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5 Oz. of Pain on What’s next for Anderson Silva

anderson-silva-ufc-82-winner.jpg By now you’ve probably read several articles trying to project what might be next for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. I’ve pretty much written the same article for my column this week, except I tried to think out of the box with some of the possibilities I presented. Yeah, I had some convention options such as Yushin Okami or a change in weight class, but I also propose the idea of Silva fighting Frank Shamrock:

Frank Shamrock: One of the coolest things that I think the UFC has ever done is promote a match between Matt Hughes and Royce Gracie. Going into that fight I had no doubts about what the outcome would be, but I was still pretty geeked up to see it.

I’d love to see the same thing done for Silva, but the problem is there really aren’t any “living legend” types at middleweight because it’s a weight class that is relatively new to the sport.

But perhaps I misspoke when I said there aren’t anything “living legends” at middleweight. There’s always Frank Shamrock. Or is there?

Silva vs. Shamrock has zero chance of happening because of Shamrock’s long-standing feud with the UFC’s current ownership. But if we lived in a utopian MMA society, then we’d see it happen, because there are too many reasons why this fight should take place. There are critics who claim Silva isn’t marketable to the UFC’s mainstream audience and that he can’t draw a huge buy rate on PPV.

In some aspects, the critics might be right, but there is still time for Silva to emerge as a star and there are still things the UFC can do to help build him further. Putting him in a situation where he could dismantle Shamrock would be one of them. A high-profile win over a Shamrock would no doubt increase Silva’s profile because Frank Shamrock’s name still means something to many UFC fans.

In order to read my full run down, including my conclusion as to what I think is most likely happen next with Silva, just click here.

  • Nick says:

    As much as I can’t see Dana making this fight happen, Niether can I see Frank making it happen. Frank is smart, too smart to actually think he has a shot against Silva. He would talk the talk, but never walk into that ring with Anderson. And half of me doesn’t blame him. It would be a helluva fight though.

  • Kelvin says:

    While I’d LOVE to see Shamrock/Silva…Silva would walk thru Shamrock just as he has the last 6 opponents in the UFC.

  • Gong says:

    I’m glad someone else agrees to the catchweight idea. Nice writeup.
    Correct me if I’m wrong though, but isn’t there some sort of rumour or something going around regarding Hughes potentially moving up to middleweight on his own?

  • Evan says:

    Frank has a manufactured “feud” with everyone. He has mastered what Tito tries to do. Money talks.

  • woooburn says:

    two other pipe dream opponents that have crossed my mind:

    wanderlei silva: there have been hints that he would drop down, no? probably the same situation as anderson vs filho. too personal. maybe he’ll at least drop down to fight henderson again

    brandon vera: yeah, i know… dude’s a heavyweight, but he really shouldn’t be (size wise). say he wins his next fight, and takes the drop down to 205, to face silva. probably not gonna happen, since silva more than likely would fight whoever holds the belt at 205, but i think a matchup with vera could be interesting.

    and a question about “catch weight” fights. if he were to fight rampage or gsp in such a situation, would the fight be for the belts if it’s not in a specific weight class? or just some “i’m the #1 p4p fighter” bragging rights kinda thing?

    good article though. shamrock and lindland would both be fun. too bad they can’t happen. i don’t know about hughes though. if he makes the move, i think i’d rather see him fighter henderson, or bisping. putting him in with silva this soon wouldn’t be pretty.

  • Kelvin says:

    I don’t wanna see Hughes/Silva…I mean come on…GSP has mauled him twice…with his striking game and giving up about 6 inches in reach…forgetaboutit.

  • Danny says:

    i think its only right that okami get the next shot at silva. I’m a HUGE silva fan but i honestly think that okami would beat him.

  • Tommy says:

    Hey Sam, did you see my question to you under Silvia’s manager?

  • Michael says:

    Good write up, all of the possibilities would be sweet. I agree that Wand would be awesome. He could be a crazy force at 185. I vote for that one (as unlikely as it may be).

  • dropitlikeitshot says:

    UFC really is running out of options.’s blog has some funny alternatives, too.
    It seems like the possibilities are pretty limited, even going outside of the UFC to find Anderson a match.

  • Jeremy says:

    mmajunkie is reporting that Martin Kampmann is set to fight Jorge Rivera at UFC 85 in London. Good matchup. I definitely have been very happy with some of the fights the UFC has been putting together lately.

  • Zack says:


    Okami is the only answer, and it’s not really compelling.

    Silva v Silva
    Anderson and Wand are tight these days – I don’t think they would ever fight. Wand would probably only drop to MW if Hendo had won to avenge his loss. Wand’s future is at 205 – there’s the obvious rematch with Chuck, and if he can get on a roll, an obvious 3rd fight with Rampage. Those are all bigger money fights for the UFC than a Silva/Silva fight.

    Filho. Won’t happen. Shamrock. Won’t happen. Lindland. Won’t happen.

    A fight at 205 – I don’t think it’s fair to give him a shot at the 205 title when there are so many legit contenders at that weight (Machida, Jardine, Shogun, Wand, Liddell) who should get it first.

    Fight at 170. See above. plenty of the current 170 guys deserve a shot at GSP.

    Catchweight – non-title fights aren’t as compelling, and I think this is very unlikely.

    So in other words, I basically think they are effed in the a for compelling fights.

  • woooburn says:

    i wouldn’t be surprised at all, that if the TUF season pans out well, and there’s are some legit/dominant fighters coming out of it, that they surprise the winner with a title shot. not likely, but anything’s possible.

    i agree that giving silva a shot at the 205 title wouldn’t be fair to the other contenders. that division’s been on hold for so long as it is.

    if forrest loses the title fight to rampage, i wouldnt mind seeing him fight silva. again, not likely… but i think someone who’s not afraid to just go in there and haul off (and not be intimidated), could be interesting. could see another shogun style upset. plus, forrest is a big draw.

  • jaydog says:

    I know I’m carrying a torch for Hendo, but I would really have liked it if he turned to Silva after the fight and asked him on the mic if he would like to go two outta three. Has that ever happened in MMA? Two champs, working it out to be absolutely clear who’s the best. (I know it was clear to most of you, but I think Dan takes at least one of those fights). Meanwhile, UFC can grow some contenders.

  • Danny says:

    get over it jaydog. hendo got his ass handed to him. end of story. i think okami has the tools to upset silva. in their 1st fight, okami was in silva guard and was drop punches on him till silva used the illegal kick. okami is 6-1 in the ufc and deserves a shot.

  • Ian says:

    It took GSP and Hughes 3 tries to figure it out Jay, I don’t see why not.

    I would like to see Dan given a second chance as well. He was 10 seconds from the bell in the second, and he was on top dropping hammer fists in the first until the bell came. I think Silva is the better fighter, but I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a rematch as a co-main event at some point.

    That said, I’ve been advocating GSP vs. Silva for a while now. Those 2 styles would make for an extremely exciting fight and has the makings of a true classic.

  • Dan K. says:

    This is completely off topic but can anyone tell me how I’d be able to watch The World Victory Road: Sengoku event tomorrow? I didnt see it on PPV. Duane Ludwig is one of my all time favorite fighters to watch, so I’d love to see him KO Gomi. Not to mention Barnett returning.

  • Jay K. says:

    Great article! Thanks Sam.

    Jay K.

  • i would love to see Wandy drop down to 185 as that has been discussed. The thought of seeing Anderson and Wandy slug it out makes me salivate. its the only opponent out there that has any marketabilty as well as a decent shot at actually taking place in the near future.

  • Nate says:

    I dont know who can beat Anderson Silva in standup. I am still amazed he took out Dan Henderson with his 2nd ever submission. Stunning. And Dan still keeps the title of never being knocked out.

    The only way to get to Anderson is ground game. Even that is insane though, he earned the Black belt in JJ from another fighter who can also claim the very rare title of not being knocked out: Nogeira (sp?). (Fighters with serious matches under their belt that is.. I havent been knocked out either, but I’ve never been in a fight)

  • Sven says:

    A real dream match-up for hardcore fans would be Silva-Machida. At least for those of us who actually really like Machida.

    Of course, this match wouldn’t make sense for Machida, since he has a valid chance to get the LHW belt. It also doesn’t make sense for Silva or the UFC, since Machida is an extremely tough opponent which almost no name (relatively speaking) and a style that, to say the least, doesn’t appeal to most fans. (this sentence was too long, I know)

    But it would make sense for me…

    Nate: Nog and Hendo have never been knocked out you say, which is true. Neither has Silva, as far as I know. Correct?

  • TCR says:

    Cung Le !


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