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UFC 82 Post-Fight Video: Jon Fitch talks title shot

The more I hear Jon Fitch talk, the more I like this guy. I really have to question the judgment of anyone who at one point felt Fitch wasn’t marketable.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    The unwritten rule of getting a title shot is beating someone at or very near the top. He would have to fight Hughes or Parisyan to be deserving. It would be unfair if his last pre-title fight is against a UFC newcomer. So I would have to question YOUR judgement why you would give him a free ride? Same goes for Parisyan. They are dominant fighters, but unless they fight each other, neither of them deserves a shot.

  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    still not ready

  • joe says:

    great honesty and sincerity by JF ,have to be a fan of his,although i would love to see him and karo for the shot at the gold

  • Big Butch says:

    I have nothing but respect for Jon Fitch. He deserves whatever comes his way. I would love to see him take on Karo Parisyan before the title fight…would be a very marketable grudge match for a clear-cut number one contender.

    And Sam, do you think Josh Koscheck is going to test the open market and possibly leave the UFC? I don’t know if it would be the best situation for him to stay in that stacked UFC welterweight division, and he could probably get huge bucks from EliteXC or Mark Cuban…maybe even the IFL.

  • Gabber says:

    I agree with the Karo & Fitch for the #1 shot. Why wait, they’re both going to be on the same wavelength as GSp anyway.

    I don’t agree with him though. I think GSP was proving a point not ducking the contact. He wanted to stuff the wrestlers to show he is badass. 😛

    How can a guy based off striking be afraid to swing. It’s not like Matt Serra was the first guy to punch him in the face. 😛

  • Hardcharger says:

    I have to disagree, I didn’t like what Fitch was saying in this interview. I understand that he’s trying to talk a bit of trash on GSP to help get his title shot, but his analysis was ridiculous.

    First, GSP has been more impressive fighting “as a wrestler” than Fitch has. GSP has more skills, and is far more dynamic, and has fought and beaten tougher fighters. And besides, Fitch is making these comments coming off a rather boring and uninspiring performance where he didn’t want to get KOed by Wilson and just wanted to get the fight to the ground.

    Fitch will get his title shot based on his 8-0 UFC record, but he’s going to get steamrolled by GSP. That’s a very bad matchup for Fitch.

  • Wang Chung says:

    fitch is totally marketable. he’s a super likable guy, well spoken, and he’s smart and knows what he’s talking about in regards to fighting.

    his record is very impressive, however i just think that a fight with another top name guy should be what needs to go down for him to fight for the title. he SHOULD fight karo, since they are both obvious contenders at this point. and i agree that fitch needs to go through another top 5 guy to get a shot. i undertand his point, and 8-0 is insane, but let’s look at, say, st. pierre’s road to the title. he fought guys that are/were easily top 5 at the time. after he blasted through trigg and sherk, i think everyone expected that he could and should fight hughes again…then the ufc threw bj penn at him.

    when i think of fitch vs. gsp i feel bad for fitch. his last fight he looked a bit sloppy and sluggish, and he hasn’t really dominated a top opponent for awhile. georges on the other hand has creamed the world’s best in his weight class, and outside of a hampering eyepoke and a shit-training-camp-turned-shock-knockout, he’s poised to keep on creaming the 170 division for awhile. fitch isn’t a better wrestler, isn’t better at striking, isn’t better at bjj, isn’t better at strategies, and it’s arguable if he can match st. pierre’s strength.

  • Jackyl says:

    Fitch vs Karo all the way. Woud you say that Karo is like the Machida of the welterweight division? In that, he is a very effective fighter but does not have the excitement factor and that’s why the ufc has been hesistant to push him more. He’s been waiting on that shot for a long time. So, Fitch vs Karo for the title shot. Of course unless Anderson Silva comes down to clean out the WW division!

  • nathan says:

    Gsp took the hard way against hughes and out wrestled him???? What the hell is he talking about, gsp embarrassed hughes, he made hughes look like a beginner…….again. Gsp would completely dominate fitch, he’ll get a rude awakening if he thinks he’s going to out wrestle gsp, need convincing just see koscheck vs gsp. Koscheck is a better wrestler than fitch, fitch almost losing every one of his fights and wins close decisions, gsp totally destroyed hughes one of the most dominant champions of all time and the only fighter to finish bj penn. Of all gsp’s fights he’s only looked bad in 2 fights, serra and penn, he looked fantastic in most of his fights, fitch is delusional, I can’t wait for gsp to fight him.

  • t2 says:

    He is hoping George will stand with him to prove a point, and in doing so will not expose Fitch’s wrestling as inferior. Better for a wrestler to lose a standup fight then a ground war.


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