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Random Rants: Thoughts on Strikeforce/NBC deal; Arlovski to get some love; and more bad press for M-1 Global

Sorry for the lack of posts today but I had to meet with my accountant (more tax stuff) and am working on a project with a big deadline.

The big news yesterday was’s report that NBC and Strikeforce are on the verge of announcing a deal that will result in Strikeforce airing on NBC late Saturday nights. Dave Meltzer doesn’t believe it’s too big of a deal and while his logic makes sense, I don’t agree because the more MMA on network TV, the better.

Even if the initial time slot isn’t the best, it’s still better than nothing. Just because Strikeforce might not air until the wee hours of the morning doesn’t mean that is going to be the case a year from now. You have to start somewhere.

I want to see MMA on network TV be a success because I’d love to see the sport head in a direction where it’s routinely accessible for free as opposed to a pay-per-view basis. If MMA flops on network TV then you will have to continue to pay out of pocket in order to see the biggest fights.

Dana to show Arlovski more love?

I saw a clip of NBC Sports/’s MMA show and saw where Dana White acknowledged he may have made a mistake with Andrei Arlovski and that he needs to show him “some more love.”


  • Evan says:

    No better way to say “I love you” to an athlete than to money whip them.

  • mike says:

    Why is Fedor w/ this guy? Does Vadim have criminal ties and his influence back home have somethign to do Why doesnt Fedor hire management that has his best interests for him and his career instead of some Leisure Suit Larry whos trying to use him for his own personal gain. Why doesnt Fedor see the lineage of other fighters’ careers and realize he needs to make a change.

  • Evan says:

    It’s very possible his surroundings are so shielded and controlled he hasn’t a clue that anything is wrong. Makes you wonder how much of his money he even sees.

  • brutus says:

    There have been signals of shadiness coming out of Fedor’s camp for a while now. Hopefully Fedor himself remains the ascetic hard-training athlete he was before they started to project the Rickson-aura upon him.

  • Kelvin says:


    Any particular reason why you feel that AA will not re-sign with the UFC? Frankly, I don’t see him going anywhere else…give me the inside track!!


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