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Diego Sanchez wants Josh Koscheck next

In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Diego Sanchez gave his thoughts on his most recent fight against UFC newcomer David Bielkheden as well as who he wants to face in the future.

When speaking of a future opponent he gave the following answer:

“One that would be big for my heart and soul would be Josh Koscheck,” he proclaimed without hesitation. “The number one question that everyone always asks me is, ‘When are you going to kick that Josh Koscheck’s ass?’ So hopefully, maybe in June or July, we can go ahead and set that fight up.”

As most of you will know, Sanchez and Koscheck have met twice before. The first encounter being in the semifinals of the first “Ultimate Fighter” in which Sanchez was victorious and the second being at UFC 69 where Josh Koscheck prevailed with a very lackluster unanimous decision.

It was discovered afterwards however that Sanchez was suffering from a serious staph infection during the fight, which could explain the uncharacteristic performance ‘Nightmare” gave.

Many people would probably be against a third fight between the two but I for one wouldn’t mind seeing a rubber match. I believe the fight would be a lot different the third time around providing Sanchez turns up healthy and aggressive.

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  • Eric says:

    I’m for it.

  • mofsteel says:

    I would love to see another fight between these two and i know it will be more action packed because both fighters are extremely better than before.

  • DefyTheEye says:

    Diego by decapitation!!!

  • slimm says:

    im not quite sure that diego can take kos, i would like to see it though i personally dont care for deigo…… when i first met Josh it was at the end of tuf and quite frankly he was a dick, but i last saw him after his loss to Gsp and truely the guy changed and is a pretty cool guy now, i believe it has alot to do with the people he has around him now, so im going to hope this match comes together and kos wins again to move him up in the rankings and perhaps one day get a title shot or to see kos v karo woundnt be half bad either

  • screwface says:

    i would love to see this fight. the 1st time they fought, diego beat the piss out of kos. the 2nd time diego lost becasue he was sick, period. any1 whos seen diego fight b4 knows that wasnt the real diego that night. and even still kos did jack shi* and just inched out a victory cuz he did less nothing then diego did, so whats his excuse :p
    this third fight would be guaranteed action and ending with some1 gettin knocked out or choked out and my money is on diego ftw. kos has def improved his striking and seems to understand what the fans want now and diego def has something to prove. this is a win win fight for the fans. make it so.

  • Zantetzuken says:

    For reasons like this one and also the vaste light heavyweight devision, and hell even the 185 devision, i think they should have grand prix like pride did. It was be very entertaining. I have said it for a long time now that the UFC needs to double there PPV events too because of all the fighters they have.

  • glock says:

    I would LOVE to see a rematch. I don’t count their 1st fight, and the second,? well as much as I dislike sanchez, he didn’t look like himself, I didn’t know about the staph. But I’m glad he lost to kos.
    What I’d really like to see is GSP Sanchez… That’s a beating I would savor for a long time…

  • AntonK says:

    It’s too soon for Sanchez v Kos. I’d rather see Kos fight Marcus Davis and Sanchez fight Mike Swick.

  • Ryan Seacrest says:

    Hey guys….Kos does not have a contract right. Dirty Sanchez vs. Swick


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