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WVR “SENGOKU” Results; Barnett, Gomi win

World Vistory Road

When: Wed. March 5 ’08
Where: Yoyogi National Stadium; Tokyo, Japan

Here’s the results of the WORLD VICTORY ROAD “SENGOKU” event:

  • Josh Barnett def. Hidehiko Yoshida via Tapout (Heel Hook) Rd 3.
  • Takanori Gomi def. Duane “Bang” Ludwig via TKO (Doctor Stoppage – Cut) Rd 1.
  • Kazuo Misaki def. Siyar Bahadurzada via Tapout (Guillotine Choke) Rd 2.
  • Kazuyuki Fujita def. Peter Graham via Tapout (North-South Choke) R1.
  • Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos def. Makoto Takimoto via Tapout (Heel Hook) Rd 1.
  • Ryo Kawamura def. Antonio Braga Neto via Unanimous Decision.
  • Nick Thompson def. Fabricio Monteiro via Unanimous Decision.

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  • Dan K. says:

    Thats too bad they stopped the Gomi-Ludwig due to a cut. I would have loved to see Ludwig drop Gomi. IMO Gomi is a punk that needs KTFO. Especially after his one Pride fight against that Brazilian were he continued kicking the guy in the face, several times, after the ref had pulled him off. I would love nothing more than seeing Gomi come to the UFC and end up a bloody heap on the cage floor.

  • cyphron says:

    That’s called roid rage, Dan.

  • Big Butch says:

    After what happened to Gomi against Nick Diaz last year in Vegas, I don’t think there is a chance in hell that he will ever fight outside Japan again. He is worshiped over there, and I just don’t see him heading over to the U. S. full time to have another mishap like that possibly happen again.

  • slimm says:

    Ha roid rage absolutely classic

  • Jason Brewer says:

    Actually Butch, Dana White is quoted as saying that Gomi is not that big in Japan (of course he said this after the UFC did not sign him).

  • Dan K. says:

    He actually probably isn’t worth the money that it would take the UFC to sign him. He couldn’t handle the competition of the UFC Lightweight divison, We all know what happened last time he fought B.J. Penn. IMO he would probably go 1-2 at best if he got signed to a UFC 3 fight contract like most of the other Ex-Pride fighters who are no longer allowed to juice up before fights.

  • mmmath says:

    We all know what happened to Rampage when he fought Wanderlei.

  • Rich says:

    dang.. Gomi got Ludwig in 1.. that’s crazy..

    i can’t think of any 1st round cut stoppages.. except for Couture/Belfort..
    it sure is a shame when a fight ends in the 1st due to a cut..

  • ttt says:

    think it was Azeredo at Bushido 7 … that was really bad, but he apologized right after the fight, but i think it was too late, i think all the brazilians hate him till now

    and gomi is not as big as people think in japan, he’s not on a Masato or a Kid level of popularity

    Gomi should be in the UFC because he’s one of the few LW’s that can KO people, but although the UFC would never give him the money that he earned in pride

  • Derek B. says:

    “After what happened to Gomi against Nick Diaz last year in Vegas, I don’t think there is a chance in hell that he will ever fight outside Japan again. He is worshiped over there, and I just don’t see him heading over to the U. S. full time to have another mishap like that possibly happen again.”

    Nick Diaz was high before the fight. It wasn’t a loss it was a NC.

    Sad but true…but Diaz was probably high minutes before his fight with Gomi. Which would have given him an upper advantage…or would have given him a downer advantage? I dont know but Gomi was lucky that was ruled a NC. He lost fair and square.

  • TommyChong says:

    Apparently you’ve never smoked pot because, and I’m speaking from experience, it would not help you in a fight. Especially right before a fight. The only reason that fight was ruled a NC is because their hero got taken out by a ex-UFC fighter and they needed to save face.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Technically, the reason the fight was a NC was because Diaz had THC in his system. It takes a while for that to metabolize, so Diaz may not have imbibed the day of the fight, or even the day before. You may be right about the politics, but Diaz cooked (or should I say baked?) his own goose.

  • Ack says:

    Ludwig bleeds pretty good!

    War Gomi!

  • Sergio says:

    Back in my capricious youth, all I’d want to do after a smoke was sleep.

    So bully for Nick Diaz for being able to go over 5 minutes with the world’s number 1 lightweight and slapping a gogoplata on him.

    I still think he’s a pompous jerk who got schooled by Noons.

  • slimm says:

    Ive smoked pot and been in a fight does help, it didnt make it any easier (unfortunately a bar fight) but when your in a professional fight its a pretty easy concept to be clean, thats your job, if u get drug tested every day u go to work dont smoke weed or do coke (melvin) or do steroids (sean), it pretty simple
    i just saw a pic of Bangs face i dont know how bad the cut was live but it didnt look any worse than tito v chuck or war machine v jarred, or hell wanderlei v cro cop…..

  • Kogepan says:


    Diaz looked pretty bad the last couple fights without the help of the weeds….barely beat a Aina, and got beat up and cut up by noons. Diaz is probably so hooked on the stuff that the withdrawal sypmtoms reduces his effectiveness.

    And Ludwig got his nose smashed and the blood was pouring out of his head like a fountain. He would have just been smashed by Gomi a’la Jadson Costa/Mello if the fight continued. Ludwig was stupid to take the fight on short notice and cut 30 lbs in a couple weeks.

  • slimm says:

    i just saw a pic , if the blood was pouring out hell yeah call it, diaz should just know that he is getting tested and be wiser than he has been if he insists on smoking weed stop 30 – 35 days b4 a fight therefore it will be out of his system, he knows he is getting tested why take a chance of getting a NC on what should have been the highlight of his career now is tanted just cuz of some smoke, just my opinion thx

  • damit2hell says:

    Is it me, or did the fight with Cyborg Santos look like he finished it with a straight ankle lock, not a heel hook, which he was going for first, but switched it to the straight ankle lock

  • Sun says:

    wow gomi loses to diaz and everybody writes him off. sure he’s overrated but still the guys a beast. and of course he’ll never beat BJ, BJ is up there for p4p imo. but still, he sure could KO a lot of the lightweights in the UFC. and you forget that on that bushido there was a brazil vs. japan beef. watch the Genghis khan’s HL. theres a lot of misinformed comments here.. step your game up.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    eddie bravo has some interesting things to say about weed in the latest copy of Fighters Only, its an interesting read on weed in MMA.
    cant be fucked to type any of it tho, go buy it you cheap bastards….

  • Ly says:

    Ludwig would of got smashed if they didn’t stop the fight…… you guys all know that…. quit hatin…. Gomie prabably is the best light weight next to Bj Penn…. Prabably Penn’s best contender right now…… that would be a good fight….

  • James says:

    Gomi smashed Bang standing up and is an accomplished wrestler so i doubt fighting in the us would hav anything to do with it. when he fought diaz he was in a ring…… Bravo is right when he says weed is ok for training but abstain for the real fight. 10th planet is the shit and i myself am a medical smoker.

  • James says:

    Gomi’s the shit when he exchanges, knocks someone down, and raises his hands like “what”? it’s like a shootout where you are face to face with someone and shoot them in the head and avoid any shots yourself.


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