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Shogun out of fight vs. Liddell at UFC 85 after aggravating knee injury

A much-anticipated light heavyweight showdown between Chuck Liddell and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to take place at UFC 85 on June 7 in London is no longer scheduled to take place, according to Thomas Gerbasi of

Rua was forced to pull out of the fight after re-injuring his surgically repaired knee. The injury has been officially diagnosed as a ruptured ACL in his left knee and will require a second surgical procedure.

It was not reported as to when Rua aggravated the injury. However, Rua’s name was not mentioned as Liddell’s opponent when UFC 85 was promoted this Saturday ‘s pay-per-view broadcast of UFC 82 from Columbus.


  • danhitch says:

    Obviously this is just speculation, but since the UFC clearly knew about the injury during UFC 82, and in the press conference Dana White did say that they had “big plans” (or something to that effect) for Anderson Silva…maybe he will be moving up to fight Liddell. Everyone thought that the next step for Silva was Okami. If I were White I wouldn’t be describing Silva v. Okami as “big plans”. I could be 100% wring here, but the thought of this fight alone makes me very happy.

  • Gary Herman says:

    Interesting that there are no true replacements on the horizon. If Houston Alexander has a quick KO over James Irvin in April, could Alexander be the guy?

  • Jason Brewer says:

    Two words….Matt Lindland!!! Bwha ha!!!!

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I am guessing it will be Ricardo Arona or they will break the Silva/Evans fight and either Thiago or Rashad will be fighting Liddell

  • Sam Caplan says:

    No way will it be Arona. The UFC does not agree with his asking price.

  • cyphron says:

    They will move Jardine over to fight Liddell. It only makes sense.

  • ufcfan says:

    the thiago-rashad isn’t “official” at yet despite the rumours.
    so i guess they could always pull a switch.

    they must have something up their sleeve or they wouldn’t announce
    liddell being on the card at ufc 82.

    a liddell-thiago would be decent…

  • David says:

    Rashad makes the most sense for many reasons. Rashad is a star on the rise and a main event with Liddell will make it brighter. Liddell has the best takedown/get back up defense in MMA, Rashad has shown he can take down everyone he has faced (unless you hold the fence) and keep them down for some time. Rashad does not endanger Liddell with striking and could be used to build Liddell back up. A good showing against Liddell in a loss would move Rashad up the ranks faster than a win over Silva.

  • Shawn says:

    Liddell vs Rashad is the most likely even though I still hate Rashad.

    I’m gunning for Liddell vs Anderson Silva. Yeah, two different weight classes. Yeah, Silva still technically has to beat Okami before you can say he cleaned out the division. Yeah, it’s not like Liddell is champion or anything like that. But hey, fuck it, why not? I can’t think of a reason. Look at what Dana and co did when Serra was injured against Hughes; they brought in GSP to make for an even bigger fight. If they bring Rashad in that will seriously be a downgrade and will let some fans down and will definitely draw less numbers than a Liddell-Silva fight. On top of that you can keep the same “Liddell vs former Chute Box pals” they had going with Shogun.

    UFC 85: KTFO

  • Rashad #1 says:

    I sure hope it isnt Rashad lol as much as I love the guy I dont think he would be able to stop Chuck

  • Rich says:

    that would have been a good fight..
    maybe even better than Liddell/Wandy..


    the only ones i can think of right now… that they can give to Liddell, aside from Thiago and Rashad.. are:

    Stephen Bonnar if his injury heals in time.. i mean, he just got pulled out of a fight.. and June’s pretty far away..

    and maybe Houston Alexander, if he gets a win..

    or MAYBE just MAYBE the winner of Boetsch/Hamill..

    other than that..

    you have Jardine booked..
    Wandy booked..
    Rampage booked..
    Forrest booked..
    Tito booked..
    Lyoto booked..

    and everyone else in the LHW division has losing records [in the UFC] or just won’t bring in the big bucks..

    personally, i would love to see Liddell/Bonnar..

  • slimm says:

    what if vera drops down to LHW? he could definately make the cut, Franklin moving back up? clearly someone needs to move a weight class…. i really was looking forward to this fight and it sucks so bad that its not going to happen, is two months long enough to recover for Alexander? i also dont believe houston can be a main event type guy yet (ppv), and for gods sake dont put evans in the main event again, not just yet….. that would be a decent fight and his first loss…… hopefully they dont hand liddell someone weak because we all were definately looking forward to seeing two of the greats get it on, it better be a top calieber opponent, cheers

  • Zack says:

    This is terrible. I saw this as a gift to the fans, as there seemed to be more downside for the UFC making this fight than upside.

    What if they switched Jardine to fight Liddell in a re-match and found somebody else for Wand?

  • Wang Chung says:

    personally i’d be psyched to see thiago silva step up and fight chuck. houston alexander would be interesting as well, but silva has a special aura about him that makes me very interested to see how he’d fair.

  • Rich says:

    Vera’s set to fight Fabricio Werdum already.. although that fight’s not official [according to the UFC website] it shows that Vera still has intentions to stay HW for a while..
    and Franklin’s set to fight in April, at MW, so he won’t be moving up any time soon..

    now, i know i mentioned Bonnar and possibly Alexander.. but what if Sokoudjou stepped up and fought Liddell.. how crazy would that be.. Soku KO’d two top contenders over in PRIDE within roughly 2 and a half minutes all together, and didn’t fair too badly in the stand-up w/ Machida.. he’s a great striker, and would be a good fight for Liddell and the fans..

    i know he’s set to fight Nakamura, i believe it was??
    but.. that’s not really official yet, either..

    and possibly Soku..

    are the only match-ups i could think of.. that could be possible for Liddell..

    i said MAYBE the winner or Boetsch/Hamill would go on to fight Liddell earlier.. but i SERIOUSLY doubt that would happen.. although i could see Boetsch fighting Liddell.. because he’s taking huge leaps in competition [he starts off fighting Heath, and then moves to Hamill.. for his 2nd fight] i just don’t think that would be a big fan draw-in.. and i just don’t see Hamill fighting Liddell.. ever..

    but really.. if it’s not Soku, Bonnar, Thiago, or Evans.. i’d say they are going to sign a LHW that we’ve seen before.. maybe one that used to be in the UFC, or PRIDE.. someone who is popular.. and a tough opponent..

  • nate says:


    I wanted this fight so much. God, please fix his knee so he can kick Liddell’s a**.

  • slimm says:

    Rich, my apologies thank you for reminding me apparently it has just been one of those days, thx again….

    I wouldnt mind seeing Chuck and Soko fighting but that is wishful thinking i guess, said something like they could see Chuck going up in weight and fighting Big Nog for the title ala The Natural minus the retirement, i dont know i just saw it at a glance, though interesting match up i just would like to see Chuck fight for a purpose in the LW division ie get the belt back, hey maybe Hendo will move back up who knows
    thx again Rich, cheers

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Dan Henderson maybe? It would be like little Randy vs. Chuck. Though i think Hendo needs a bit of a break from tough arse fighters.

    Chuck needs a fight he can get excited for.

    Maybe they can move some stuff around and promote Gouveia to take the place of either Jardine, Silva, Silva, Rashad or Sokoudjou?

    I don’t know, tis kinda screwed really.

  • slimm says:

    i meant perhaps hendo, i was just kinda putting it out there….. but hell Rampage, Spider then The Iceman, really that would be one of the most ridiculous three fight streak ever imo, hendo almost needs a break…….
    sam, any thought of what i saw on bloody elbow about chuck moving up to fight big nog?
    this is a mess even with all the talent in the LW division…

  • gabe says:

    the african assasin, thiago silva, and evans are the only options period. no way they would put andy silva up against chuck, especially with the fight in london and not vegas.


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