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Video: EliteXC’s deal with CBS makes it onto ESPN

Several of ESPN’s shows discussed today’s announcement by EliteXC and CBS to starting televising MMA. It was a topic of discussion on “Around the Horn” this afternoon, which you can check out below.

Prepared to be annoyed. Although, if I ever meet J.A. Adande I will buy the guy a beer.

  • JustMike says:

    This reminded me why I find shows like this unwatchable. Loud idiots with misinformed opinions. Ugh! Only the last guy had a clue.

    Oh yeah, and “violence makes me sad!” I guess she must be positively suicidal during the NFL season.

  • ctownhood says:

    Jay Mariotti is an idiot. 75,000 PPV buys? I believe the Lesnar-Mir fight did 675,000. Get your facts straight. Don’t make me get Ozzie Guillen back on your ass Mariotti!

  • Sam Caplan says:

    He didn’t even call them “buys,” he called them “hits.” Was he thinking of website traffic or LSD?

  • slimm says:

    i usually catch shows like this from time to time, but their “know it all” personalities wear very thin especially when a majority of them are extremely mis~informed on the topic of MMA

  • Tanner says:

    There was a piece on Rome is burning, He seems to be into MMA, big part of it was on Kimbo though.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I don’t understand why more writers can’t be like Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser. Instead of bashing it, they simply say it isn’t their cup of tea and acknowledge that they aren’t the target demographic anyway.

  • ctownhood says:

    It’s so much easier to make an uninformed comment about something you have no knowledge of, rather than to do the research. I’d love for Jay Mariotti to count the number of “hits” I’d drop on his skull in the clinch ;). He’s like the Bill O’Reilly of sportscasters

  • Evan says:

    “He’s like the Bill O’Reilly of sportscasters”

    I am not sure you can insult someone more than that. :)

  • Mike Fagan says:

    Stat Boy coming through in the clutch, amirite?

  • Adam Morgan says:


    Wilbon called it “savagery” on PTI just two days ago when talking about Kimbo. Thank god Woodie Page looks like he got booted early on in the show. His opinion on it would have been lamer than Mariotti’s.

  • This was not good at all. It’s one thing for sports writers to have opinions on things – even things they do not know much about them, but they risk sounding like a total fool if they do.

    It’s a whole other thing to start shouting out facts that are grossly incorrect. ESPN should correct Mariotti’s statement since it is so grossly incorrect.

  • […] something to the effect of: “CBS to air MMA” not “Elite XC.” Furthermore, just put up a clip from today’s episode of ESPN’s Around The Horn discussing the historic deal and, yet again, Elite XC wasn’t mentioned. Not even once. A […]

  • Eric says: is the official site of pointing out how poorly informed Jay Mariotti is on a number of subjects.

    And I stopped watching all of these shows. AtH is for obvious reasons but even PtI went downhill. Kornheiser doesn’t even watch sports anymore, he sees the highlights and then comments on them the next day on television.

    Wilbon I remember said the UFC was “1800s barge fighting” and should be banned. Then two days later (the day before the first ever UFC live weigh-in on ESPNews) he magically said it’s the next big thing and it’s great. When questioned to name one guy other than Chuck Liddell he couldn’t. When the weigh-ins stopped he started bashing it again.

    They’re all just paid monkeys to create controversy. I stopped going to because all articles are in the form of, “25 reasons the Patriots will go 19-0” and “Should Roger Clemens get the chair? Johnson: YES, Smith: NO with links to their articles. It’s the reason I rolled my eyes when Sam did the “Dan Henderson will beat Anderson Silva” column. I know it creates controversy and gets ratings, but real journalists should be above that type of sensationalism.

  • Nick G says:

    Mariotti’s another wanna be jock who played a little of some wimp sport in H.S. and as a kid. Oh, and good I get to express my views about “B-Ball”—Wimpy and, of course as is widely opined, a sport where all you have to do is watch the final 2 minutes to get the gist and the 2 minutes will take 10. Say, do they have any limits on timeouts? ***Wimpy!!***

  • Zane says:

    Eric, how the hell would you know that Kornheiser doesn’t watch sports? That is pretty ridiculous statement

  • mike wolfe says:

    What does CBS air on Saturday nights? If it’s movies like the old bag suggested, it’s no wonder CBS made a programming change. There’s no way a network can compete with cable channels or DVD rental businesses with movies. It should be easy to compare the ratings before and after the Elite fights. If the network makes any effort to market the shows, their audience will go up. Bet money on it. Once that happens, these same pinheads will have to learn about MMA and pretend that they like it or lose any credibility as sports pundits. Piss on ’em.


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