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Sylvia’s manager looking to re-sign with the UFC

tim-sylvia.jpgFormer UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski became a free agent following Saturday night’s second round TKO over Jake O’Brien at UFC 82 and another former UFC heavyweight champion is also one match away from attaining free agency.

Following his loss to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 81 in February, two-time champion Tim Sylvia revealed during the event’s post-fight press conference that he had one fight remaining on his current contract with the promotion and was looking for an extension that included a raise. Sylvia reiterated those comments several days later on his website,

“I have one fight left on my contract,” wrote Sylvia. “I want to stay with the UFC, but I am going to go were the money is. Right now Brock is making more money than me. That has to change. I have a better name than him, and I am a better fighter than him… In case you didn’t know, my manager runs (M-1 Global), so I have a pretty good in, so we will see what happens in the next few months.”

After the comments, many speculated that Sylvia was on his way out of the UFC. However, he would later write a second post in attempt to soften the tone expressed in the first and maintained his priority was re-signing with the UFC. It’s a stance that Sylvia’s manager, M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox, fully supports.

“My situation with Tim is (that) we’re looking to re-sign with the UFC,” Cox stated during exclusive comments to ( “We think he performed well against Nogueira. He got caught but he certainly showed he’s top five in the world right now.”

Sylvia has been a mainstay in the organization, as with the exception of two fights, he’s fought exclusively for the UFC since 2002. In addition to being a two-time former heavyweight champion for the promotion, he also boasts a 9-4 career record in the UFC with victories over Arlovski (two), Ricco Rodriguez, Jeff Monson, and Brandon Vera.

But while Cox indicated their preferred option is to re-sign with the UFC, he still acknowledged that it isn’t their only option.

“We’d like to re-sign with the UFC,” reiterated Cox. “(But) if that’s not possible there are lots of options now.”

  • Evan says:

    The guy is goofy and looks like a trucker but I still want to see him fight in the UFC. If Fedor ever comes to the UFC I want this to be his first match-up.

  • Derek B. says:

    Fedor only wants to fight Couture.

    Dana has some tricks up his sleve and I’ve caught on to them here lately.

    Dana lets Mirko go from his contract. To fight in dream? NO! So he can get a rematch against Fedor. If Mirko beats fedor then why would randy want to fight fedor considering that Mirko lost 2 straight in UFC.

    Also, Dana asks Couture to fight Noguiera for the title in the UFC. Why would Randy to want to fight someone who’s lost to Fedor twice in his career? He doesn’t because if he loses then fedor has no real reason to fight him.

    I would hate to see Fedor join the UFC. I think he should stick to his roots and stay in the ring.

  • Vess says:

    How does Cox reconcile his fudiciary duties to M-1 and his job as the agent of Silvia?

    Dana should demand that Timmie get a new agent before the UFC enters into new contract negotiations. Any new contract offered by the UFC to Timmie is automaticly revealed to one of UFC’s competitors. Is this in Silvia’s best interests?

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  • Evan says:

    Vess I could not agree with you more. Monte is in denial if he thinks this will never cause a problem.

  • Jeremy says:

    Vess, I agree with your thoughts as well that it certainly seems like a conflict of interest. But Cox has seen plenty of UFC contracts so it’s not like any of it will be new information for him.

  • Vess says:

    Jeremy, it’s the amount of money that is offered that is not known.

  • Evan says:

    “But Cox has seen plenty of UFC contracts so it’s not like any of it will be new information for him.”

    But he is now a CEO of a competing org. That changes how Dana regards him. Rightfully so. And considering the Randy mess I am sure the UFC contracts have been completely restructured.

    And I have said before…fighters may be fine with it now but the day a fighter signs with M-1 (if that ever happens) and something goes wrong and they feel like they would have been better off in the UFC all hell breaks loose.

  • Tommy says:

    Tim will never have the fan draw that Lesner has, so he will never be paid like him. I’m hard pressed to find anyone that loves or even likes him, since he stopped using riods, in fact most people hate him. And they don’t hate him enough to just tune in anyway to hopefully see him lose, like I did Kim.

  • Jeremy says:

    True the amount isn’t specifically known at this point but we already know what he’s looking for, more then Lesnar. So it’s not like it would be hard to guess what it’s going to take to get him signed. Plus if he becomes a free agent he could just tell M-1 what he has been offered if he wanted, Monte wouldn’t even have to be his agent.

  • Jeff says:

    In my opinon Tim Silvia is not that good. They have his “notable” victories as 2x Arlovski (overrated), Jeff Monson (11inchs shorter), Ricco Rodrigez (just lost at showtime) and Brandon Vera (would be better dropping to light heavy). Add the fact he lost to Nogueira, who looked like crap in the fight, and he shouldnt be considered top five in the UFC let alone the world. If he leaves the ufc he will regret it and probably fad away. Oh yeah and I would put money on Brock in a fight with Tim.

  • mofsteel says:

    Tim Sylvia is stupid if he thinks he’s a bigger draw than Brock Lesnar. I guess he also thinks that UFC 81 did so good because he was on the card. I went to 81 and it was not to see him.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    The big conflict for Cox would be signing fighters for M-1 if that org. later had problems. In other words, if Cox tells a fighter to turn down a UFC contract or a contract with another org. to take a deal at M-1 and then M-1 folds, he’s got a problem. Meanwhile, since he’s the CEO of M-1, he couldn’t be forthcoming about M-1’s financial well-being without violating his duties to M-1. He’s in a bind. It’s in M-1’s best interest to sign fighters, but it may not be in the interests of his fighter clients to sign with M-1.

    With regard to M-1’s viability, take look at Sam’s interview with Cox, which is still available on this site. Cox talks about the communication problems he’s had with Fedor’s management, and couldn’t even say when M-1’s first fight would take place. Maybe it all works out, but it sounds very tenuous to me.

  • Tommy says:

    I think Silvia vs Lesner would be an excellent fight and is a perfect idea. It would test Brocks chin and test Tim’s ability to weather a storm. Let that instead of Coleman be his next fight. Tim’s last fight would actually make make money.
    I’m curious about something here. Maybe the great Sam Caplan can answer me this. When Dana bought the UFC he gave up his manager rights to Tito and Chuck in order to run the UFC without conflict of interest. How then can Cox sign Tim to M1 and not violate that interest? Or any other fighter he manages for that matter.

  • Chuck says:

    As far as Tim resigning … whether you like him or hate him, he is a SOLID HW test for anyone, come on, the guy steps into the ring AT the wieght limit. That being said, is he a “well rounded” HW??? not that we’ve seen. He pretty much tries to keep you at the end of his range and punch you in the face, which is usually a pretty good strategy, but with Tim-mayyyy (sorry, had to do that) … his “punch” is NOT that strong COMPARED TO HIS SIZE. … if he hit as hard as he is big … NOBODY could stand with him. …. all that being said, i do believe Tim “wants” to fight and be a fighter.
    As far as a match up with Lesnar … i dont’ think ANYONE out there could hold off Lesnars power and GNP … not to say he doesn’t or won’t “get caught” with a SUB, but take that outta the equation and i believe he would GnP ANY and EVERY body in the division … he is a physical BEAST


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