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Sapp vs. Nortje, Strikeforce at the Dome: Results


When: Feb 23, ’08
Where: Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome
Watch: HDNet Fights

Main Event is the super heavyweight battle of Bob “The Beast” Sapp (6’5″ 350) vs. “The Giant” Jan Nortje (6’11” 335).

Here’s the latest on the Strikeforce at the Dome event:

  • Jan Nortje def. Bob Sapp via TKO (Punches) Rd 1. Nortje unloaded on Sapp with about 8 unanswered bombs as Sapp cowered back against the cage.
  • Cory Devela def. Joe “Diesel” Riggs via Submission (hip toss/sidewalk slam) Rd 1. Riggs removed from the cage on a spineboard. Riggs had motion in upper and lower body, but was prone and in obvious pain after the slam and was carted out.
  • Maurice Smith (46 yrs old) def. Rick Roufus (41 yrs old) via Submission (straight armlock) Rd 1.
  • “Fast” Eddy Ellis def. Steve Berger via Unanimous Decision.
  • Jorge Masvidal def. Ryan Healy via Unanimous Decision.
  • Mychal Clark def. Josh Bennett via Doctor Stoppage (gruesome cut/mouse above left eye)
  • Lyle Beerbohm def. Ray Perales via Submission (Guillotine) Rd 3.
  • Zach Skinner def. Scott Shaffer via Unanimous Decision.
  • Nathan Coy def. Dave Courchaine via Knockout (Punch) Rd 1.
  • Mike Hayes def. Matt Kovacs via Unanimous Decision.

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  • Tanner says:

    i was watching this on the internet, but the channel seems to be down, anyone else have that problem?

  • Zack says:

    This freakshow stuff is a joke. It’s embarassing. Sapp looked like a child running from his grandmother’s spanking.

    Is this stuff really necessary for the future of the sport?

  • Matt C. says:

    clear as day on HDnet. This was over faster than Kimbo/Tank. Sapp backing up scared is a sad scene.

  • Rich says:

    crazy to hear about the Riggs fight.. that sounds bad.. i want to see that fight.. anyone know where i can find it?? and the Sapp fight..

  • Evan says:

    “i was watching this on the internet, but the channel seems to be down, anyone else have that problem?”

    Looked great on HDnet.

    Well…as for Sapp…looks like he is ready to be served up to Fedor. About the right level of competition. :)

  • Tanner says:

    sherdog says it was a judo throw, i wanna see that, hope riggs is good but that sounds like an interesting end to the fight.

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  • theickysticky says:

    Yeah…judo throw and as soon as he hit the ground he was done. You could see the pain on his face. He took a couple of punches and was tapping after that. The took Riggs out on a board. I felt sorry for him.

    Overall the card was horrible. Alot of boring fights and the 2 fights that were selling the card ended up being totally dissappointing.

  • Sam Cupitt says:

    Time to pack it in Bobby.

  • The Godfather says:

    “I gonna make you an offer, you can’t refuse”

  • bubbafat says:

    Sapp should go lift more weights. It seems to help .

  • KPilla says:

    i was planning on going to this since i live in the area, but im glad it was sold out before i could buy tickets, cuz by the results that shit looked hella weak. sapp is weak 2, he needs to get some skills. the last event held at the T-Dome was raw, so dissapointing to hear is was no good.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    Rich, I e-mailed you to let you know that we do not allow posts containing information about illegal video downloads. Please stop postings these URLs before you get us sued, thanks!

  • Rich says:



    it’s just that people were looking to see the fight.. and. .. i figured i’d help em out..

    but, ya..

    i totally didn’t know about that .. and it won’t happen again..


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