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Winners of BodogFIGHT Season II DVD’s are…

bdf-series-ii.jpgWinners of the “BodogFIGHT: St. Petersburg, The Complete Second Series” are:

    #2 Jay Taylor
    #3 Eric
    #4 Ryno
    #5 John Ramdeen
    #7 Brad

*Sorry entry #1, you forgot to name the event in question 2.

The correct answers from our trivia contest are:
1. Obtained the name “Goat” from having a weak chin early in his training, getting knocked-out several times.
2. Antonio Silva / BodogFIGHT USA vs Russia
3. Jean Claude Van Damme and Russian president Vladimir Putin
4. Jeff Ford
5. Carina & Rodrigo Damm, Fedor & Aleksanader Emelianenko, Steve & Ray Steinbeiss, Matt Thorpe & Rosi Sexton (we accepted 3 of the 4)

Thanks again to all the participants and the BodogFIGHT for providing us with the DVD’s.

For those that didn’t win and would like to purchase BodogFIGHT: St. Petersburg, The Complete Second Series you can get it at the Bodog Store.


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