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5 Oz. of Pain on Interview with M-1 CEO Monte Cox

m1_fedor_event_287.jpgJust posted on is an interview I conducted this week with M-1 Global CEO Monte Cox. As always, Monte pulled no punches and provided straight answers to all of my direct questions. If you have any confusion about what’s going on with M-1 Global right now, I think this interview will answer a lot of your questions.

During the interview, I put Cox on the spot on multiple occasions, even asking him to address rumors as to whether rumors were true that Fedor’s management was shopping his services around again:

Q: There have been some rumors going around that Fedor Emelianenko’s management was shopping him around to other promotions. There have also been rumors that the relationship between Fedor’s management and M-1 Global was not going very well. At any point during recent discussions, was the possibility of severing ties with Fedor ever discussed?

MC: I think in the last five months we’ve looked at every scenario possible. We’ve looked at continuing without Fedor and I’m sure Fedor has looked at working with somebody else. It’s been a difficult five months but like (M-1 Chairman) Mitchell Maxwell says, anything worth doing takes time. And there’s difficulty involved in that and that’s what I think is happening here. I think it would have been easy to just say let’s go out and do a show and then figure it out. And all of us involved said “No, no, no.”

When we go out and do a show we’re going to have all of our ducks in a row. We’re going to have complete agreement as to how we’re doing something at that date and time. The language barrier is something that definitely adds to the time. All documents have to be translated into Russian, and that’s not easy. Then it goes back after a few changes and it gets translated and then we re-change it. So it’s really been a lot more difficult than I expected but we had a breakthrough this week and I think we’re getting close.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want the full inside scoop on M-1 Global and Fedor, I recommend you click here to check it out.

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  • Kelvin says:

    Nice Job Sam…frankly I don’t see M-1 doing much..if anything at all in MMA.

  • Evan says:

    Fantastic read. Well done Sam.

    What I took from it…

    M-1 doesn’t sound stable at all

    It doesn’t matter if people think it’s a conflict of interest (like I do) what matters is what the CSAC and NSAC think. Or what a fighter thinks the first time something goes wrong if M-1 ever has a show.

    “And I think the same could be said with Fedor and his contract. You know, there are a lot of things that go into a contract and we’ve gone over every item bit by bit and we’ve gone back and forth until we have something we’re happy with on both sides.”

    It sounds to me like they are still working on his contract. How weird is that?

  • ufcfan says:

    great interview

    i’ve maintained since day one that m-1 is nothing but a glorified talent agency…they opened their mouths wayyyy too quick.

    the only legitimate threat to UFC is elite xc but that’s even a long shot.
    hdnet could have been something but it almost seems that they aren’t even bothering with live events at the moment.

  • Jeremy says:

    I agree with what Evan said. The stability of that company doesn’t seem very good at all. No one really seems to be able to layout exactly what is going on and with all the people involved it seems like it is/will be very hard for them to consistently do things.

  • mike wolfe says:

    This was a very interesting read. My impression from the interview is that Cox is spinning a difficult situation the best that he can. Although M-1 has a contract with Fedor, Vadim still controls Fedor in a real sense, and he has his own agenda. It’s amazing to me that Cox can’t say for sure when M-1 Global’s first event will take place! Again, this suggests that there’s a lot of wrangling behind closed doors. This also implies that White’s frustration with Fedor’s management was legitimate. As perverse as it sounds, UFC may be better off without Fedor for now. How could UFC promote the guy or his fights if it had no confidence that his management would cooperate? Maybe after a few years of floundering around Fedor and/or his management will get frustrated and resume discussions with UFC with a new spirit of glasnost and cooperation

  • cyphron says:

    Fedor’s management is using him as a cash cow, to his detriment. It’s unfortunate, but they have severely overestimated Fedor’s worth outside a top notch organization such as Pride or the UFC. MMA in Japan is in shambles and outside of the UFC, there really is no competition for him.

    In sports, new stars are made all the time. Once Nogueira is dethroned (which is a certainty), no one will remember Fedor any more. In sports, there is a “what have you done for me lately?” mentality, and for Fedor, he hasn’t done much at all.


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