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5 Oz. of Pain sponsored fighter LeVon Maynard triumphant at Combat Sports Challenge 23


We’ve received word from our correspondent on the scene, reader JayDog, that 5 Oz. of Pain sponsored fighter LeVon Maynard was victorious on Saturday night at Combat Sports Challenge 23, defeating Jay R. Palmer via first round submission.

We’ll have pictures and more content about LeVon’s big win, but in the meantime, here is Jay’s very detailed description of last night’s fight:

“LeVon Maynard comes out to Eminem’s “Til I Collapse,” exemplifying his own attitude of perseverance.

“Palmer, true to form, charges Maynard at the sound of the bell swinging wildly. Maynard backs up toward his corner, moving his head, avoiding mostly glancing blows. Maynard throws a few of his own and the fighters clinch. Quickly, Maynard presses forward using his superior strength and trips Palmer to the mat, landing on top in full mount.

“In total control, Maynard sits up in a high mount, trying to free his hands of Palmer’s desperate grip. Punches start reigning down from Maynard until Palmer rolls over, giving up his back. Palmer, now turtled on the canvas has Maynard wrapped tightly around his back, hooks in and landing shots to the sides of Palmer’s head.

“Maynard works a hand around the neck of Palmer while slowly flattening out the veteran fighter. As Palmer struggles valiantly, both fighters roll, with Maynard maintaining back control and continuing to work for the rear naked choke. Maynard looks calm throughout, while Palmer struggles to free himself of the rear mount.

“Just as Palmer begins to twist away, Maynard throws a leg over his face and jerks Palmer right arm into near hyper-extension and the fight ends with an armbar submission.”

LeVon is now 2-0 as a professional (and 8-1 as an amateur) and has solidified his status as one of the top welterweight prospects in all of MMA. On behalf of the entire staff at 5 Oz., I would just like to congratulate LeVon and his team on the victory.

Update: We’ve received a text message from LeVon and the official time of his match was 2:30. The armbar he used was a rolling armbar.

Click here for more information on LeVon Maynard.


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