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Update on MMA in Pennsylvania

The Combat in the Cage promotion had been advertising a possible “Philadelphia vs. The World” MMA show at the Armory in Northeast Philadelphia on June 14. However, ( has learned that a sanctioned MMA show will not be able to take place in Pennsylvania on that date. contacted the executive director of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, Greg Sirb, who indicated that while the regulation needed to sanction MMA in the state has been written, it has yet to be approved by both the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and State Senate.

While the legalization of MMA was passed by the state of Pennsylvania in 2007, the actual legislation had to be written and the written set of rules now must be passed. Sirb indicated that he believes that barring a hitch that the rules could be voted on and approved by the end of the summer. When asked when he thought the first sanctioned MMA show in PA could take place, Sirb estimated that the earliest date could be sometime in the fall.

  • Brent says:

    Thanks for this info Sam!

  • mo says:

    thanks, hopefully we can get the love from the UFC like Ohio gets. Good news to hear that there does not seem to be any opposition to it.

  • Brandt says:

    I enjoyed Vegas, but Philly is much closer! Can’t wait!

  • Bob Morgia says:

    I just wanted to let you know that the guy who run Combat in the cage (Ed Hsu) in a sleeze. He used to run amateur shows in NJ and got his license pulled. So he started running shows in Delaware because there is no athletic commission. The shows that he runs in Delaware are amateur shows that use pro rules. Keith Keizer (the head of the NJ state Athletic Commission) has said that any amateur that fights in Delaware, using pro rules, will be considered a pro and can’t fight amateur any longer in the state of NJ. And Ed doesn’t tell any of the fighters this. So when they go to fight again in NJ they are screwed. He has canceled shows and not called any of the fighters, has fighters fight more than one time in a night, ect. Not a good guy to work with.

  • Ed Hsu says:

    Bob … who the hell are you? I certainly dont know any ‘Bob morgia … if thats your real name … get your facts straight before you post anything … it just makes you look stupid.

    Keith Kizer is not the head of the NJ State Athletic commission, Sylvester Cuyler is the acting commissioner … Keith Kizer works for the NACB ,,, if you know what that is …

    the rules used in DE are the same rules word for word the rules used in Ohio for their Amateur rules.

    yes, I’ve had fighters fight more then once per night … it was done tournament style and had the medical clearance to do so. and no, I did not have my license pulled.

    You can choose to work with me or not … its your call … the fighters on my cards know I’m a fair matchmaker … if you need to contact me

    Ed Hsu
    [email protected]

    Dont hide behind fake names on Internet Blogs.

  • Brent says:

    Hi Ed! Hope to see you in PA when shows start happening…

  • Sam Caplan says:

    I went to one of Ed’s shows in Delaware and it was run very well and everything looked safe to me. Stephen Haigh, the head trainer at the Fight Factory was the referee for the night and did a great job in keeping all the fighters safe.


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