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Evan Tanner: “Looks like I’ll be back in the Octagon this summer”

In his most recent post on his website, former UFC middleweight champion, Evan Tanner has stated that UFC matchmaker, Joe Silva has given him both an opponent and date for his next fight.


Just talked with Joe Silva, the UFC matchmaker. He gave me a date and an opponent. Looks like I’ll be back in the Octagon this summer.

It’s good to have a fight scheduled. The last two weeks have been really rough. I’ll tell the story on that in the next few days.

Tanner recently made a comeback to fighting after nearly a two year layoff at this month’s UFC 82. It proved to be unsuccessful as Tanner suffered a second round knockout to top UFC middleweight Yushin Okami.

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  • Kelvin says:

    Hopefully, Tanner can get that “W” that should help keep those demons away.

  • yuushi says:

    It’s good that the UFC isn’t writing him off just yet. I surely want to see Tanner get back on the winning track.

  • Kelvin says:


    They signed him to a 4 fight deal…so surely they were not thinking about cutting him just yet…lol

  • Evan says:

    I can’t think of a better place to live to fight your addictions than Vegas.

  • BJJDenver says:

    I think Tanner probably still has something left, but he definitely needed a tune up fight, and i hope they give him one now. Stepping in against Okami is no easy task and I respect him for taking that challenge.

  • Rich S. says:

    i still don’t understand why he decided to fight the #3 MW in the division for his first fight back in 2 years..

    even though he was fighting a great fighter in Yushin.. i thought he would be able to beat him.. but he was very sluggish.. i could swear he was sick during that fight.. because of his movement..

    i’m very curious to see what he’s going to tell us in the next few days.. because something seemed wrong..

  • woooburn says:

    #6 – hadn’t he said in previous interviews that the ufc offered several other fighters a chance at him, and okami was the only one that accepted?

  • GoofyMonkey says:

    I was super happy to see Tanner back. I really enjoy watching his fights, win or lose! Either way he always puts up a tough challenge.

  • d-train says:

    put up a tough challange?… i enjoy watching tanner fight and all, but everything he threw looked sloppy and slow as hell… i wouldn’t be surprised if pete sell could knock him out..

  • Rich S. says:

    the ONLY fights in Tanner’s career that he didn’t put up a “tough challenge” in were the Franklin fights, the Tito fight, and the Okami fight..
    and he was still tough in the Franklin fights because he took sooo many shots.. and wouldn’t drop..

    and #7,
    i don’t know about that..
    but either way.. as amazing as Tanner is.. he shouldn’t have been in that position – where he had to face a title contender in his first fight back.. although, i really think he could have won.. i just think he was sick.. we’ll see..

  • d-train says:

    Rich S..
    i was merely referring to the okami the fight… i stated before that i enjoy watching him fight, but in the okami fight in particular, he did look sloppy and sluggish… his combo’s were not the same and his pacing was off… i assume u could attribute that to his lack of training and all.. Overall, i think he is outclassed as a contender, and should have been bisping’s first fight at 185…

  • d-train says:

    lemme change the outclassed to outmatched before you become enraged… i.e. henderson, franklin, marquardt, okami… (those i think would be considered contenders and could take tanner)

  • Rich S. says:

    “before you become enraged”
    i wasn’t mad..

    and yes.. he was sluggish in the fight with Okami.. and i STILL FEEL he might have been sick.. or cut incorrectly or something..

    but.. if he fought Pete Sell.. he would sub him in 1..

  • Sergio says:

    “i wouldn’t be surprised if pete sell could knock him out.”

    Tanner would choke Sell out easily.

    Tanner is a weird fighter. He will definitely clean up 85% of the MW division; guys like Sell, Cote, Belcher, Herman should prove no challenge for Tanner.

    But for Tanner to beat MW’s elite; guys like Okami, Franklin, Hendo, Silva… all the stars have to align perfectly.

  • Evan says:

    Hey guys thanks for the support! It has been a tough few weeks but this news has cheered me up. I am fighting a very tough opponent, and I will need to train really hard to get the win in this one. No tune up fights, I want to challenge myself to make sure I still belong in this sport. Once again, Thanks for everything guys.

  • d-train says:

    “but.. if he fought Pete Sell.. he would sub him in 1..”
    “Tanner would choke Sell out easily.”

    really? i would have to go with…ummm, no.
    Sell just recieved his black belt in bjj… tanner has good ground work but wouldn’t say that it is on par with drago’s… I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the old tanner wouldn’t KO him, but the way he looked against Okami i would doubt the new tanner would… Pete has just had some really bad luck in his fights man, with the losses to quarry (in which he was winning the second fight but then got KO’d) to the fluke loss to smith, to being decisioned by leitas… i don’t think tanner would fair any better against these opponents…
    Let me reiterate though… I am not bashing tanner, i like him as a fighter, and enjoy reading his blog, but dont think he will have any type of impact on the MW division

  • Sergio says:

    You think Pete Sell is better than Terrell at the BJJ game?

    “really? i would have to go with…ummm, no.”

  • d-train says:

    you think that tanner can control sell on the ground… let alone put him on his back? the only people that controlled him were leitas and lutter, both of whom would school evan

  • Sergio says:

    You realize you’re talking about a guy who has one win (against a 6-11 fighter) in the past 3 years beating a former MW champion and LHW title contender, correct?

    Tanner takes this fight easily.

  • Rich S. says:

    “tanner has good ground work but wouldn’t say that it is on par with drago’s”

    that could be one of the most ridiculous comments i’ve ever heard..

    look up videos for:
    Evan Tanner vs. Robbie Lawler [who is pretty much a MW champion right now]
    Evan Tanner vs. Justin Levens

    hell, go ahead and look him up on fightfinder..
    i don’t know if you haven’t done your homework or Tanner, but this guy puts on JJ clinics.. i love Tanner’s ground work.. it’s so smooth and fluent..

    i had him sub’ing Okami in round 2..
    but when he showed up he looked sluggish and possibly sick or out of shape.. sooo.. i don’t know about him beating Hendo or Anderson.. but Tanner can definately get into title contention..

    go ahead and check out:
    Evan Tanner vs. Phil Baroni 1.. brilliant clinch work in that fight..

  • Kogepan says:

    How cares about this guy? He’s 38 and washed up and an alcoholic. Bring on some new blood instead of recycling the same old names.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    My money is on Tanner vs. Horn. They tried to set this fight up like a million times but they both kept getting injured.

    That fight seems to make some sense.

  • Rich S. says:

    that would suck.
    because i really want them both to succeed..
    though, i’m sure that no matter how many times Horn loses.. he will always have a spot in the UFC.. and no matter how many times he loses.. he will still have my respect.. no matter how he’s performed lately.. he’s still one of the best ever.. now, i’m going to wait for someone to disagree so i can call them an idiot..

  • Brent says:

    I feel bad for Horn because I don’t think he’s had any notice for his last couple fights – he’s training so many people daily that I doubt he can really prepare anymore and run his business.

  • d-train says:

    the only idiot is yourself for being such a biggot… ur an internet tough guy and your no-use nonsense of a brain should grow up and realize that, instead of calling other people idiots… horn may have been one of the best, but that was when he was in his prime, not now.


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