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Cage Rage on SHOWTIME this weekend

SHOWTIME will be televising a portion of Cage Rage 25 this Saturday on a tape delay basis immediately following SHOWTIME Championship Boxing.

Four fights are being advertised for the SHOWTIME televised portion of the card, including the night’s main event between Ken Shamrock and Robert “Buzz” Berry.

Other matches include a Cage Rage featherweight title match between Jean Silva and Masakazu Imanari; a heavyweight match between Neil Grove vs. Rob Broughton; and a middleweight match between Tom Watson vs. Pierre Guillet.

Mauro Ranallo will handle the play-by-play with Stephen Quadros serving as the color commentator.

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I wanted to apologize for my lack of posting the last day or so. I’m working on my tax returns and it’s a major pain in the ass. I spent most of yesterday working on it and will be spending much of today as well. As an independent contractor, there’s a lot involved with my return as opposed to the typical return. I’m not complaining, just trying to give everyone a heads up why there haven’t been many posts from me and why you might not  have received a response to an e-mail as of yet.

  • Kelvin says:


    I have my own business outside of my regular job…so with 1099’s and all that bullshit…I can definitely relate to the pain of doing taxes…so you are forgivin :)

  • cyphron says:

    No Sam Caplan posts? All I see are Sam Caplan posts!

    On a side note, I believe Shamrock should retire after he gets his ass whup this Saturday. There will be no Kimbo VS Shamrock for EliteXC to exploit. Shamrock is one of those MMA fighters who just fall of a cliff in ability once they pass the 40 mark.

  • ctownhood says:

    How dare you Sam!!! We pay you good money for you to research, and keep us informed on here!!! Oh wait….it’s free..nevermind 😉

    Does anyone know how long Kimbo is contracted for?

  • Kelvin says:

    Ctownhood…if I’m not mistaken Kimbo just signed an extension of some sorts…so he’s gonna be with Elite for a while.

  • GirlyGirl says:

    Hey, how come no mention of the Daley/Berik fight????

  • Matt C. says:

    You guys should fact check me, but I believe Kimbo signed a four fight deal… or maybe that was the term of the CBS/XC deal…

  • Rich says:

    Sam, as far as i’m concerned, you’ve posted a bunch in the last few days.. and they were great articles at that.. so, don’t worry..

  • Rich says:

    Jean Silva’s pretty awesome..
    i’ve only seen one fight of his, and it was the fight with Takanori Gomi..
    i loved that fight..
    it was pretty much back and forth action.. but gomi got the decision..

  • GassedOut says:

    You know what I love? If it’s MMA on Showtime, I get it on the Fight Network in Canada for FREE! 10:30 p.m. Eastern, by the way… :)

  • The Daly-Berik fight seems to be fairly overrated for women’s MMA. Berik didn’t look so good in her training footage, and in fact, didn’t look powerful at all. Daly has 2 fights under her belt in which she finished her opponent. Berik has a chance though, and could become the UK Gina Carano with her looks.


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