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UFC 82 Video: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson

If Anderson Silva defeats Dan Henderson for the PRIDE welterweight title on Saturday night at UFC 82, a strong case could be made that Silva is the most decorated fighter in the 183-185 lbs. division ever in MMA.

Silva also says in this interview that he doesn’t consider Henderson to be his biggest challenge? I beg to differ.

In Henderson’s video he says he’s a bad matchup for a lot of fighters, especially Silva. I tend to agree. Henderson’s body lock > Silva’s Thai clinch.

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  • Derek B. says:

    I have been debating on who’s going to win this fight.

    I love Silva and his skills, but I really think that Henderson is going to take the fight. I think that he’s going to want to take the fight to the ground and use his strength to control Silva.

  • Rich says:

    idk.. i can only see two outcomes..

    either we see what happened to Rich Franklin happen to Hendo [maybe a little less extreme though]

    or Hendo gets a decision..

    for some reason.. i don’t see Hendo finishing Silva.. and if it goes the distance.. there’s no way Silva will win..

    either way.. my UFC fantasy card’s going to get destroyed by this event..

    you have this match.. which is unpredictable..
    and then the Evan Tanner/Youshin Okami fight.. which is just about unpredictable.. i thought the Jon Fitch fight was an easy pick.. but i found out that chris wilson has been a WW champ in a previous organization, so that might be a harder test for Fitch than i originally thought .. you never know if AA’s going to KTFO O’brien or get laid on for 3 rounds.. can’t decide between Hazelett getting a sub or Kos’ wrestling prevailing.. i’m being torn apart wondering if Leben is going to get a TKO or a Sub [seeing as how he’s been working on his ground game alot{see Terry Martin Triangle}] and i can’t pick between Kongo getting a boring decision or Herring getting a boring decision [haha]..

    man.. this card’s going to be horrible for me..

    guys.. on Saturday night.. you’ll probably see my fantasy score for that event in the double digits.. *sheds a tear…

  • slimm says:

    i think hendo can take this fight by decision, silva is half bad fighting off of his back so perhaps hendos ground control wont be soooooo dominant, those two in the clinch should be an interesting power struggle.. if hendo doesnt get dropped by an explosive knee combo to the head its hard to see silva tko him with punches… silva kicks are violent as well (see silva v stiebling), i really can se this fight going either way, i just hope for a great fight from two great competetors…. AA, i hope he brings his type of violence back to the octagon, and shows dana and the brothers why they should keep him for a chance of having decent fights in the hw division.. i have to go with fitch, because i would really like him to get a title shot soon or fight karo either way he cant loose, imo….. kongo needs to be explosive he shouldnt have another boring fight in the ufc, herring is good and could take kongo, he also can be tentative in his fights as well hopefully they have strong showing the both need it… cant wait til saturday hoping for great fights, cheers…

  • screwface says:

    im really confused on whos going to win this one. i never thought rampage would beat dan but he did because of his superior strength and wrestling skills. i know silva beat lutter with submission but he sorta had this fish out of water look when the fight was brought to him on the ground. im rooting for silva, i think hes one of the most if not THE most exciting fighter to watch. but i dont see silva being stronger than dan, and i dont see silva pulling off a submission or ko either. this will probably go to decision. but hands down this will be the most challenging opponent silva has faced imo. at any moment it go either way. looking forward to watching this one.

  • Grape Knee High says:

    “….a strong case could be made that Silva is the most decorated fighter in the 183-185 lbs. division ever in MMA.”

    This might just be the understatement of the year. I’m not sure anyone would even come close enough to make an opposing case. If Silva wins, he’s have the UFC belt, the PRIDE belt and the Cage Rage belt all simultaneously.

    That said, I think assuming Henderson actually comes in with a gameplan and implements it — we all know that he is wont to get into a sloppy striking battle — he takes this rather easily. A stiff wind could put Silva on his back, much less an Olympic wrestler.

  • Marc says:

    I’ve been reading the blogs and all the predictions that Henderson is going to outwrestle Silva to victory and how Henderson will be Silva’s kryptonite and blah blah blah, and I’m just not buying it. Nothing against DH; he’s fought, and beaten, some of the best in the sport. But he’s also fought and lost to some of the best, and I can’t help but think that people are vastly underestimating Silva. So Henderson has a significant edge in wrestling? So what? I would say they are probably even when it comes to stand up, which leaves the ground game. So Henderson takes Silva down. OK, then what? People are forgetting why Silva’s nickname is “The Spider,” namely his absolutely sick guard. I see this being a war, and, while I’m not confident enough in this prediction to bet on it, I’m picking Silva by submission, possibly triangle choke or arm bar.

  • Patrick says:

    DAmn, damn. This is the most anxious I’ve ever been to watch a fight, ever!! This is the biggest matchup in MMA history in my opinion.

  • Tony S. says:

    This is one of the tightest match-ups ever. I’m glad I’m not a bookie. Here are a few of my thoughts. Forgive me for being all over the place, but this is a hard one to get a grip on.

    A few considerations:

    A. Hendo, to my knowledge, has only 1 win through submission. He’s KOed 10 more and the remaining 11 were decisions. In fact, the only non decision losses he has suffered were on the ground. He’s a great wrestler, but in reality wins on endurance and punching power.
    B. He has fought in multiple weight classes. This means that he is not always fighting at his optimum weight. At 185 he’ll be at his fastest.
    C. He has never been knocked out — even while going the distance with Rampage and W.Silva. This guy took a left hook from Silva that was heard in the parking lot. He shook it off. Hendo can withstand punches from the heavyweights.

    Let’s look at The Spider.

    A. His record says “4 losses”. In my figuring I omit the Yushin Okami fight. It was a loss in which he knocked a guy out. Not a bad way to lose. He’s lost 2 by sub, 1 decision and one if you want to count the disqualification. Not to shabby. Most of his wins are from Ko’s — 12 — and 5 are by decision. This is the interesting part: he has 3 wins by submission. On paper he’s more of a ground threat than Hendo.
    B. Not only can this guy knock you out from the middle of nowhere, but he does it with seldom used weapons — like a revers elbow. Who does that? He has powerful kicks and he’s not afraid to use the spinning hook or high front. His whole arsenal is pinpoint accurate.
    C. Like Hendo, he has never been KOed.

    Common history: There is only one fighter both Hendo and Spider have faced and that’s Ryo Chonan. Silva took a loss 3:08 into the third via a heal hook. Dan won with a brutal KO 0:22 into the first. This may not mean anything, but it’s the only common they share (that I can think of).

    The Spider knee factor: Well, I’ve seen the tapes so I’m sure Hendo has. Let’s not forget how dangerous Hendo is on the ground with his knees. Let’s call it even.

    OK. Here’s how I see it. Though I think that Anderson Silva is the most well rounded and technical fighter in the history of MMA, I feel Henderson has the edge. When two fighters are this closely matched, I always go with the one who can take the bigger beating (providing he can hit as hard as he can take it). Hendo has a time proven jaw. He has gone the distance with middle through heavy. I haven’t seen Silva take the beating that Henderson has. Maybe Spider is so good he doesn’t have to. But I think Hendo can take the hits and will bring it to Silva. On the ground Hendo has the brute strength to break his guard and get through. I don’t have any history to show that Silva can take the punishment that Hendo can dish out.

    I think if it go’s the distance, Spider wins on points. But Henderson will in-fight him, take the blows and do enough damage to win it in three. I can also be completely F*#@’n wrong. This is the Martial arts at it’s finest. Both of these guys deserve our respect.

  • mAC says:


  • Derek B. says:

    He’s not the best Pound-For-Pound fighter in the world though.

    He’s just the best Pound-For-Pound Mixed Martial Artist in the world.


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