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RING of COMBAT 18: Results

When: March 8, 08
Where: Atlantic City, NJ @ Tropicana Casino
Watch: HDNet

East Coast MMA action on HDNet. This card featured KO’s, numerous groin strikes, two losses by Gracie’s, and had UFC’s Dan Henderson and Frankie Edgar cornering fighters from their respective camps.

    Televised Bouts —

  • Jim Miller (AMA Fight Club/ Renzo Gracie) def. Chris Liguori (Rhino Fight Team) via Submission (Guillotine) Rd 2.
  • Krysztof Soszynski (Team Quest) def. Alex Andrade (Lion’s Den) via Disqualification due to repeated groin strikes.
  • Doug Gordon (Team Rush/Elite BJJ) def. Gregor Gracie (Renzo Gracie) via Knockout Rd 3.
  • Lyman Good (TSMMA) def. Alexis Aquino (Rhino Fight Team) via Unanimous Decision
  • John Howard (Wai Kru) def. Jose Rodriguez (Rhino Fight Team) via KO Rd 1.
  • Mike Guerin (Bombsquad) def. Dan Miller (AMA Fight Club/Renzo Gracie) – Doctor Stoppage, No Decision
  • Tom Gallichio (Rhino Fight Team) def. Igor Gracie (Renzo Gracie) via Unanimous Decision
  • Binky Jones (Ground Control/Renzo Gracie) def. Al Buck (Evolution Fight Team) via Kimura Rd 1.
  • Mike Medrano (Rhino Fight Team) def. Rich Ashkar (Team Oliveria) via Knockout Rd 1.
  • Ricardo Romero (Advanced Martial Arts) def. Randy Durant (Team Fury) via Ref Stoppage Rd 1.

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  • Guy Gaduois says:

    The high def knockout kick by Doug Gordon on Gregor Gracie is an example of the best camera work (whether by luck, placement or skill by the camera guy) I’ve ever seen in MMA.
    High Def allows us to see an explosion of sweat, the impact ripples shuddering through Gracie . . . it’s an incredible shot. The 2nd camera shot is just as sensational, showing Gracie’s left side of his body trying to turn right and the right side of his body trying to turn left, the delayed motor response of his hands as his knees hit the floor.
    The quality of the fighting isn’t what the UFC or WEC produces, but the camera work and picture quality were amazing.
    Also, there has to be a better way to win that for your opponent to be DQ’ed for repeatedly kicking you in the groin. Ye gods.

  • Dan K. says:

    That Head kick was amazing!!!! The sweat went flying like a bomb went off in his head! You cant beat an event were you get to see two Gracies lose on one card. HAHA take that back to Brazil with you!!! And the Lions Den fighter that kept throwing the groin shots should never fight on a card again. He nailed that poor guy with about 5 knees and one soccer kick straight to the boys. The most annoying thing was how the ref was telling him that he was faking after a couple of them. Then the replay shows them getting knee’d out his mouth. With or without a cup that would be horrible.

  • Chris says:

    Gordon had a brutal high kick and your right guy, what a nice view. Tom Gallichios 261 punch dominating fight was amazing…….i felt bad for Krysztof Soszyns but i think he was fakin a couple of them…….Andrade still should have been dqed, that was sloppy…… I cant wait to see who tom gallichio will fight next…….

  • Edwin Suarez says:

    Mike Medrano’s :17sec victory was truly amazing.

  • imapressman2112 says:

    Alexis Aquino has tremendous heart too go 3 rounds against Good. In the 2nd round he had a chance but Good dominated in 3rd. Kudos to both fighters! I was very impressed and entertained w this one!


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