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UFC announces UFC Fight Night 13 televised card as well as three hour Spike coverage has announced the televised card for the stacked UFC Fight Night 13. In addition to naming the 5/6 fights that will be televised, also announced that the card will also be a 3 hour presentation from Spike going from 7pm to 10pm.

Here are the following televised and non-televised bouts as stated by


  • Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon
  • Thiago Alves vs. Karo Parisyan
  • Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill
  • Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino
  • Houston Alexander vs. James Irvin
  • Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard (swing bout, may not be televised)

Preliminary Card – UNTELEVISED

  • Marcus Aurelio vs. Spencer Fisher
  • Josh Neer vs. Din Thomas
  • Jeff Cox vs. Manny Gamburyan
  • Samy Schiavo vs. Clay Guida
  • Roman Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos
  • Anthony Johnson vs. Tommy Speer

Looking at all the fights, I definitely hope Spike picks up the speed between fights. The majority of fights on this card are a big chance of going to a decision which would limit the amount of fights shown even without interviews for crappy B-movie with crappy B-movie actor.

UFN 13 is set to take place on April 2nd, at the Broomfield Events Center, Colorado.

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  • when will the UFC learn to put EVERY fight Clay Guida is in on a broadcast. He never has a dull fight.
    Kinda sucks that Dana extols wanting fighter who put on exciting fights, gives Clay the headline fight on a Fight Night now he is relegated to the under card.
    I don’t care what his record is in the UFC, his fights are a must see.
    I hope Dana keeps to his word and pays Clay accordingly in his next contract.
    I am skeptical that it will happen though because he seems to be a hypocrite.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    #1, Dana is fully aware that people want to see the entire card of every show. However, he’s always maintained that the non-televised portion is for the live audience. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with his philosophy, just trying to give you his perspective.

  • Jeremy says:

    After an excellent string of shows(UFC 81, EliteXC, and WEC) I can’t wait for the next few shows we have coming up, including this one. UFC 82(Mar 1), 2 weeks later Dream 1(Mar 15), 11 days later the next WEC(Mar 26), 3 days later the Strikeforce(Mar 29) show with Shamrock vs. Cung Le and then finally this show on the 2nd of April. Those are some great cards and great fights coming up, 2 which are going to be free. Fantastic stretch for fans!

  • I hope there are alot of quick KOs so we get to see an undercard match or two….Fisher Aurelio sounds pretty good

  • mofsteel says:

    the televised cards are great, but I can’t believe we might not see Guida, fischer, or thomas vs. neer.

  • Rich says:

    this card is GODLY..
    even the undercard..

    it’s a shame to see Thomas/Neer in the Prelims..

    that should be an AMAZING fight !

    and i’m hopin’ for a win from sotiropulous..
    he’s an amazing fighter with great potential..
    very well-rounded.. i like him..

    hopin’ Guida can pick up the win [non-decision] and get back into contention..

    Pellegrino should prove to be an extremely hard test for Nate.. we’ll see if he can overcome it..
    if he does.. that should put him up there w/ the elite LW’s in the UFC,,

    i’m thinkin’ Irvin’s gonna go down.. he doesn’t have the best chin in the world..

    and Thiago/Karo is a tossup for me.. but i feel Karo will prevail..

    and Kenflo’s gonna get the win..
    but i like J-Lau too, so i don’t mind if it comes out differently..

  • Evan says:

    Some of these fights that won’t be televised are for later UFC Unleashed shows. Spike did pay a fortune for the TV rights so they need to have something for fans to look forward to. A reason to tune in.

  • Mike Wolfe says:

    Take a bow, Sam. The three hour running time was announced here about a week ago, maybe longer. You caught a little flack for the report, as I recall.

  • Dan K says:

    What does everyone think about the Tim Boetsch vs. Matt Hamill fight? Judging solely by his last fight (not his IFL fight) I’d like to see Boetsch slam Hamill. Although I’ll give Hamill credit, his standup looked much improved against Bisping.

  • Rich says:


    Boetsch had some crazy knees he threw at Heath.. any other guy would have been KO’d after the first few.. i think Heath has a chin of steel.. especially after he took all of those knees and kept at it.. not that he was doing much.. i mean, aside from being a human punching bag..

    and then that freak slam came..

    this fight could go two ways..
    Hamill could tire out Boetsch and out wrestle him in the long run.. and pick up the decision or a laaaate TKO..
    or Boetsch could overpower Hamill and cause some serious problems..


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