promotional or endorsement opportunity.

DISCUSSION – Page 7, Lines 25-27
Decision of the Arbitrator
California State Athletic Commission

Legal documents and exhibits relating to the Arbitration between Mark Dion and Brandon Vera are available by clicking here.


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