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UFC 86 Fight Card

When: July 5 ’08
Where: Las Vegas, NV
Watch: pay per view

Here’s the latest on the UFC 86 event:
Main Card

  • Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Forrest Griffin (UFC Light Heavyweight Title)
  • Gleison Tibau vs. Joe Stevenson
  • Patrick Cote vs. Ricardo Almeida
  • Chris Lytle vs. Josh Koscheck
  • Tyson Griffin vs. Marcus Aurelio


  • Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Justin McCully
  • Corey Hill vs. Justin Buchholz
  • Cole Miller vs. Jorge Gurgel
  • Melvin Guillard vs. Dennis Siver

Fight card subject to change; bouts will be added as we confirm them.

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  • aceyeager says:

    bad matchup. not to take anything away from griffin but jacksons stricking and surprsing grappling is going to be to much for forrest. i can c this actually going to decision



  • aceyeager says:

    if forest can stay away from jackson and get some take downs work his submissions i think so to. but if he tries to brawl it will be over soon

  • paddiosf says:

    Forrest has his hands full with Jackson but anything is possible in MMA but the only way i see Jackson losing if he comes in over confident..Forrest has so much heart but Jackson will win in a TKO, Forrest is so prone to cutting and Jackson is a Beast on the ground…

  • Dayzah says:

    You have Gleison Tibau twice btw , also I hear hes fighting Joe Daddy.

  • Devin Miller says:

    Forrest will make it a fight i guarrentee that. He works too hard and has too much heart to be overwhelmed by anybody. Rampage is a beast and a legend of the sport but what Forrest has is hard to find. There both relentless and i think this fight will come down to who guts it out more in the later rounds. Both are incredibly conditioned but Forrest might be the hardest worker in the sport. So my prediction is Forrest will be better and tougher in the later rounds and will outwill rampage jackson. And hopefully go on to be a great champ for the ufc.

  • bugzy says:

    rumor says that forrest ko’d kimbo slice in his camp. it may be bullshit, but dont underestimate griffin’s striking. i think alot of people are going to be surprised, its a great matchup

  • mike says:

    Forrest will win rampage has no heart and I have my money on forrest

  • HexRei says:

    #9, you are gonna lose that money. Forrest has some advantages here such as height and probably weight (after rehydration) but Rampage has better wrestling and striking and i dont know how you can say he had no heart, he stood up to about bazillion knees from roided-up Wandy and Shogun and then KO’ed Chuck.
    I like Forrest a lot but Rampage is going to win this.

  • HexRei says:

    (lalthough of course he was KO’ed by those knees, but still so was almost everybody else in Pride, Rampage just took more than most others)

  • Brandon says:

    Forrest griffin is like the most beastly light heavy weight in the UFC and is going to win the fight against rampage no matter how strong he is. Man one punch from either of those dudes and you wont function properly for a few months, but i think that forest griffin is a little stronger

  • aceyeager says:

    yes mike ur gonna lose ur money. griffin has nuthing on jackson. he has 2 hands tho which gives him a chance. lets not forget serra st. pierre. and the only way forest is gonna survive is on the ground he stands hes fucked. and as far as him not being overwhelmed i watched him get ktf out by jardine so u can quit the bull shit

  • aceyeager says:

    yes mike ur gonna lose ur money. griffin has nuthing on jackson. but he does have 2 hands which gives him a chance. lets not forget serra st. pierre. the only way griffin makes a fight of it is on the ground he stands hes fucked. and as far as him not being overwhelmed i wtched him get ktf out by jardine so u can quit the bull shit

  • Shaun says:

    if u think about it rampage decisively knocked out chuck who at one point was forrest’s mentor. rampage is coming off three big big wins. eastman (avenged loss), liddell (first knockout loss for chuck, first time getting his number called, & lost title) & henderson (his personal friend who came off huge win against silva).

    forrest’s only real losses is a controversial decision to tito (as close as it gets) & huge upset against jardine who also beat chuck. but forrest is coming off biggest win of his career destroying shogun. besides that early carrer fights against dan severn (his first pro fight and he loss by decision, impressive in my opinion and ko head kick from jeremy horn who’s fought like the world.

    very very intriguing match-up good call on matchmaker’s part.

  • Mr Tibbs says:

    Forrest can not beat Rampage. Forrest has heart but this ain’t no Rocky movie. In a street fight in Chicago, New York, Philly, L.A, or anywhere else who would you want to have your back? A skinny little white guy or a big black junkyard dog. Be smart Forrest is not on the same level of Rampage.

  • aceyeager says:

    haha as funny as that is ur right.

  • Evan says:

    “Be smart Forrest is not on the same level of Rampage.”

    need I remind you of a name he asked to fight….Shogun.

  • keenan says:

    ya i also heard forrest dropped kimbo with a head kick. how do u train for a big black guy? you find a bigger blacker guy!

  • phuckbuddy says:

    if anyone really thinks forest cant beat rampage doesnt need to watch ufc or mma cause they have no idea what theyre talking about

  • bryuceboy says:

    Forest griffin will beat rampage jackson. So what if rampage knocked out chuck liddel? He’s fallen down from what he used to be and chuck doesnt impress me anymore. Just because your black doesnt mean anything and if you say comments like that you really dont know mma. Besides, what other guy besides forest can pull a shoulder out of its socket or break his forearm and still fight to get the win? enough said, hes tougher and stronger

  • aceyeager says:

    if u think tougher and stronger means anything u need to watch more mma.
    he beat dan henderson and chuck lidell at their own games. how the fuck do u c forest winning. i like hime but hes not good enough to beat jackson.

  • ShiTSoN says:

    WTF are some of you talking about?

    #12- Forrest griffin is like the most beastly light heavy weight in the UFC and is going to win the fight against rampage no matter how strong he is.
    Then you say…
    but i think that forest griffin is a little stronger

    Sorry Brandon, this isn’t an arm-wrestling contest. Being about to bench press or curl more weight doesn’t make you a better fighter.

    And who’s the moron was that suggests Rampage wins because he’s black!?!? Ask Randelmann if being bigger and blacker helped when he fought Liddell… Actually ask Coleman, KR probably doesn’t even remember what happened.

    Forrest KOing Kimbo doesn’t mean anything either. Kimbo isn’t anywhere CLOSE to same level as Rampage… so again “blackness” means nothing.

    Rampage wins fights because he is an incredible striker, great wrestler, and yes! he does have heart… If you need proof, watch the 5 round WAR Jackson v. Henderson

    Did he forget he was black when he got KO’d by Wandy or Shogun? Anything can happen in MMA. The best fighter doesn’t always win. Forrest can definitely win this fight, but Rampage is the better fighter and has a greater chance. If you’re a betting man, bet Rampage— because he’s a better overall fighter.

  • whatitdo says:

    I agree with #23. Rampage overall is a better fighter. Definitely a better striker. This is a really good matchup. I’m betting on Rampage, but anything can happen in the UFC especially with a guy as tough and gutsy as griffin.

  • psyche says:

    The only way Griffin would beat Rampage would be by total luck. Any doubts that if it went through 5 rounds that Rampage would gas out is just plain stupid because Henderson gassed out before Rampage during there bout. Also anyone who can knock out Liddell is not to be underestimated, and whoever thinks Liddell isn’t and amazing fighter must have missed his fight against Silva. Hands down Rampage will win he is an incredible striker and a great wrestler and will probably beat Griffin in to tears just like Jardine did. I do give props to Griffin though for beating Shogun, but he did lose to Ortiz, who at the time had an injured knee.

  • Layne Kieschnick says:

    Evan Tanner is one of my favorite fighters because of his heart and solid game — Man, the dude is 39…put him in the octagon when he is 25 along with Grove and he rips him up in the first round GUARANTEED.. That man does not give up…& mad props to Rampage Jackson..Great fighter — but you gotta be kidding me, Forrest win by luck??? Dude, that guy is the real deal…I’m calling Forrest by an apesh*t flurry of punches to the head while Rampage is on the ground gettin’ beat down!! YEZZIRRRRRRRR

  • aceyeager says:

    psyche whos underestimating jackson.

  • vinny says:

    Forrest will pull of the upset because he wants it bad enough everyone knows how rampgae is a beast and with impressvive wins over the ufc poster boy chuck liddel and den henderson anyhting can happen in this sport and in the end its who has the most will and heart and in my eyes forrest will win altho i like rampage and think hes the best fighter in ufc i kno forrets will win

  • wesley says:

    In MMA, consistency is difficult. One lapse and the fight could be over. While I’m going to guess that Rampage will win this (despite the fact that he’s smaller than that “skinny little white guy”) anyone who believes Griffin doesn’t have a chance is plainly not too familiar with MMA. The truth is, there’s no way we can know who’s going to win and even speculating is difficult. Virtually nobody gave Griffin a chance vs. Rua. Rua apparently underestimated Griffin or was injured during training and so came in weak on the cardio—and that plus Griffin’s skills (normally presumably inferior to Shogun’s) and determination were enough to get Forrest the win. It should be an exciting fight. It’s a little disappointing though because they both seem like such good guys. (I’d hate to see either lose.)It seems they’re both very likeable so I hope the fight is clean, not decided by the ref and that both fighters give it their best.

  • wesley says:

    What I’d rather see is Rampage give Guillard(damn the weight classes) a free MMA lesson and teach him some manners at the same time.

  • I want forrest to win but I think rampage is going to because I just cant see forrest pull it off, I want him to The only way i see forrest winning is by submission. But I think jackson might win by t.k.o, Or I could be wrong it could go the distance. I am pulling for Griffin.

  • kyle says:

    I’m really wanting to see the chris lytle and josh koscheck fight. I wanting forrest to win but i agree with andrew i just cant see forrest pulling it off. I think that there are only two good fights tonight. The two are the koscheck fight and the rampage fight.

  • JoecountryboyQ says:

    If Forrest stays out of the reach and stays outside, behind him, or goes for the leg lock then he will have a good shot. Griffen can take the punches, But if Quinton get ahold on him he’s done. It will be like watching a bobcat fighting a panther.

  • Big T says:

    Everyone seems to think rampage is unbeatable. You are forgetting he has lost twice to silva. Forrest has a simiar style to silva and he has a good chance of winning this fight. If you think he has no chance your a fool.

  • tattoo-vue says:

    griggin as bean whaithing for this one for quite a while ……

    hmmm i think i would put my money on Griffin by submition

    mayb i would lose it and mayb i would win it

    wee shall see

  • Eighth 2 an O says:

    anything can happen.

  • Komodo says:

    Great stuff… big ups to Forrest :)


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