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Strikeforce/EliteXC Shamrock vs Le: fight card

When: March 29, ’08
Where: San Jose, CA @ HP Pavilion

Here’s the latest on the Strikeforce/EliteXC event:

    Frank Shamrock vs. Cung Le @ 185lbs
    Gilbert Melendez vs. Gabe Lemley @ 155 lbs
  • Mike Kyle and Wayne Cole @ 170 lbs
  • Ryan Jensen vs. Joey Villasenor @ 185lbs
  • Drew Fickett vs. Jae Suk Lim @ 165lbs
  • Luke Stewart vs. Tiki Ghosn @ 170 lbs

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  • Rich S. says:

    that, my friends, is a brilliant card..

    cyborg/smokin’ Joe… HOLY CRAP..

    shields/fickett.. i hope that turns into JJ clinic..

    we ought to see some fireworks in the shammy/le fight..

    and i hope to see Diaz get back into the winning side..and perform well..

  • bubbafat says:

    is it ppv? or is it on showtime and fight network again?

  • ttt says:

    this has more potential than the last UFC card

  • bjjdenver says:


    And agreed, great card for EXC!

  • SteveXtreme says:

    The card definitely has potential, but when I start to think of the announce team I fear for my ears. Because it is highly likely that I will rip them off. Thank God for mute buttons!

  • Rich S. says:

    i absolutely hate the EXC announcers..
    Goldberg stutters more than porky the pig..
    and Mauro.. just says some straight-up stupid stuff..
    Quadros isn’t sooo bad.. but he says stupid stuff too..

    last saturday:

    Quadros: “i’m glad this cage is reinforced because there’s 500 lbs. of manhood leaning against it..”

    i’m sure he could have worded that better to sound less like he’s talking about 500 lbs. of genitalia..

  • Rln says:

    Not too excited for this card. It’s like a Pros vs. Joes set up. Quite disappointing.

  • Rich S. says:

    pros vs. joes??

    the only fights that might seem like “pros vs. joes” match-ups.. are.. the Melendez fight.. and the Diaz fight..

    one could argue the same for the Shammy/Le fight.. but.. i see them both as highly touted professionals..
    although Shammy has more MMA experience than Le.. Le has plenty of fights under his belt..

  • ScottD says:

    Yeah, but where do they go after this fight? Who would they have next at 185? Its a great card but hhow many times can they fight each other?

  • Rich S. says:

    well, i would say the winner of Shamrock/Le would get the winner of Baroni/Kalohe hose..

    even though… if it came to Sham/Baroni.. Shamrock has already completely destroyed Baroni..sooo.. idk..

  • Pontus says:

    Whats up with having the Diaz fight at 165… Why just not make it 170.

  • Rln says:

    “Whats up with having the Diaz fight at 165… Why just not make it 170.”

    That’s the new weight class that Shaw made for him. 160 wasn’t working out so well for him.

  • Mike Olson says:

    just watched diaz vs aina and i think “the fight professor” is a complete idiot. Close fight??? yes… All Aina… Not a chance. Diaz stood and banged, and for a guy notorious for his cuts he actually looked better than aina after the fight. The knockdown that aina had (and quados gave him a hj and a bj for) was mid head kick.
    If Quadros was trying to headkick me and I kicked his other leg out, would it be a knockdown?????????

    It’s official… I am challenging Steven “The Fag Professor” to an mma bout. Anytime and anyplace. Gotta run_ Hua vs.Lawler

    Thanks for listening, and Fag Prof… I’ll be looking for you!

  • Mike Olson says:

    back to Quadros… If someone lifts their leg while defending a leg kick it is called “checking.” Meaning it is not going to do as much damage. And you do score points with knees. Steven please take notes and prepare for our bout.

    I am going to school Quadros. I am looking for a sponsor and hoping proelite and tapout can help. On the next Kimbo card: Quadros vs Olson

    Please give me some traction with this.

  • Ond says:

    Nice card. One of the better US cards outside UFC in a long time.

  • longhair333 says:

    Quadros is cool him and bas rutten where a great team

  • Pleau says:

    Decent card overall. Too bad Fickett/Shields is off. My only problem is the limited number of announced fights. I went to the last Strikeforce show in San Jose, which was pretty exciting overall. They had around 12-13 fights that night. So far for this event which is less than a week away they only have 4-5 fights finalized. A part of this is the outstanding number of fighters pulling out for various reasons (Cyborg, Shields, and Thompson). I think this is the only factor holding me back from buying a ticket.


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