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Rampage, Griffin talk TUF 7 on Inside MMA (video)

Bas Rutten and Kenny Rice are joined by guests UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Quinton Jackson, Strikeforce’s Cung Le, and radio host Scott Casber. Watch Rampage just shake his head at Forrest, as Griffin breaks down their upcoming bout and the prospects of them co-existing as TUF coaches.

IMO, Inside MMA is a must watch for MMA fans. Catch it Fridays at 9:30pm ET on HDnet.

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  • Zack says:

    is he shaking his head because he disagrees, or because he finds him boring?

  • Patrick says:

    Rampage cracks me up.

  • Gong says:

    That was mighty boring. And I may have popped a vein somewhere after Forrest’s 64th ‘you know’.

  • Zantetzuken says:

    Ok i REALLY need someone to answer me on this question. Lets say that Rampage beats Forest, do you not think that the only 2 guys to considerably knock out Rampage should get a shot next and not Chuck? I would love to see Rua or Wanderlei beat him again.

  • Nick says:

    Gotta love Rampage.

  • Beef says:

    Pretty good but not Rampage’s best. Did anyone else notice that they spent a whole lot more time asking Forrest questions than they did asking Rampage? I mean don’t disrespect the person who actually took the time to sit down with ya in person!

  • THORAZINE says:

    I’m not sure if they asked Forrest more questions, he just went on longer. It was a good interview, Forrest was in serious mode, while Rampage wasn’t

  • THORAZINE says:

    I can see these 2 guys getting into a beef on TUF. They’re going to try to one up eachother.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Inside MMA doesnt go for 7 minutes, I’m pretty sure Rampage had a lot more time to talk than just that minute when they asked him questions.

  • Demon6.0 says:

    I nearly pissed myself laughing when Rampage “fell asleep” during Forrest’s unbelievably gormless little segment.

  • Patrick says:

    Zantetzuken, Rampage has improved by leaps and bounds over the fighter he was in pride, I’m not sure about Rua having a chance at him again nowadays. Wanderlei maybe, just because it looks like he has Rampage’s number just like Rampage has Chucks.

    That said, c’mon people… Rampage = good t.v., dude should have a show on comedy central. The video of him impersonating Kongo was hilarious.

  • jimmyjonesville says:

    looks like rampage shoulda woke up in the fight….really thats just the way rampage clowns and forrest is just a more serious dude…regardless its great the way these guys respect one another


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