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Rashad Evans steps up to fight Chuck Liddell


MMA Weekly has confirmed that winner of the Ultimate Fighter Season 2, Rashad Evans will now fight Chuck Liddell later this year.

Liddell was set to take on former Pride FC standout, Mauricio Rua but the Brazilian had to pull out of the fight after he aggravated a knee injury.

Rashad Evans has gone undefeated in his career and has a 6-0-1 mark in the UFC and a career record of 11-0-1. His last appearance in the UFC was a split decision victory over fellow TUF winner Michael Bisping and before that he went to a unanimous draw with former UFC light heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz.

Chuck Liddell’s last appearance in the octagon was at UFC 79 where he recorded an impressive unanimous decision victory over Wanderlei Silva which halted a two fight losing streak.

This fight will headline UFC 85 on June 7th in London, England.

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  • Big Butch says:

    It is good to see that Rashad isn’t going to ride the TUF wave forever…he has stepped up huge and takes a fight that most people wouldn’t give him a chance in hell of winning. Good for him for wanting to step in the cage against probably the most recognizable fighter around…and that is in no way a knock against Thiago Silva.

  • Kelvin says:

    Congrats to Rashad…and this will be no walk in the park for Chuck…mark my words.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Indeed, Chuck doesnt usually knock people the fuck out in a park.

  • Nick says:

    IS anyone else as disappointed as I am? I wouldn’t care if I ever saw Rashad evans fight ever again. I was really hoping for a miracle, like Dan Henderson or maybe signing Arona or Lil Nog. I guess I won’t be buying that PPV.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I disagree Kelvin, Chuck is a bad, bad matchup for Evans. Liddell via first round TKO.

  • Foojita says:

    Anyone else pissed he’s not fighting Thiago Silva anymore?

    I was looking forward to that fight.

  • Zantetzuken says:

    I called it, and i think it will end after 3 rounds, split decision Liddell. Rashad is too built.

  • Kelvin says:

    “I disagree Kelvin, Chuck is a bad, bad matchup for Evans. Liddell via first round TKO.”

    Sam, I completely understand your POV as with everyone else’s in the matchup…I think Rashad’s a very underrated fighter…it seems everyone is automatically thinking about how Tito(he’s a wrestler) faired against Liddell and basing his performance in terms of how Rashad will do…frankly, I think Rashad beings ALOT more to the table than Tito…

  • Rich says:

    That is incredibly disappointing. I really thought they’d be able to pull someone better out of the bag than Rashad, anyone else!

    Yeah it’ll more than likely be a brutal TKO but I’d rather see a competitive fight. I really hope the UFC don’t try and push Chuck for a shot after this. They will I’m sure, but a win over Rashad Evans is hardly justification for being number one contender. He’s not a bad fighter but he’s not remarkable and he’s so very boring.

  • Evan says:

    I think this is a solid replacement. Not a good plan A but a solid plan B.

  • slimm says:

    Evans is a good fighter, just really boring at times, it wont be “a push~over” but he will gas mid 2nd round and the fight will soon end there after, plus the whole jackson camp v chuck angle as well, whatever this is a let down in comparison to a anticipated match with shogun…… owell perhaps it will be free on spike so i dont have to pay 50 for the ppv if chuck v evans is the main event…… even though i probably would, cheers

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Kelvin, that might be the case but I think Liddell’s sprawl will be too much for Rashad. And if the fight remains standing, I think Liddell will have too much of a reach and power advantage.

  • Kelvin says:


    I agree in that sense…Chuck’s reach will be a factor…depending on if Rashad can get the takedown or not…and all the people talking about Rashad is a wack replacement…I Shogun is an easier fight for Chuck than Rashad.

  • Big D says:

    It’s not that this will be a bad fight, just that we were expecting more. I think we got spoiled when Serra went down leading up to his fight against Hughes and GSP stepped up. That (probably unfairly) raised my expectations on replacement fighters, not sure about everyone else.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:


    The only thing that’s good about this fight is that Chuck is getting a little punchy these days…. Fighting Rashad will keep him fresh to go against the better strikers in the UFC when all the smoke clears…… Griffin, or rematches with Rampage, Jardine, or Silva….. Throw Machida in there as well.

    Rashad needs to cut down on the bench presses or increase his reps… Lighten the muscle bulk, and move down to 185 where he probably belongs.

  • RUSH says:

    Kudos to Rashad for taking this fight… Sam echoed my thoughts exactly when he said Rashad would be the best viable option inside the UFC. It’s a big opportunity for Rashad to step into the division’s elite, but I think Chuck will give him a whole host of problems. Liddell via TKO Rd. 2

  • ctownhood says:

    This is a interesting matchup. There’s no way Rashad will be able to stand and bang with Chuck, and Chuck’s takedown defense is top notch. The reach will be an iisue for Evans as well. I’m with Caplan on this one..bad matchup for Evans

  • Kelvin says:

    Everybody talking about reach…let’s not forget that Evans has fought guys the same size as Chuck..and bigger…(Imes at 6’8″) I’m sure he’ll manage…

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:


    Chuck destroyed Tito AND Randy Couture. Twice. Rashad is not a better grappler than Couture, is he!? Chuck owns LHW grapplers. End of story. This is simply a marketing matchup.

    You also need to buy some Pride DVD’s from Amazon…. Shogun is a dangerous matchup for Chuck. At his best he’s Rampage, Jardine, and Wanderlei Silva all rolled into one. Punches, knees, kicks, submissions. Don’t forget he tore Rampage apart the same way Wandy did. And while the Chuck vs. Silva fight was one of the most exciting I’ve ever seen, Shogun wouldn’t be giving up the reach that Silva did…… Shogun’s probably done with fighting with those bad knees, but on paper its a no-brainer. Shogun > Rashad.

  • GassedOut says:

    Y’know, Chuck was also a division 1 wrestler…that’s WHY his takedown defence and ability to stand back up are so good. I’m with Sam. Rashad won’t last 5 minutes.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    Brad Imes doesn’t hit like Chuck Liddell. Bad comparison. People are talking about reach because Rashad will have to get inside it to clinch Chuck. Tito and Couture couldn’t do it.

    Besides that, Rashad can’t finish Chuck on the ground even if he does take him down. Chuck just stands up. Watch some old fights. And if he does hold him down, it will take all he’s got to do it, with no ability to damage him.

  • seth b says:

    …and the Rashad hating continues. I can already see the posts the next day if Rashad wins, “Chuck did not train for this fight as hard because it is hard to get motivated for such an easy opponent”.

    I will put the crystal ball away for a second and say that all Evans does is find ways to win. period. I am sure he and his coaches are studying Chuck as we speak and are putting together a plan of attack. The Iceman is not invincible.

  • Jay K. says:

    I agree with poster #6,

    It should’ve been Thiago Silva rather than ‘Shad. This is going to turn into another episode of the Ike and Tina Turner show. It aint going to be pretty.


    Jay K.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:

    seth b-

    Anybody can beat anybody given the right circumstances, that’s the fun of MMA… But I’d rather see Chuck fight a different anybody than Rashad. I think this is what most of the Rashad hate comes down to.

  • Zack says:

    I like Rashad but this fight is a big letdown from the Shogun dream match. A biiiiig letdown. It will almost certainly be a much less exciting fight.

  • Kelvin says:

    [email protected] the Rashad hate.

  • Dat_Dude says:

    Why is the UFC not showing Thiago Silva no love. The guy is undefeated and destroyed his last to opponents. I personally that he can beat anybody in the LHW division but because he doesnt speak english they cant market him so they wont give him his chance to shine. Im sure he could take chuck but i dont think Dana wants another non-english speaking champ, i.e. Anderson Silva! Why doesnt Dana make these guys learn to speak english, I mean this is a business and he is there boss. Sam what do you think about Thiago, you dont really show him any love and i dont know why? He has impressive in all his UFC fights yet you dont even have him ranked in your top 10 LHW! As for Shad Evans he is to worried about winning and not inflicting punishment on his opponent. But Chuck is a bad matchup for him and he should KO him by the middle of the 2nd!

  • Dat_Dude says:

    Sorry for all the grammar errors in the last post, didn’t proof read it…lol!

  • cyphron says:

    Dana White wants a Chuck VS Rampage rematch. What better way to do that than to put Chuck up against someone he has a 75% chance of beating. That is why Jardine is not fighting Chuck instead.

    Chuck VS Rampage III after this.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Talk about Chuck Liddell vs Kevin Randleman 2

  • Rich says:

    i don’t think Chuck’s going to KO Rashad..
    and there’s no way Rashad’s finishing Chuck..
    unless this ends via a cut.. it’ll be a decision..

    idk what’s up w/ Chuck’s power lately.. but he isn’t hurting people..
    he didn’t even throw a punch in the Rampage fight..
    and although Jardine said he was seeing stars.. we never saw him stumble or seem really hurt..
    and he DID catch Wandy a maybe two times.. but couldn’t put him away.. and i won’t knock him for that..

    all i’m saying.. is i don’t think anyone’s rocked Rashad.. at least, not to my recolection..

    Rashad definately has the ability to take this fight.. but.. sometimes he is just stupid.. like when he fought Tito.. i mean, he’s pretty much the only guy to ever have Tito tired, aside from Randy, and he didn’t even try to finish him.. Tito was tired the whole 3rd round.. and all Rashad did was dance around.. and throw the occasional jab [that came from too far out to hit him] And then whudya know? with freakin’ 20 seconds left Rashad gets Tito down..and just works him.. i mean.. with 20 or 30 more seconds.. Rashad would have gotten the finish.. Tito was pretty much defensless for an entire round.. and Rashad just wouldn’t jump on it..

    All i’m saying, is that Rashad needs to realize that this is the fight of his career. If he beats Chuck.. those who didn’t take him seriously, will.. If he beats Chuck.. he will get closer to title contention..

    and as for Chuck.. he needs to train for this one the way he trained for Randy.. just stop every takedown and hit him really hard in the face..

  • Zantetzuken says:

    I don’t think he will fight Rampage after this just yet, it will most likely go Liddell v Griffin if he wins (95% sure of this) but if Rampage keeps his title then, i think, he will get 1 more sure win before Rampage, even possibly on the same card Rampage defends his title next Chuck will be fighting Shogun? Or someone else if not Rampage.

  • MMA SKOOL™ says:


  • Chuck says:

    I don’t think Rashad will even bother trying the takedown. Everybody used to say that the only way to beat Liddell was to take him down and pound him out. Well, that never worked and likely won’t work with this fight. The strategy to beat Chuck has been worked successfully by Rampage and Jardine. Strike with Chuck- but don’t brawl with him. Wear him down and get out of the line of fire so he doesn’t have the chance to setup and tee off. The fight with Wandy confirmed what not to do in a standup battle with him- stand in front of him and brawl. So, I think with these examples, Chuck can be beaten with a great gameplan and some very smart boxing. Evans may not be a killer when it comes to striking but technically speaking he’s no worse than Jardine and Jardine got the W. Evans has heavy enough hands to keep Chuck honest and if he follows a smart gameplan, and doesn’t stand against the fence to trade bombs like Wandy did, he could pull out the win.

  • Max says:

    Chuck is definitely not the same fighter he use to be. I see Rashad taking this one. He’s younger, more explosive, and learning steadily. Who in the hell wants to watch a Rampage vs Liddell III. How many times does Rampage have to beat this dude.

  • Max says:

    The day of Chuck Liddell being the UFC’s poster child is over. The UFC should be plan on hyping another raising star.

  • Evan says:

    “The day of Chuck Liddell being the UFC’s poster child is over.”

    max….a little late to the party, eh?

  • screwface says:

    i cant wait for this fight , just to see the 2 sams eat their words again and the rest of you haters too. rashad imo fights as good as his opponent is but always a bit better. i predict a shocking KO on chuck to go on rashads highlight reel. chuck will have no defense for the street style punches rashad throws when fighting an opponent who likes to keep it standing. and the matrix bob and weave will be more than enuff to stop chucks rain. thats right i said it adam, rain :p

  • Zantetzuken says:

    Him being the poster boy or not, people are still pulling for him in massive quantities. To be honest though i could see almost any fight going the opposite way of what the majority thinks might happen. I mean come on, who saw GSP getting KOed and losing his title? Who saw Jardine beating Chuck by decision? Who guessed Anderson Silva was going to submit Hendo?

    I honestly can’t see a TKO or KO in Liddells favor for this fight.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    Anyone saying Chuck is going to KO rashad should go look at how many times Rashad has ever been hurt in his fights..I have watched Rashad since his fights before TUF and he has never been hurt by a punch… Not saying Liddell cant do it but to sit here and say LIDDELL KO ROUND 1 is uninformed

  • Rich says:


    i see we’ve got yet another Rich..

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Chuck wins by submission 1st round!!!!!!!!!!!! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Seriously, Chuck wins by tko 1st round. Rashad is gonna be too intimidated when he steps in with iceman. Once he feels that power he is gonna crumble. Plus I don’t think he is anywhere near the caliber that jardine or rampage is. Trying to compare those guys with Rashad is an insult to them!

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    #38 Rashad#1
    “Rashad has never been hurt by a punch”!

    Well,… has he ever been punched by Liddell?

  • King Mah Mah says:

    #38 Rashad#1
    “Rashad has never been hurt by a punch”!

    Well,… has he ever been punched by Liddell?

  • King Mah Mah says:

    Chuck Liddell KO round 1… I hope!

  • theickysticky says:

    Chuck by 1st Round decapitation! Nighty nite Rashad!

  • slimm says:

    Evans has a chance to win ofcourse, it wasnt that long ago that his teammate won a decision of Chuck, even after saying that i expect (like others) for chuck to hit him and watch him roll into a ball ala Tito……. I just dont see Chuck getting excited for this fight as much as he would for Shogun, Chuck wanrs to fight the “big names” imo, and that helps him get pumped to prove that he is better then them, Chuck is already better then Evans in most people eyes…..
    do u guys think the reason that Dana isnt putting all the champs infront of the cameras all the time is because other than Rampage (who is doing this season of tuf, and has been hurt) and Anderson (who some people think doesnt get the attention because he doesnt speaky da english) no one has beaten the original champ to get the belt….. how can Dana throw out there BJ, Gsp, Big Nog if theyre not the sole champ of their division…. and ya soon if BJ beats Sean the he would have beaten the cheating champ, if Gsp beats Serra then the titles would be one and would have beaten the injured champ….. Big Nog will never get a chance at the retired i only want fedor champ just a thought, let the roasting begin cheers

  • King Mah Mah says:

    I think chuck will be excited about this fight. I mean this is his road back to the title. So he has to beat everyone they throw his way until he gets there. Look at chuck’s history after losses{granted never two in a row} but still he might be on a rampage to fight uh…. RAMPAGE!

  • Kelvin says:

    “Plus I don’t think he is anywhere near the caliber that jardine or rampage is.”

    Umm…he already beat Jardine.

  • JacRabbit says:

    Rashad was stunned in the TUF Season 2 Semi-finals against Jardine a few times.

  • Jay K. says:

    How can anyone beat Liddell when even all three judges mark out at the end of the fight with a unanimous decision?

    It’s like Deja vu all over again, ‘cept it’s not Wandy, it’s ‘Shad that’s gettin’ the shaft!

    At least ‘Shad will last longer than Babaloser!

    Jay K.

  • Kris says:

    “At least ‘Shad will last longer than Babaloser!”

    What are you smoking?

    “Shad” was lucky to get a draw (1 takedown in 15 mins doesnt warrant a draw) against Tito and all of a sudden he thinks he’s achieved something in the UFC.

    He’s going to get rocked!!

    If Babalu was still around he’d finish your boy with EASE!!

  • Jackyl says:

    I think it’s a mistake to count Rashad out of this fight. He has a couple of things going for him. He is deceptively strong and very quick. I know he wasn’t up against the strongest of competition on TUF but he was the smallest guy there and was able to hang in all of his fights with no problem. This is also a situation where Rashad has everything to gain and Chuck has a lot to lose. If Rashad wins, that immediately puts him close to the top of the division. If Chuck loses, he has once again lost to a TUF alumnus and the “Chuck is done” diatribes will begin again. Rashad has to look at this as his one golden opportunity, and if he comes in with the right motivation he will be very dangerous. So I’m predicting a win for Liddell but if there is anything this past year has told us, nothing is for sure. If you don’t think so ask Shogun and Cro Cop.

    About the draw with Tito. No travesty there. Tito clearly won the fight, but had a point deducted for grabbing the fence. Hence the draw.

  • Rabid Wolverine says:

    I am disappointed Rashad isn’t fighting Silva, but this matchup is GREAT. I don’t know if Rashad is ready, but then again, is Chuck? I loved the Silva fight, but that was a fight of two great aging veterans facing the twilight of their careers.

    That being said, Rashad will get knocked out if he tries to trade with Chuck. Rashad doesn’t have the power, or the chin, of Rampage or Silva. Rashad needs to stick to his strong suit which is taking it to the ground and working Chuck over that way. This is a tough fight, my heart says Chuck, my mind says ‘Shad…and I never bet money with my heart…

    ‘Shad in 3 split decision.

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I guess you missed the fight where Lambert beat Babalu’s ass? THe same Lambert who was knocked out about 2 minutes into his fight with Evans? YA you are right big bad Babalu would finish Rashad..

  • Kris says:

    That’s like saying Mir beat Lesnar…Mir lost to Cruz…So Cruz could beat Lesnar….

    You can assume things like that…COME ON!!!

    ‘Shad was lucky not to get his first loss last year but I cant wait for Chuck to drop him…1st Round Stoppage

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    CHUCK will ktfo Rashad…in the first round.

  • Rich says:

    omg.. quit with the “Iceman’s going to get a 1st round KO” crap!

    the last time he got a 1st round KO.. was against a stupid submissionist that wanted to stand with him [Babalu]

    not only will he not get a 1st round KO.. he might not get one at all..

    and to #51, i don’t remember Rashad being hurt 1 time in that fight…

  • Handover Fist says:

    What a letdown…. I really like Rashad, but he’s tailor made for Chuck. He won’t see the 3rd round.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Quit trying to be different just hop on the iceman bandwagon…..we will let you this time and just know that Chuck will indeed KNOCKOUT RASHAD in the 1st.

    Seacrest OUT!!

  • JacRabbit says:

    Rich no need to go off of memory. I have the video. Rent it. In the commentary Rashad even mentions that he blacked out for a moment.

  • Jimmy says:

    Seacrest, did you watch the TUF 2 semi’s? Rashad actually beat Jardine up pretty good. Another uninformed blabber mouth on this site.

  • Rod says:

    I’ve been saying for nearly a year now that Rashad Evans would knockout Chuck liddell…now i finally get to see it…..Randy Couture said it best himself…Randy said Chuck would never have the skills to beat a man like Rampage or Rashad…Couture has trained with Evans and Randy said Rashad would beat Chuck with ease…EVANS Has the better boxing skills and he’s the much better wrestler…Chuck has a history of coming into fights out of shape…He throws a few punches and moves around…Rampage was able to catch him clean and knock him out…I can tell you this…Rampage is NO WHERE close to being as fast or as explosive as Rashad…This will be a very bad fight for Chuck…Evans by brutal Knockout in the second round….I don’t see any one in the light Heavy division beating Rashad….

  • Rod says:

    And to the people who say Evans doesn’t have knockout power…I strongly suggest you look and what Rashad did to Brad Imes. That fight as well as alot of Rashad fights should have been stopped…Evans is a bad bad match up for Liddell…Dana dickweed White picked this fight for one reason…He knows Rashad is a fighter that’s very similar to Rampage…White hopes a win by chuck would put him in a title match up again…Well i’m sorry for Chuck…He’s once again gonna end up on his back looking up at a black man…Rashad is gonna murder chuck…

    Chuck better get his fat ass to the gym and train or it will be his last fight…Evans is no punk and anyone who thinks he is….must not know MMA and their just hating on him.

  • Barry says:

    I think this is a good matchup.rashad is the new up and coming undefeated fighter looking for a title shot and chuck is the former champ looking to reclaim his belt.rashad is a good fighter but i think this is the fight thats going to make him step up to the next level,he should go into the fight using a strategy and he prob will cause thats d nly way he could beat chuck.Rashads herky jerky style(similar to jardines) and head movement could give chuck some problems he found it hard to catch jardine with similar movement.Rashad will prob use alot more kicks like jardine to take chuck out ot his game.Chuck on the other hand had a spectacular performance in his last fight with wandy and hes not taking evans lightly.He recently said in a mag interview that hes taking him alot more seriously than shogun “he has good takedowns”.I think that chuck will come into this with a gameplan too he knows evans will b expectig him to come in and look for the knockout,but i think he will put alot more combos together an maybe try take him down to throw off his balance,similar to what he did to wandy.Overall id give the advantage to liddell cause of his wrestling,takedown defence,expierence and of course his striking.but this is the ufc and anthing can happen,im jus looking foward to a great fight!

    P.S ……I think the reson why every1 wants 2 see liddell jackson 3 is 2 see if jackson really has liddells number.I personally would love 2 see a three or five round war between em 2 see who is actually the best of the 2.liddell made a stupid mistake that every boxer or kickboxer knows not to do in there last match,thats what made the loss so bad.he went in for a body shot without setting it up with something else.and he paid the price for his lowerd hands style.

  • Fry22 says:

    Come on guys why is everbody going to be pissed if chuck gets a titel shot after this. He dominated wandy and he will take rashads 16-0-1 record so what the hell i cant think of any one better to fight for the titel.

    And when chuck wins the titel then their will be a Sh** load of people in line to fight him like Thiago Silva and maybe they throw Shogun at him just so people can see that fight and then their could be a Liddell Vs Silva 2. Oh yah chuck will KO/TKO Rasha in the 1st. GO ICEMAN.

  • UltimateLobster says:

    Unfortunately for all the Rashad fans (no disrespect to Rashad personally) but Rashad is the perfect fighter for Lidell to fight, a wrester. Hmm lets see how many wrestlers have been successful in beating Chuck Liddell….Randy Couture, Rashad is no where near the caliper of a Randy Couture. Sorry people Rahsads stand up wasnt even good enough to beat Tito Ortiz and and is sure as hell isn’t good enough to beat Liddell. Its going to be ugly and not worth the $44.99 pay perview. I’ll save it for a more competitive fight.

  • Cullen Hines says:

    It’s funny that some people are giving Rashad that much credit, because I’m pretty sure Chick is going to destroy him. Besides having the most damaging hands, he also has some of the best takedown defense out of anyone in the UFC.

  • X says:

    It was freakin great, watching Evans KO Liddell in round 2, BRUTAL, just like dude said.


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