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Randy Couture scheduled to be a guest on “Bubba The Love Sponge” today; Royce Gracie scheduled for Thursday content partner “Bubba The Love Sponge Show” has scheduled both Randy Couture and Royce Gracie as guests the next two days.

Couture is scheduled for today while Gracie is slated for Thursday. Both are slated to be on at approximately 4:30 p.m. ET on their respective days.

The “Bubba The Love Sponge Show” can be heard Monday through Friday on Sirius Satellite Radio from 3-7 p.m. ET on channel 101. The show is a part of Howard Stern’s radio network on Sirius.

Bubba can also be heard Monday through Friday on WHPT-FM/Tampa (102.5 The Bone) and WFYV-FM/Jacksonville (Rock 105 FM) between the hours of 6-10 a.m. ET.

  • Paul Hanna says:

    Weird, I’m listening to BTLS now… I live in tampa.

    Shame he isint doing the interview on his morning show.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Paul, I think Randy is also doing the morning show. Keep listening. And if you hear anything major, feel free to give us a recap.

  • ctownhood says:

    I am in Tampa as well, I heard Randy and Kim on the morning show. They are also appearing at Nordstroms at Westshore Mall on Friday from 5-9 PM to promote his Xtreme Couture clothing line. Randy discussed alot of things, including hinting at forming a union to represent the fighters……interesting

  • Evan says:

    I hope he gets after him about the Nog fight and doesn’t just bust out the knee pads.

    I like Bubba but you’re never sure whether he will pitch fastballs or softballs.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    We should have some notes up soon on the morning appearance. I’ll be listening and taking notes on the afternoon appearance.

  • Evan says:

    Thanks Sam…

    hey is your brother Adam?

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Evan, Adam Caplan is my uncle.

  • Evan says:

    Ah ok. I love his work on the NFL channel on SIRIUS. He’s the best call in guest they have…dude knows what’s going on with every player and team. Hopefully he get’s his on time slot because most of the full time hosts have their collective heads up their asses and can’t do the job. NFL channel is odd…most of the part timers, fill in hosts and call in guests are superior to the full time guys.

    Sorry to derail the topic but I have been meaning to ask that for a long time. Mush respect to your uncle!


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