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UFC 82: Highlights from Post-Fight Press Conference; Silva receives $120,000 in bonuses; UFC does $2.2 million at the gate; and more!

ufc82tickets1.jpgI was not able to attend UFC 82 live, however, thanks to “Mr. Sunshine” Steve Cofield, who recorded the audio, I was able to listen to the post-fight press conference online. I highly recommend you go to Cofield’s blog and listen to all the post-fight audio he accumulated while doing his post-show wrap on ESPN 920 in Las Vegas.

Here are the notable comments from the post-fight press conference:

– The official attendance for the event was 16,431 for a live gate of $2.2 million. UFC President Dana White said he loves having fights in Columbus.

– White awarded $120,000 in bonuses to unified middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Silva and former PRIDE welterweight champion Dan Henderson received the bonus for “Fight of the Night” and then Silva also received the award for “Submission of the Night.” The bonus money Silva received is in addition to his guarantee and his win bonus. White awarded the $60,000 “Knockout of the Night” bonus to Chris Leben for his first round TKO over Alessio Sakara.

– Henderson was not at the post-fight press conference. White indicated that he felt the main event “delivered.” In regards to Henderson, White later added that he feels he belongs at 185 pounds.

– White revealed that the UFC officially offered UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture a fight with UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira but that Couture has yet to respond. A reported pointed out that they already offered Couture the fight but White said that they hadn’t offered it to him since Nogueira won the interim title. Again, White said he feels Couture should honor his contract and fight Nogueira because he believes he owes Nogueira the opportunity to fight him because Tim Sylvia gave Couture the same opportunity a year ago.

– A big theme during the press conference was White’s stumping for Silva to be recognized by pundits as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world. He stated at one point that anyone who believes otherwise is “out of their mind.” Later in the press conference he went after the Internet media in regards to Silva, referring to them as “knucklehead websites.” Later on he said that he feels that the reason more sites don’t recognize Silva as the pound-for-pound number and rank Fedor in that spot is out of their hatred for him. He said, “You’re a clown if you rank Fedor number one.” He did not name a website in particular.

While the comment was directed at any of the sites I am involved with, I’d like to entertain the comment. While I don’t take what White says personally, I simply don’t agree that Silva is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. I have him number two, behind Georges St. Pierre. Silva is the better striker, has better submissions off his back, and is more consistent from fight-to-fight. However, St. Pierre’s striking is world class, his submissions from the top are better, and he’s the far better wrestler. Physically, I can find no weakness in GSP’s game. I do feel Silva still has a few, minor flaws to work out.

Also, I’d like to go on the record and state that I don’t hate Dana. In fact, I like the guy in many respects. While he will no longer grant me interviews because of my affiliation with, he was a true gentleman in all of my dealings with him prior. I have a lot of respect for what he’s done for this sport and thing he does a lot of things right. However, I do not feel he’s perfect and I’m not afraid to say when I think he’s wrong. My ranking of GSP over Silva is based on my sincere opinion and not personal politics. Again, I’m not taking White’s comments personally, I just felt some people might be interested in my comments. Besides, I don’t have Fedor ranked number one, so in his eyes I must not be a clown? Okay, I wouldn’t bet on that.


  • Sam Cupitt says:

    lol at Germany being the next target for expansion. Is Denis Siver going to headline the card? I seriously cannot think of one good reason to go to Germany. Then again im probably overlooking some German who’s really big that i can’t think of right now.

    Also I really like Herring after listening to him talk. He lights up the press conferences and just seems like an eassy going dude,

  • matt says:

    They’d be stupid to not resign kos…dude is a beast and has too much of an upside. plus he’s good on the mic.

  • Jake says:

    Sam, you can’t find any flaws in St Pierre’s game? How about the fact that he just got knocked out two fights ago? When was the last time Silva was knocked out in his professional MMA career? Oh that’s right…NEVER!

    I’m sorry but you’re blindly in love with GSP. Anderson Silva is the number one P4P fighter in the world.

  • Jake says:

    I meant 3 fights ago. My bad.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    LOL. Jake, you must be a new reader to the site to make a claim such as me having blind love for GSP. But it’s great to have you here on 5 Oz.! Welcome.

    BTW, I think you missed the operative phrase:

    “Physically, I can find no weakness in GSP’s game.”

    Emphasis on PHYSICALLY.

  • Rln says:

    Being Canadian, I’m predisposed to being a huge GSP fan but with his recent ko loss to Serra there’s no way he can be the #1 p4p fighter. It ways to heavily, imho. Silva’s impressive win over Hendo cements his position as the #1 guy.

  • woooburn says:

    thanks for the write up.

    i’m anxious to see how the wins tonight dictate future fights.

    fitch: sounds like he’s definitely in line for a shot, but at the same time, it seems like dana is a bit hesistant. maybe because of karo? i guess if karo has an EXCITING win (not counting on it), they could set up him and fitch for the #1 contender slot. or if karo loses, or squeaks out another decision, fitch is the outright contender.

    okami: again, it seems like, on paper, he’s the #1 contender, but that they’re not too excited about it. who else could they put up against him? i’d like to see nate marquardt go again, but he probably needs another solid win before that. silva moving up to 205 would be wild.

    i would imagine kos will be back, but arlovski? not so much. i have enjoyed some of his fights, but after not getting a post fight interview, i dont think there’s much promise for a new contract. in the end, him fighting outside of the ufc, might lead to more interesting match ups for him

    herring: who’s next for him? mir to decide who fights nog?

    and coleman vs lesnar? not sure what to think about that one. at least coleman won’t have to worry about jumping on any ropes

    anyway… that’s my hungover rant for the day.

  • Tommy says:

    Some of you guys ARE clowns. Look at the level of competion Anderson has fought and flat destroyed. You guys play with the rankings in ways that don’t even make sense. How in the world can Randy be the number 1 ranked guy in the world after only two fights? How can Fedor be p4p champ by fighting freakshows, old men or never wases? You’ll drop Penn due to lack of activity but Randy or Fedor is permafix in their positions? Same way alot of you have Gomi ahead of Penn. (or did for quite awhile) HOW? I think you rank number 1 by whoever makes your willy hard or something. Take GSP, who just got KO’ed a few fights ago by an unranked fighter compared to Silva’s last loss two years ago where he dq’ed himself in an honest mistake. Not that I don’t agree with GSP being one of the worlds best but he is not p4p champ right now, maybe later but not right this minute. (though thats a better fit then Fedor, imo) Sam wasn’t it these same holes in Anderson’s game that Dan was going to exploit? What, with the hand over the mouth disrupt his breathing technique move? Hell I’ve even seen many cases where people on these sites go back and change what they’ve said or predicted to make themselves correct after the fact. So Dana has a point here, anyone not calling Silva p4p champ right now is a clown. I’m going back to bed now.

  • Mike says:

    Hey Sam, long time reader, I believe very first time commenter as I don’t usually disagree with you so I don’t have any real reason to comment. But this time I do and I’m sure your going to receive a ton of decent.The truth of the matter is that Anderson Silva or Fedor is the number 1 fighter in the world. And one has to give the nod to Silva because Fedor doesn’t fight that often.

    About Silva, he cleared out his division, and if there are no flaws in his game then how come no one has ever found it and exploited it? Really other than last night, when could you really say that Silva has been in trouble. When can you really say, “wow Anderson Silva came back in a fight where he was in serious risk of being knocked out?” The guy has fought in the UFC for how many consecutive fights not, and has ended most if not all in the third round, and a good number of those have been five round fights.

    About GSP, we can’t just through out the victory that Serra had over GSP, if wecan pick and choose which fights we count then everyone will look good. Also, GSP’s last fight was against someone who he not only beat before, but let’s face it, the game has past Hughes by. In the Koshcheck GSP dominated, but it went to decisions. Can we really say that a guy who’s received decision wins over his better quality opponents is better than a guy who KO’s or Submits everyone?

  • cyphron says:

    However, St. Pierre’s striking is world class, his submissions from the top are better, and he’s the far better wrestler.

    GSP is a better wrestler, no doubt. But there’s no way GSP is a better fighter. Silva has the better submission defense, his striking is far and away better than GSP’s. GSP is now more a ground and pound fighter than what he was famous for, which was his striking (sorry, Serra outstruck him). Not only that, but GSP has a glass chin as evidenced by the Serra fight.

    The best wrestler in the middleweight division can’t put Silva away after being on top for most of the first round. Furthermore, Silva just DESTROYED the former Pride middleweight and light heavyweight champion. There is no way GSP is the pound for pound top fighter. Sam, take off your blinders!

  • Tommy says:

    No flaw physically? Wouldn’t his chin classify? KO’ed by Serra & the closest thing he fought to a world class striker would be Penn and before BJ gassed he was hurting Pierre, so how is he a world class striker? Yep GSP, best p4p fighter in the world. Sam strikes again.

  • matt says:

    GSP doesn’t have a suspect chin or a glassjaw. he ate a ton of shots from serra who you could tell he underestimated. the only think you can say that makes GSP not as well rounded is sometimes his confidence is easy to shake. but as for p4p rankings, you have to put silva as #1. he has finished every opponent the UFC has put infront of him.

  • Ian says:

    That was a good card last night. Also, I can’t stand Dana White, yet I can recognize Anderson Silva as the best P4P right now. Anyone who can put Dan Henderson in a RNC is just obviously on another level.

    That said, I’d put the top 5 P4P as:

    B.J. Penn

    Fedor didn’t stop training, and didn’t forget how to fight since Pride dissolved. I firmly believe he would walk through Randy Couture. In a ring or cage. My biggest gripe with Dana is he’d tell everyone how horrible his mother is if it would mean propagating the UFC. He has 0 integrity, and 0 class.

    I also tire of the whole, Dana’s just being a businessman when calling Fedor a “farce.”

    Sorry, you can be a good businessman, and have at least a modicum of class and respect.

    Respect is paramount among those who practice or train any form of combative sport, and Dana’s lack thereof is what makes him so reviled by most knowledgeable fans.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    We’re going to label GSP as having a glass chin based off of one fight? Let’s wait and see whether it’s a trend or aberration. We don’t have the answer to that yet but people are still rushing to conclusions. Hit someone in the right spot and they are going to get knocked out, no matter how good their chin is. If a 12-year kid hit me hard enough and in the right spot, he could knock me out.

    Also, I’m not going to buy into Dana White’s revisionist history of Anderson Silva. Silva is GREAT. I love watching him. He is pound-for-pound the best striker in MMA, with the possible exception of Melvin Manhoef. I’m not taking anything away from Silva, he’s my number two pound-for-pound guy — pretty high praise! But he’s not this unbeatable machine that White is portraying. Silva lost several times in PRIDE and I’m sorry, but Travis Lutter had him in trouble last year. Lutter had him in mount and was dropping bombs on Silva. To Silva’s credit, he recovered and finished Lutter soon after but that doesn’t erase what happened prior.

    Granted, Silva’s takedown defense looked awful in that match because his knees were in bad shape, but why doesn’t St. Pierre get a pass too? Why can’t we argue that he simply had an off night and wasn’t prepared because of personal issues? Look, I don’t think GSP should get a pass but I don’t think Silva should either. What happened, happened.

    If someone wants to argue that Silva is number one, I can see their case and am willing to acknowledge their argument has merit. But they should also be able to acknowledge the case for St. Pierre as number one. To say it’s not even an argument is ridiculous in my opinion. And for Dana to label everyone who doesn’t share his exact same opinion of Silva as not being credible is just plan wrong.

    Silva dominated his top competition but so did GSP. In fact, GSP was more dominant over Hughes in December then Silva was over Henderson last night. Let’s also not forget that Silva lost round 1.

  • screwface says:

    sam, sorry but i have to agree with the rest , no idea how you can rate gsp above silva. defies all logic. gsp is an amazing fighter but he goes back and forth and its always a gamble which gsp will be fighting. Silva is cocky at times but has totally dominated his division. who can you honestly say can now pose a threat to him? hes on his way to becoming hall of fame. right now hands down silva is pound for pound the best fighter in the world. followed by fedor of course, i wouldve made fedor first but currently he isnt fighting the next level of competition. since he left pride its been nothing but 2nd rate competitors.

  • What do you think the results of Silva/Henderson can say about a hypothetical match between Silva/Lindland, if anything?

    What do you think are the chances of Silva/Henderson as fight of the year? I know its early in the year, but this fight was exciting and showed good technique. Also, most fights don’t have the potential to be as relevant.

  • cyphron says:

    Lets take Dana White out of the equation here because it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Lets look at the two fighters records subjectively, and their levels of performance.

    Lets take their last ten fights and compare. Current performance has more meanings than past performances because fighters get better and worse. Anderson’s Silva’s losses in Pride four years ago has less relevance than GSP’s loss just a couple fights ago. You can’t compare the past with the present!

    Other than the disqualification loss to Yushin Okami on a technicality, he has not lost a fight in four years. So AS is 9-1. But look at his wins, he destroyed Franklin who people thought the former champ was unbeatable, and in less than 3 minutes. He destroyed Leben in less than a minute. If Silva doesn’t destroy his opponent in the first round, then somehow he is not as good as he should be and it should be counter against him? GSP was getting handled by BJPenn until he won a decision from in the third. Which is worse? Silva has FINISHED every single fighter he’s fought since the DQ loss to Okami. Can GSP say the same?

    Now lets look at GSP. He’s 8-2 in his last ten fights, but two of his wins are against current lightweight fighters. Even though it’s not his fault that he fought smaller fighters, he still only won a split decision against BJ Penn who was fighting out of his weight class, and for which most people (myself included) thought BJPenn should’ve won that fight. Then he fought Koschek to a decision. But the most damning evidence against GSP is the fact that he LOST a fight just a year ago! Pound for pound best fighter must be unbeatable, and furthermore, he must destroy everyone he faces. Anderson Silva has not fought anyone to a decision in the last four years and he has never needed the final round to beat his opponent since his last legit loss to Ryo Chonan in Pride. The Anderson Silva of four years ago is a different fighter than the Anderson Silva is of today, just as the old GSP is a different fighter today than the GSP of today.

    However, the argument is the same: one fighter destroys the competition whereas the other is just merely better than everyone else in his division. How many times have people predicted that Anderson Silva would get beat by: Marquardt, Franklin, Leben, Henderson? And each and every time he proves them wrong in devasting fashion. Silva is the #1 P4P fighter in the world. His record and performance speaks for itself. P4P best fighter cannot have a 2-1 record within the last year.

  • Ian says:

    Sam, you’re not crazy. There’s definitely a case to be made for GSP. I think people are pretty wide eyed after seeing Hendo get dominated in the 2nd round like that, even if, as you accurately pointed out, he lost the first clearly. I also agree with your assessment that he was in trouble with Lutter.

    I’d love to see GSP move up to 185 after he’s done with Serra, and or Fitch and Karo, and settle this whole GSP vs. Silva debate. Now that would be a great fight.

    For my money, right now, I’ve got to go with Silva.

  • “Other than the disqualification loss to Yushin Okami on a technicality, he has not lost a fight in four years. So AS is 9-1. But look at his wins, he destroyed Franklin who people thought the former champ was unbeatable, and in less than 3 minutes. He destroyed Leben in less than a minute.”


    Rich Franklin was thought to be unbeatable? Since when? He got destroyed by Machida in 2003 and Loiseau further proved Franklin’s chin is tappable. The ONLY people who thought that were the ones taking their cues from Dana White and the UFC talking points.

    That’s why I think Sam is correct here. Silva’s striking is so clean and so dangerous and his jiu-jitsu is very controlling, but if you’ve watched the evolution of his game over the last few years, he’s really only improved upon his existing skillset. GSP, on the other hand, has made dramatic leaps in every dimension of the game. His wrestling is only servicable at best. The truth is his other skills cover up the glaring deficiency.

    And who is the idiot saying GSP has a weak chin? That is such disrespect for Serra’s KNOWN punching power. Have you seen Parisyan vs. Serra? Serra floored Karo with that same right hand. GSP got hurt because Serra waded in short to connect so that cut off GSP distance and allowed Serra to connect hard.

  • rua893 says:

    what the

  • cyphron says:

    Lets not forget that Silva defeated a TUF winner whereas GSP didn’t. What’s worse, a champ who lost the first round and came back to win in the 2nd round, or a champ who was outclassed and out struck and KOed in under a round?

    Everyone wants to use Lutter to discredit Silva while at the same time crediting Serra for his punching power? Please, Henderson was known to have nasty KO power as well. Silva took a couple of nasty hooks from Henderson and still beat destroyed him. When was the last time Henderson was beaten that badly? Never. When was the last Henderson was so thoroughly outclassed like that? Never. When was the last time Hughes got dominated in a win like that? Many times in his career.

    Rich Franklin was thought to be unbeatable?
    If you were around when Rich Franklin was champ, and was frequenting the MMA forums, you would know most people thought Rich Franklin was unbeatable as he destroyed everyone he faced up to Silva. Rich won 8 in a row since the loss to Machida. The betting line had him a heavy favorite. Sherdog’s fight finder won’t tell you that.

  • Tommy says:

    He did lose the first round, but by what? Hendo just layed there controlled position and tried to hand suffocate him. In fact I had to convince my friends what Dan was doing was in fact legal. I really don’t think GSP has a suspect chin at all, it happens to almost everyone. However when you compair the caliber of opponents to the types of victories I can’t see GSP edging out Silva in anyones eyes as p4p champ. Even Silva’s loss to Ryo was just amazing. Simular to anyone can get caught with a heavy strike, that flying take down and subsequent sub was something that can surprise and defeat anyone. How can anyone see that coming or train to avoid what usually only happens in movies? Anyway I think the best way to settle this is to let the two fight it out. My money, as last night, will be on Anderson. If not I would love to see Penn rematch GSP and see how that goes for him. As for Dana’s comment, I’m sure he doesn’t mind the arguement being between GSP & Silva for p4p champ, as long as it’s not Fedor or Randy. OH yeah…to me the mark of a great champion is not just to dominate all his opponents but to also get in trouble stay composed and come back to beat his opponent. Isn’t that one of the reasons why Fedor is so revered?

  • Tommy says:

    Top 5 to me:
    Anderson Silva
    Sam Caplan

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Tommy, you ranked me ahead of Kim Couture? I’m flattered.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    “He did lose the first round, but by what? Hendo just layed there controlled position and tried to hand suffocate him. In fact I had to convince my friends what Dan was doing was in fact legal.”

    Uh, what about all those hammerfists? They weren’t going to end the fight, but you have to give him points for landing them.

    And how was the hand to mouth choke illegal? That’s good smashing technique. To my knowledge, “bitch choking,” as it is sometimes known, is legal in MMA. I’ve rolled with guys in an open mat environment and have had those kinds of chokes done.

  • HexRei says:

    @ Sam:

    My brother was watching and also didn’t believe it was legal until I explained that it was. Hendo definitely won the first round, but after that stunning knee he had nothing in the second.

  • Mike says:

    I think it is also fair to say, that GSP has the unfortunate coincidence of being really good, while the major players in the division is either to young to accumulate enough fights worthy of a main event card, or that they are past their prime. So when we say, “who will GSP fight next?” The answer is that there is nobody for GSP to really fight, but is it because GSP has throughly beaten everyone, or its because the talent level at Welterweight is tapped dry. Its sound crazy at first when you think about it, but then say “who will Silva fight next?” Well no one, but its because he’s literally beaten the crap out of everyone in th division. This is how one person single handley cleans out a division. When we are saying that he should retire, we’re saying it not because in his next fight he could lose and ruin his legacy which I’m pretty sure someone will try to say if and when he does lose, but its because there is no one left and I hate to bring up boxing on an MMA board, but if you want to equate Silva with someone it would have to be Floyd Mayweather who’s pretty much stuck in the same predicament. Also, equating GSP’s knockout loss to a poor performance in one round of a match where Silva e goes on to TKO’s the guy just isn’t sticking with me.

    By the way, has anyone thought that because Silva cleared out his division, that he’ll be paid less money in future contracts because its presumed that he would win. In a rare turn of events, the best fighter in the world might have had his best financial days behind him.

  • Tommy says:

    But in fact they could, in a way, finish the fight. Compair Dan’s hammerfists to Silva’s. It was Andersons that dazed Dan and made him give up an even more dangerous postion. While that’s just what Dan was doing with his, trying to add points, not finish the fight. I know the hand over the mouth is legal, which is why I told my friends it was. Though it would have been more effective if Dan would have had a throw pillow to place over Silva’s mouth. Bitch choking is a good name for it. Kim Couture is on a different p4p list with me, though in that one she is definitely in the top 5.

  • Nick G says:

    Did anybody else think the Fitch/Wilson fight was about as exciting as Grandpa on Grandma for 3 hours? Fitch really needs to go back to the drawing board. A win’s a win, but that boring exhibition set the stage for a pretty lackluster card. Fitch is a lonnng way away from being able to take on GSP.

  • bruceleesreincarnation says:

    The number ONE criterion when deciding who is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world is dominating WINS over quality opponents. Clearly Anderson Silva is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world because he has beaten everyone of his opponents since winning the title within two rounds. He doesn’t just win either, he demolishes. It’s not right in my opinion to rank GSP above Silva simply because he lost the title. You can’t lose and be ranked over someone who hasn’t lost. It doesn’t matter how great your skills are if they don’t translate into a win in the cage. Just as important as the physical talents of both GSP and Silva is the mental toughness. Anderson Silva has translated his mental and physcial attributes into dominating WINS. GSP has a blemish on his record. In my opinion, there’s no question about it, Anderson Silva is the number one poun-for-pound fighter in the world.

  • Echolocating says:

    St.Pierre definitely has the skill to be the best pound-for-pound fighter, but Silva’s proven himself to be consistently better. Georges is my absolute favorite fighter though, but saying he’s definitively the best pound-for-pound seems overzealous. Even if St.Pierre destroys Serra in their rematch, I’d still be hard-pressed to say he exceeds Silva’s overall ability.

    I think the problem for Sam is that Silva is the easy choice for picking the best pound-for-pound fighter and… where’s the fun in that? Sam’s always gotta throw us a few curve balls to keep us honest. 😉

    However, if I had to pick a fighter with the most potential in the sport today… it would have to be St.Pierre. I mean, this guy looks like he’s barely scratched the surface of what he could be.

  • Tommy says:

    Ya know Sam my point about Dan was this. Someone of his skill and caliber resorting to ‘bitch choking’ is just weird to me and what I believe my wife and friends we’re really so stunned by.
    Mike, to answer your Silva getting paid less question, I don’t believe so. At one time Liddell was believed to have cleared out his division. It didn’t effect his pay at all. They get paid, for the most part, according to the following they have. Anderson destroys his opponents in exciting fashion every time. That creates a fan base and in turn he will be compensated. There will always be people making a comeback, changing weight or a new rising star. The UFC will use this to keep his fights interesting to the average fan. There next promo for him could be to rematch his lose against Okami. They won’t go into the details of how he lost, just that he lost in his last fight to him. Silva gets past him they can rematch him against Ryo, again billing it as redemption and a ‘tough’ test for Silva. If (when) he destroys them they could match him up against GSP, so on and so forth. That’s the point of having Joe Silva, it’s not just what’s gonna be exciting today but what does it set up for tommorow. That and being a good bs’ing hype machine that they are, will guarantee his future and his pay. By now even Dana has to be a fan of Anderson’s & once that happens, seems to me, his road will be paved in gold. Now if he would just learn english he could be in a Tuff show and be a god.

  • Donk says:

    I really wish fedor didn’t mess up his hand which saw him sit out the 2006 year, we just wouldn’t be having this debate about who is the best p4p. I mean sure, the guy hasn’t had a chance to fight top oppenents since 05, but he sat out a year due to injury and then pride was bought out. I don’t blame him for not bending over to Dana and having some principles…

    Silva, GSP, Penn have all been beaten, but nobody has beaten fedor. Nobody has been as dominant as him, and i don’t blame him for his inactivity. This is all subjective anyway but imo fedor is the best closely followed by Silva then Penn. I don’t know where to put GSP, I am not convinced by his striking because i know that Penn can outstrike him and we saw similar from Serra. I agree with Koschech’s post fight statements about GSP, if he isn’t convinced by GSP then i’m not either.

    I don’t like Dana’s comments about the press, it’s seems like he is essentially saying that he dosn’t like people with differing opinons to his, and these people are idiots and should be silenced. Who wants to be surrounded by yes men? If this is the way he likes to do his business then i bet his offices aren’t fun to work in. A culture of uniformity where nobody can question the boss just leads to stagnation and a stale product through lack of evolution. Maybe this is why the UFC’s product always feels the same?

    Anyway keep up the good job Sam and co, fiveounces is always my first destination.

  • screwface says:

    any else think kongo made some insanely stupid decisions in his fight with herring? i found my self yelling at the tv telling him to throw his hands up in defense and stop takin the fight to the ground if you dont know what to do next. his corner was giving him great advice and not once did he listen. even more comedy to me is they kept tellin him to throw the left knee, and kongo kept throwing the right knee. i know english is his second language but dam. this loss to herring made me think his other wins might have been more luck then anything else. he could have and should have won against herring. to me sheer stupidity is why he lost.

  • dice says:

    # 21 cyphron Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    “Lets not forget that Silva defeated a TUF winner whereas GSP didn’t.”

    Oh snap. Yeah we all forgot about this cyphron, thanks for reminding us. You just changed my mind about the whole thing. LOL

    “Rich Franklin was thought to be unbeatable?
    If you were around when Rich Franklin was champ, and was frequenting the MMA forums, you would know most people thought Rich Franklin was unbeatable as he destroyed everyone he faced up to Silva. Rich won 8 in a row since the loss to Machida. The betting line had him a heavy favorite. Sherdog’s fight finder won’t tell you that.”

    cyphron, I have some news for you. People on the forums say a lot of stupid things. What sherdogs fight finder will tell you is that Rich’s record wouldn’t never indicate that he was “unbeatable” (8 in a row doesn’t mean much, what you should be looking at is notable wins). And other than Dana white and his followers, I don’t remember anyone of note making it seem like Rich was unbeatable, most sane people thought he was an underdog to guys like Hendo, Lindland, Kang, and Filho.

    I don’t really care about arguing who is the best pound for pound fighter, but I will say that GSP has fought in a much tougher division. And has more notable wins than Silva. So why people think it is such a crazy idea to have him ahead of Silva doesn’t seem to make much sense1.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    “Ya know Sam my point about Dan was this. Someone of his skill and caliber resorting to ‘bitch choking’ is just weird to me and what I believe my wife and friends we’re really so stunned by.”

    But the bottom line is that it wasn’t illegal. And you have to understand, Henderson has been fighting for over 10 years now. He’s old school. To him, those tactics are a way of him using his wrestling skill to control a fight.

  • cyphron says:

    “Lets not forget that Silva defeated a TUF winner whereas GSP didn’t.”

    Oh snap. Yeah we all forgot about this cyphron, thanks for reminding us. You just changed my mind about the whole thing. LOL

    Did you just refute my point? No, then please post a persuading position on why GSP is a better fighter. If not, why bother?

    I don’t remember anyone of note making it seem like Rich was unbeatable

    Right. And did you refute my point that at that time, most people gave Silva no chance and Vegas didn’t give him a chance either? Go Google the first fight and find the number of articles predicting a Franklin win versus a Silva win. Can you show me proof that the writers themselves picked Silva over Franklin? If not, why bother? If you’re going to argue a point, make sure you back up your claims with something.

  • Tommy says:

    Yeah it’s legal, I knew that well before last night. I’m old school too, he would have stuck his hand in my mouth trying to disrupt my breathing I’d have taken a little nipple on one of his fingers and called it an accident later.

  • Tommy says:

    nipple nibble…see how accidents happen.

  • Ross says:

    Anderson Silva- without question is p4p the best fighter right now. Hell he is considering fighting in a boxing match- thats how bored he is with his competition.

  • Zane says:

    Sam, although I agree that GSP is an amazing fighter, I can’t really understand why you have him ahead of Silva. In my opinion, the number 1 ranking should not be based on physical potential, but instead of what has been accomplished. Silva has absolutely accomplished more than him. I see that since Silva has never really demonstrated an amazing wrestling ability, its unfair to assume that it is any worse than GSP’s chin, considering GSP has lost due to his chin and Silva hasn’t lost a fight based on his wrestling. And for Silva it is almost a blessing in disguise that he doesn’t defend takedowns as well as GSP, because he would prefer to keep the fight standing, which would never allow him to display the amazing ability he has off his back. I mean nothing but respect, but I have Silva number one, GSP number 2, and BJ Penn number 3.

  • Derek B. says:

    Fedor is number pound for pound fighter.

    He’s not only MMA Heavy weight champion…but also Sambo Champion.

    Silva is just ufc middle weight champion.

    Only one way to find out….Silva vs. Fedor

    mark my words here.. Silva will not hold on to the title for another year.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    “Silva has absolutely accomplished more than him.”

    How so? Both have held titles in their weight class and both multiple wins over their top competitors (Franklin and Hughes). Silva also has an impressive win over Henderson while GSP has an impressive win over Penn. Should we penalize GSP because there was a 170 lbs. title in PRIDE for him to win through a unification match?

  • Binsu says:

    I agree with Zane. It’s not about physical ability but what you’ve actually accomplished. Looking at their fights in and of themselves, Silva has been more dominant than GSP.

    Also, have we really had a chance to see Silva’s submissions from top? He’s not in that position that often as far as I can remember.

  • Max says:

    Physically, I can find no weakness in GSP’s game, except for he loses time and time again. If GSP has such a solid game, he would be more consistent like ANDERSON SILVA. You must be absolutely crazy to place GSP as the number one P4P fighter. GSP lost to Matt Serra and my opinion he lost to BJ Penn, as well. You guys must just be infatuated with GSP. But for those who do not know Anderson Silva, the number one P4P fighter in the world, let me brief you. Silva last real lost came in December 31, 2004 against Ryo Chonan. Silva was thoroughly giving this guy a @SS whipping, but some way and some how, in a desperation move, Chonan comes in with a flying scissor/heel lock; which, by the grace of GOD, connected. WTF!!!! The move looks like it come straight out of the movies and Anderson Silva tapped. In January 2006, Anderson faced off with Yushin Okami, who he KNOCKED OUT, with an up-kicked to Okami’s delicate face from his back. Silva was disqualified because 1. Okami could no longer continue and 2. Okami was on his grounded (on his knees) when he received the kick. Silva is unbelievably strong, quick, and technical. To simply put it, Silva’s fight game is flawless. Silva first encounter with Rich Franklin, he threw Franklin around the ring like a rag doll. Even Franklin commented on Silva’s strength. He stated that he felt like he was in the ring with Tim Sylvia. Franklin, who used to fight in the light heavy weight division and is bigger than Henderson, was no match for Silva, both times. Muscle mass isn’t the only determining factor of a person’s strength. Honestly, if the, fight with Silva and Henderson continued standing, Henderson would have been knocked out. By the time the bell sounded for the second round to begin, Dan Henderson was already gassed (if you don’t believe me, just take a look at the fight). I have to give it to the UFC for doing their best to create a buzz about the Silva and Henderson bout, knowing damn well that Silva would win. UFC stated that Henderson would be stronger, stylistically a bad match up, and Silva’s toughest challenge; all of which were lies to sell more tickets and pay-per-view. UFC also reminded us all that Henderson has never been knocked out and conveniently forgot to tell us neither has Silva. A true MMA Critic, not a fan, could have predicted this fight, I digress. Anyway back to GSP. I like him as a fighter, but honestly he wouldn’t even be in my top 10 pound for pound. If GSP is the epitome of what a mix martial artist, then why did he loses twice after having the belt. The man can’t even defend the title. Comparing him to Silva is ludicrous; everything that GSP is known for Silva does it ten times better. If you still think GSP is better that Anderson Silva, remember this; Silva is thinking about moving down to welterweight division. Man do I feel sorry for those guys in that division.

  • Zane says:

    Sam, How so? Well lets break it down. GSP and Silva are both champions obviously, Silva has 4 title defenses to GSP’s 0. Anderson Silva is 6-0 in the UFC compared to GSP at 10-2, all of their wins have been over very very quality opponents. The difference in my mind is that all of Silva’s wins except for Leben, were main events with an enormous amount of pressure. The measure of a champion in my mind rests heavily upon the ability to perform under pressure, which Silva has demonstarted time and time again without faltering, compared to GSP who is 2-2 in main event fights. But are you absolutely sure that Silva’s lack of wrestling is a bigger disability than GSP’s inconsistency and chin?

  • Zane says:

    And btw, I have still not recieved my Frank Mir memorabilia from the contest, I was wondering if there was a way I could track it? Some of the other winners said they got their stuff 2 weeks ago so I am assuming something wwnt wrong, any info would help.

  • Sergio says:

    “But are you absolutely sure that Silva’s lack of wrestling is a bigger disability than GSP’s inconsistency and chin?”

    No way GSP inconsistent.

    In between his losses to Hughes to Serra, he beat Mayhem, Trigg, Sherk, Penn, and Hughes.

    He gets a fluke KO loss on his record and he’s suddenly inconsistent?

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree that Silva beats out GSP for #1 P4P because of that loss but to label him inconsistent is crazy.

  • Zane says:

    He is 2-2 in title fights, that is not consistency. If you actually read what I wrote I said in fights with little pressure GSP is about as good as it gets, but for some reason when the stakes are raised he doesn’t show consistency. Silva has never even been close to losing a fight, or even been close to being in trouble. Plus, do you consider a no title implication fight too hold more weight in your ranking process than a title or a top contender fight? I doubt it. SO YES GSP IS INCONSISTENT COMPARED TO ANDERSON SILVA IN TERMS OF OCTAGON PERFORMANCE.

  • Jackyl says:

    So I guess it’s pretty clear. Someone needs to let Dana and Joe Silva know. WE WANT ANDERSON SILVA VS GEORGES ST PIERRE. It has to happen. Those are the two top pound for pound fighters, and a big plus is they actually have a realistic chance of fighting each other. Unlike some other so called top pound for pound matchups(cough, RandyFedor, cough). So since it’s possible, let’s see it happen. Silva vs GSP is an MMA fan’s dream fight. If Joe Rogan is out there, he needs to start making some noise for it. Sam! I know you have a few ears you can whisper into.

    Speaking of Fedor. I have read recently that M-1 Global is having a lot of trouble negotiating with him. Dana White expressed some of these same problems. Crazy Russians as he says. I truly think that if Fedor cared about fighting the best in the world, he would have made the concessions the UFC wanted him to make, and made the contract happen. It’s common knowledge they were offering a lot of money. Hell, it was enough money to totally piss Randy off. Maybe that money went to Lesnar…… Anyway as a closing thought: It’s clear that Fedor is a warrior and he loves to fight, but he doesn’t care about proving that he is the best.

  • cyphron says:

    Silva also has an impressive win over Henderson while GSP has an impressive win over Penn

    I beg to differ. Silva has an impressive win over Henderson while GSP has a NOT so impressive win over Penn. Some people would claim that Penn actually won. The punishment Penn dealt was far more than GSP’s controlling wrestling. Under Pride’s judging criteria, Penn would’ve won outright.

  • Sergio says:

    Re: Zane

    Childish all-caps response aside…

    I *did* read what you wrote and while it seems like you read what I wrote, it doesn’t sound like you understood it.

    Again, to reiterate, I AGREE that Silva is the #1 P4P fighter *over* GSP and not once did you compare GSP’s consistency to Silva’s. You only made the blanket statement that GSP was inconsistent.

    If you’re going to use a loss GSP suffered almost 4 years ago as a sign of “inconsistency,” why not do the same for Silva’s loss to Takase?

  • ctownhood says:

    I think the whole P4P argument is a little overrated. I mean, is a 14 yr old pitcher in Little League who can’t be hit the best P4P pitcher in the world? You have to compare apples to apples in sports, and MMA is no different. My son dominates the other judokas in his class, but I am pretty sure he is not the best P4P in the world 😉

  • Echolocating says:

    I think we’re just talking about professional (elite level) athletes, ctownhood. 😉

  • Zane says:

    Sergio, Serra was 4 years ago? Gimme a break.

  • Max says:

    I can not believe that you guys would even put GSP in top ten P4P fighters. Are you judging him for successful fights or his potential? His victory over Hughes was predictable; Hughes is over the hill and overrated. GSP did not beat Penn. GSP victory over Shrek I mean Sherk was predictable as well. Who really thinks GSP would beat Silva? You have to be kidding me

  • Max says:

    A fight between Silva and GSP would not be a dream fight in MMA, because there’s an obvious winner and that’s Silva.

  • JacRabbit says:

    WOW–I cant help but to comment even before I continue reading the rest of these comments… I personally have to agree that GSP ranks slightly above Anderson in P4P ranking. I ENTIRELY agree with Sam on this one. You guys completely miss his point that GSP PHYSICALLY (not mentally) has no gaps in his game. Mentally, Silva has an advantage on GSP he. GSP’s only real apparent weakness is him psyching himself before a fight. He psyched himself out before his first fight with Hughes (couldn’t even look him in the eyes in the stare-down), came back focused and conquered. He underestimated Serra the first time and I dont think many will disagree a focused GSP will completely steamroll Serra. The “glass-chin” comment was ridiculous, did you seriously watched the GSP vs. Serra fight?

    Lets not forget how stacked the WW devision is as compared to MW… And though I do agree Hendo is something serious, both of Hendo’s appearances thus far in the UFC have been lack luster. He didn’t look all that great against Rampage, and I was extremely disappointed in his defense of the rear naked choke by Silva. Both hands were free–the choke first landed on his chin, he didn’t make ANY attempt to disrupt it… I agree that Hendo was definitely the person that even I expected to take advantage of Silva’s lacking take-down defense (as did Lutter), but lets face it, he choked (no pun intended). I just can’t agree that this victory provides the cement. Unless Serra is able to upset GSP this time around, he will still remain in the #1 spot.

  • JacRabbit says:

    …and I think a fight between GSP and Silva would be ridiculous. There would likely be a significant strength and size difference.

  • Sergio says:

    “Sergio, Serra was 4 years ago? Gimme a break.”

    I’m referencing his first fight with Hughes, which you’re using as basis for your inconsistency argument.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Maybe the answer to the question about best P4P is who could move up and fight competitively. Could GSP fight competitively at 185? Doubt he could take Franklin, and Silva’s beaten him twice. Silva’s already proven he can fight up, because he just beat Henderson, who fought competitively at 205 with Rampage. Gotta go with Silva on this one.


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